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Deep Purple is one of the most popular British rock bands in history. Formed in the late 60s, it remains to this day the most influential in the world of hard rock ... Many critics emphasize that "Deep Purple did not just play hard rock" - they are "one of the fathers of this genre"! In general, the group's albums and singles have sold over 100 million records worldwide!

deep purple
deep purple

For half a century of existence, the composition of the group has changed almost constantly ... However, it was drummer Ian Paice who managed to maintain the status of "the most devoted member of the team"!


The first half of the 70s is considered one of the most beautiful eras in the history of world music. It was during this period that the English rock scene was solid and perfect as never before. In many ways, this was facilitated by the genres that were just beginning to flourish in those years - art, hard, glam and incomparable rock operas ... What is the work of Andrew Lloyd Webber, who at the age of 22 created the legendary operatic masterpiece called "Jesus Christ Superstar".

It was during this period that the popularity of blues musicians gradually faded away and a new era began - powerful rock and roll with elements of a style that seemed to be inaccessible a couple of years ago - hard. Each of the leading "heavy" groups had their own signature, unique approach to this genre. Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple are considered to be the leaders of this direction, working at full capacity. These young, but, of course, very talented teams quickly created world names and reputations for themselves. But today we will talk about the last team, whose timeless hits continue to sound to this day.

At the end of the 60s, the young and ambitious British band Deep Purple sensed that the era of a new genre, hard, was beginning, and quickly reoriented from pop rock and roll to monumental heavy classics with baroque elements. While still in their "golden" lineup - with vocalist Ian Gillan and bassist Roger Glover - the band released four amazing hard rock records: "Deep Purple In Rock"; fireball; "Machine Head"; Who Do We Think We Are. In the same period, the group released a gorgeous double album with live recordings, called "Made In Japan". It was this powerful work that largely predetermined the further development of heavy styles, which gradually - from the second half of the 70s to the beginning of the 80s - became an integral part of rock and roll.

The idea to form a band came to drummer Chris Curtis in 1966, after leaving The Searchers.

Initially, the group was called differently - not Deep Purple. To the fact that it is necessary to change the name of the team, all participants came unanimously. Word to Jon Lord:

“We had a list of the most suitable options. At first they wanted to call themselves Orpheus. Concrete God! But soon this idea seemed to us not the most successful ... And so, one morning a new entry appeared in the notebook - Deep Purple! As it turned out, the idea belonged to Richie. Do you want to know why? Yes, his grandmother adored this song ... "

As for the now legendary “guitarist-wizard”, even then, very young Blackmore masterfully owned the guitar! Prior to Purple, he had established himself performing with: Gene Vincent, Mike Dee And The Jaywalkers, Screamin Lord Sutch and more!

Jon Lord later recalled:

“Richie came to me with an acoustic guitar and it was the perfect evening! We quickly composed And The Address and Mandrake Root. It was so easy, fun... Then I immediately realized that Richie can't stand fools! He seemed so gloomy, in fact - so he turned out to be ... "

World success!

It is unlikely that today anyone can imagine the vocals of the classic bands of the 80s, far from the very high key of Ian Gillan ... Every heavy metal band used this feature - the transition to a high key. In particular, this was Eric Adams's favorite punch line from Manowar.

The departure of Curtiss in 1968 renewed the search for a bass player.

Jon Lord:

“Richie took a liking to Nick Simper. Largely due to his involvement with The Flowerpot Men. But, just as important to Richie, Nick loved lace shirts… Yes, often Richie cared about those nuances!”

In parallel, the search for a vocalist continued. According to Simper, Rod Stewart's audition "was terrible..." And Blackmore told Spooky Tooth's Mike Harrison that he "didn't want to know about it!"

Ritchie Blackmore, a cult virtuoso of hard rock guitar, also found many "students". The most famous of them is Yngwie Malmsteen. In a word, Deep Purple of the early 70s became the real founders of the classic hard rock genre: dynamism and generously extended guitar and keyboard solos, completely devoid of pretentiousness and decorativeness.

Deep Purple group. 70s
Deep Purple group. 70s

It's hard to believe, but the band's debut album was written in just a few days! As the participants themselves later said, the session lasted 48 hours, with almost no breaks! The record was recorded in the old Hailey mansion (England).

In the early summer of 1968, the debut single "Hush" was released. The song proved to be a famous hit by country artist Joe South. The track was arranged by Blackmore. In the States, the hit reached number 4, and it was in California that the audience enjoyed the special love.

As for the legendary hit “Smoke On The Water”, it has become the hallmark of the band! There is even a legend about how Gillan quickly jotted down the lyrics on a napkin. Outside the window one could see the lake, completely shrouded in mist…

The album Made in Japan turned out to be a huge success for the group, which, at first, no one wanted to release ... A word to Jon Lord:

“Then we were at the peak of our popularity! And I remember how the Japanese begged us about this album... We didn't release live albums, but for some reason we decided to make an exception. It took about three thousand dollars to record! It took several weeks for the record to reach platinum status!”


But everything changed in 1973. It was during this period that disagreements began in the group, and after recording the next album, Gillan and Glover left the band forever. The conflict between Gillan and the band escalated rapidly...

“I think Ian was not happy with what we were doing ... He refused to write anything, often missed rehearsals ... At the same time, he was increasingly seen drunk ... There was a case when he burst into Blackmore's room in what his mother gave birth! And once he publicly insulted Payne in the most obscene way ... In general, the relationship between him and us was out of the ordinary ... ”, Lord said in an interview.

ien gillan ian gillan
Ian Gillan

The replacement that they found cannot be called equivalent. With the arrival of David Coverdale (vocals) and Glenn Hughes (bass / vocals), Deep Purple's work returns to the commercial style again, the compositions take on the outlines of funk (for example, the famous "Hold On"). All this, as you might guess, was very annoyed by the permanent guitar wizard Blackmore, and following his ex-colleagues, he left the band in the mid-70s. But, as you know, a holy place is never empty. Richie was replaced by Tommy Bolin, with whom the band released Come Taste The Band, their most disastrous album. And so the precarious position of the team was aggravated by the addiction of the new guitarist to "speed", and in August 1976 the legendary Deep Purple ceased to exist.

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