How a frustrated Mylène Farmer rioted in the camp

The video for "Désenchantée" is the second most expensive video of Farmer's career. It was also the first musical shooting of the singer abroad.

Mylene Farmer "Désenchantée" (1991) - the history of the creation of the song, the meaning of the text, the shooting of the video clip, interesting facts

"Desenchantee"which means in French "Disappointed", - penetrating composition 1991 of the year. It became the lead single from "L'Autre..." — the third studio album of the charming French star Mylene Farmer. The track was released in March 1991 and very soon became a hit. In many ways, this was facilitated by a chic music video, which is a real mini-movie!

Today, "Désenchantée" is spoken of as one of the singer's iconic creations. Not surprisingly, many artists have taken this song into their repertoire, presenting their own interpretations. However, the original is undeniably unsurpassed, and today we will tell its amazing story.

History of creation, background

Mylene Farmer
Mylene Farmer

"Desenchantee" became for the fans Mylene Farmer a real gift, as well as a signal that a new album is coming. Prior to this single, there was no news from the singer for several years. IN 1988 In the year she released the record "Ainsi soit je ...", after which there was silence. And now in March 1991 year saw the light of a chic track with heartfelt and sad lyrics. During that period, student demonstrations raged in France, striking against the conditions of study. In addition to this chaos, there was an active Gulf War. And Farmer subtly conveyed these sentiments in the song. Not surprisingly, the pessimistic lyrics quickly resonated with an excited audience.

true meaning

Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot
Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot

The song reveals the theme of the inevitable collapse of any illusions and ideals. According to the singer, she was inspired by the book "On the Heights of Despair" Romanian thinker Emil Michel Cioran. deep philosophy 1934 of the year contained an extremely pessimistic view of humanity, which sunk into Farmer's soul. And it was foolish to ignore this topic, because in France in the early 90s it was extremely relevant - against the backdrop of all the events associated with strikes and wars. Nevertheless, the text of the song, according to the performer, is absolutely personal. In an interview, the star said that the composition "Desenchantee" was inspired by the inner doubts and disappointments of a woman. And that explains why on the record "L'Autre..." took almost three years.

“In this song, I just share my personal view of life and the state of some things. I believe that there is no pessimism in the fact that we have begun to look more soberly at certain things and be aware of our own disappointments. It's just that people don't intend to change the world anymore. They only want to give it a meaning... The meaning of their own doubts, their own thirst for freedom... Illusions are erased. Only awareness has weight, ”commented the singer.

Recording and release

Mylene Farmer
Mylene Farmer

The track was recorded only on the fourth attempt. Initially "Desenchantee" seen as an intermittent techno song, but later decided to dilute the composition with drums and a more funky sound. And the result turned out great.

"Désenchantée" (1991) - Mylene Farmer (frame from the video)
"Désenchantée" (1991) - Mylene Farmer (frame from the video)

Released as the first single from the forthcoming album "L'Autre...", "Désenchantée" quickly gained popularity throughout France. As a result, the composition became a landmark for Farmer: the song was a great success in several countries, including Great Britain and Japan.

Music video

The success of the single was facilitated not only by the well-captured moods in the territory Francebut also great video. On the shooting of the video, which took place in Budapest, about 500 thousand francs were allocated! Inspired by the world famous novel Charles Dickens "The Adventures of Oliver Twist". According to the story, a company of homeless children who worked in a factory in slave conditions raise a rebellion. The uprising is facilitated by the character of Farmer - the singer tried on a boyish image. Together they run through a snowy field, but at the end, a river blocks their path.

As of 2021 year, the music video scored over seven million views.

Video directed by Laurent Buttona Mylene is a French musician, producer and co-songwriter. Also released documentary mini-film about the shooting of the video: another director who is closely associated with Farmer worked on it - François Hans.

Interesting facts about the clip

  • There are two versions of the clip: long and short. The latter has no beginning and no end, and lasts four minutes, while the original video is over 10 minutes.
  • The factory, which was filmed in the video, was destroyed several years before filming.
  • Clip to the song "Desenchantee" is the second most expensive clip in his career Farmer. It was also the first musical shooting of the singer abroad.
  • For "Desenchantee" more than 100 children. And the prisoner that the singer frees is actually a famous Hungarian comedian.
  • In the clip Mylene takes a cockroach out of his mouth. Of course, he wasn't real. You can also notice a small cut on the lower lip of the performer.

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