Jazz beauty Diane Kroll and her success story

Today she is one of the best-selling artists in her genre, and critics have dubbed her a "phenomenon. And all this in spite of her natural shyness.

Diane Kroll - biography and facts: childhood, career, personal life, songs and music videos

Diane Kroll - Canadian jazz singer and pianistThe winner of five Grammy Awards and just an incredibly nice woman with a gorgeous voice. During her career, which began at the age of 15 years, this lady has reached impressive heights, from the Order of British Columbia to collaborations with jazz greats and beyond! You might not know it, but Kroll was on Paul McCartney's jazz album "Kisses on the Bottom.

Diane's songs are steadily gaining millions of plays. She showed the world that jazz musician can enjoy mass popularity without sacrificing her jazz base. Today she is one of the best-selling artists in her genre, and critics have dubbed her "phenomenon". And all this in spite of his natural shyness.

Diane Kroll
Diane Kroll

"I just introduce the song, but I hesitate to talk about what the song means to me. I prefer to talk about other things..."

A childhood filled with jazz

Diane Kroll
Diane Kroll

Diane's future was preordained when the baby was first born (it was 1964 in Nanaimo): her parents were pianistsand my grandmother. singer. Not surprisingly, from an early age the girl had a passion for music: as a child she was already playing the piano!

Diane's musical career began at the age of 15 years: she played in local bars and restaurants, gradually expanding her boundaries...

"From the age of 15 I was playing jazz standards on the piano in local bars and restaurants. Later, when I gained experience, I started traveling to Europe, to Sweden and Switzerland. For three months I lived in Zurich, where I played in hotels six days a week.

In retrospect, Kroll states: "it was an invaluable experience.".

"It was a wonderful time. I was lonely, I didn't know what I should do and how I should do it, but that time was invaluable to me... I played all night long and watched people - they were all so different, each one had his own goal, his own thoughts, his own problems. I was able to get the most out of it, I learned how to communicate with the public through music. I learned the work ethic, I learned what it's like to work hard, to move, to look forward. I went to the opera, to concerts, to museums, rode trains all over Europe... I was really an independent young woman at 24. When I look back, I realize how brave it was of me!

"Diane Kroll Spreads Her Wings": Moving to L.A. and Releasing Her Own Records

Diane Kroll
Diane Kroll

During one of her performances, the young talented pianist attracted the attention of some notorious jazz artists. Ray Brown and Jeff Hamilton! They gave the girl confidence and helped her move to Los Angeles. This move played a big role in Kroll's future career: it was during this period that she tried her hand at vocalists.

When she was confident enough, Diane started releasing her own records. Her 1993 debut album, though not a hit, caught the attention of a music producer Tommy LiPuma. The second record "Only Trust Your Heart" was released under his leadership, and showed a more impressive performance in the charts. With each new work it was obvious: Kroll was literally spreading her wings, gaining confidence and sensuality, becoming stronger as an artist... All subsequent albums of the performer invariably became hits.

However... often a white streak is followed by "black.".

"From Sorrow to Joy" - personal life of the singer

Diane Kroll
Diane Kroll

Kroll has worked with LiPumoi 25 years! So when he was gone in 2017, the performer felt a special loss - the loss of not just a mentor or colleague, but an older brother who always said smart and necessary things.

"We had a great tandem. We worked together for 25 years. Tommy would never just sit in a booth. He would sit in the room with me when we were recording. He was part of the workflow, but he never interfered or got in the way. He would sit with his headphones closed and let the music flow... Then when there was silence, he would open his eyes and quietly say, "Let's do another take" or "Shall we try this?" The less Tommy talked, the more he knew he would get from me. There was a lot of trust between us, and we had fun working together..."

Tommy LiPuma
Tommy LiPuma

Earlier, in 2002, the performer suffered several severe shocks: her mother passed away from a serious illness, and soon thereafter Ray Brown and Rosemary Clooneywho were her mentors.

"As the years go by, sadness and sorrow take on a certain softness. Some of your pain flies away somewhere, the throbbing becomes less intense..."

Fortunately, Diane was able to withstand all adversity and build strong family happiness: in 2003, she married a British musician Elvis Costelloand later gave birth to his twin sons. The couple often work together on music.

In conclusion

Diane Kroll
Diane Kroll

Speaking of his work, Kroll emphasizes:

"I think a lot of what I do is intuitive. It's based on feeling. My job is to make people feel their own feelings in the songs I sing. I think that's how I've always acted as an interpreter of these wonderful stories!"

Well, it was this musical and emotional intuition that provided her with one of the most brilliant quarries in modern jazz.

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