Debbie Harry (Debbie Harry): Interesting facts about the singer (Blondie)

“Rock is the only place where there are not enough female stars! There is nothing else for the men to do. There will definitely be more of them, but they cannot express anything new ... "

10 facts about the incomparable "Blondie" that few people know...

Deborah ("Debbie") Harry is an American singer and actress, songwriter, but everyone knows her precisely as the frontwoman of the new-wave band Blondie! The work of these guys once and for all changed the history of American punk ...


The unique face of our heroine left an imprint on Hollywood, Warhol's works and even in the Mattel Barbie workshop! In today's article, we have collected 10 of the most interesting facts about Debbie Harry that you might not know!

10 Debbie Harry Claims She Was Kidnapped By Ted Bundy

In her biography, the singer tells how one day she was offered a ride late at night in New York. It was the early 1970s. When Debbie got into the Volkswagen Beetle, she saw that there were no door handles inside the car. As the driver sped away like crazy, Debbie reached out the window to open the door from the outside and jumped out of the car.

Years later, as the singer herself claimed, she realized that the driver fully matched the description of the notorious serial killer Ted Bundy, who was executed in 1989.

Ted Bundy
Ted Bundy

9. Before becoming a star, Debbie worked as a Playboy Bunny!

Before fame, Debbie managed to try on many completely different positions! The blonde beauty has worked as a waitress at Max's Kansas City in New York, a go-go dancer in a nightclub in Union City, and even a secretary for BBC Radio!

But few people know that from 1968 to 1973, Debbie earned her living as a Playboy Bunny!

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

8 Debbie Was The Best Choice For The Role Of Pris In Blade Runner

Harri began her career as a movie star in the 1980s, starring in such films as Hairspray and Videodrome - a scandalous horror film!

As Debbie herself revealed in an interview, she was also offered the role of Pris in Ridley Scott's cult classic Blade Runner! But ... the record company banned Debbie from this film, and the role was safely transferred to Daryl Hannah ...

7. The singer had a small role in a Broadway play with Andy Kaufman.

In one Broadway show, Harry played the role of a wrestling champion brilliantly, and the famous comedian Andy Kaufman played the role of her referee.

An interesting fact: the performance was previously warmly received in London's West End, but it closed on Broadway after one performance...

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

6. Debbie Harry has her own Barbie doll!

Yes Yes! Major American toy company Mattel has created a whole line of Barbie dolls called Ladies of the Eighties in retro style. And in 2009, the collection was replenished with a miniature of Debbie Harry!

The description of the Harry doll reads:

"Platinum Blonde, Punk Goddess of the Decade!"

Barbie doll Debbie Harry
Barbie doll Debbie Harry

5. Videodrome epilogue canceled due to stomach flu...

In the controversial 1983 horror film Videodrome, Harry played the female lead. However, the frightening epilogue of the tape was never filmed, as Debbie had a stomach flu at the time, and her co-star James Woods had family obligations.

By the way: for the film, Debbie needed to repaint her trademark blond in a dark red color! Her performance received rave reviews from critics, although Blondie herself continued to struggle to find roles that were right for her ...

4. The name of the group Blondie was inspired by the nickname Harry ...

The famous rock band was originally called Angel and the Snake. But after years of calling Debbie "Blondie!", the decision was made to rename the group after that epithet.

To date, Blondie have sold over 40 million records worldwide!

3. Debbie said that rock is the best place girls can go!

In 1996, Debbie Harry stated:

“Rock is the only place where there are not enough female stars! There is nothing else for the men to do. There will definitely be more of them, but they cannot express anything new ... "

Debbie Harry
Debbie Harry

2. Harry's songs have been featured in over 300 movies and TV shows!

The star's songs have been included in a huge number of shows and films: The Handmaid's Tale, Trainspotting, Bachelorette Party in Vegas, Ready Player One, The A-Team - these are just some of the popular films and TV shows that have featured Blondie's masterpieces...

1. Debbie is the godmother of her ex-boyfriend Chris Stein's children.

The love relationship between Debbie and Chris lasted for 13 years, until 1989!

Ten years later, Stein married actress Barbara Sicuranza, and subsequently, Harry became the godmother of their two daughters!

Debbie Harry today...
Debbie Harry Today...

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