Ten most important Soviet rock bands that are not embarrassing to listen to today (Part One)

Modern Russian rock is not what it used to be. Don't believe us? Listen to the musicians we're about to tell you about. In this article we remember the best rock bands from the USSR.

Top 10 Best Soviet Rock Bands (Part 1)

Many of our readers complain that modern native rock - is no longer the same. In part, we even agree with that: a lot of bands have lost the excitement they used to have. In the past, creativity for rockers was something like an opportunity to express themselves, but now all creativity is a way to make money. There are a lot of rich people among the veterans of rock, too, but still, they didn't do it to get rich.

Many musicians worked as janitors, security guards, or stokers to avoid being punished for loitering. And all their free time was devoted to music, playing in clubs, hanging out at apartment parties. Creativity for creativity's sake you might say. As a result, many of them are still remembered today. And they look great against the background of modern, faded rock bands. It's still nice to listen to them, and sometimes there's nothing to listen to except them at all.


So we decided to compile top of the ten the best, in our opinion, rock bands from the Soviet Union. You probably know them, and if you don't, you're likely to find something interesting among their works.

10. Cruise

Cruise Group
Cruise Group

One of the few Soviet supergroup. And it was "super" for one reason only: the musicians from Cruise were the best at what they did. No one in the whole Union could have played the band's repertoire as talented as they did. We're talking, of course, about the golden lineup of the Cruise. Gaina, Monin, Sarychev, Kirnitsky and Korolyuk.

It is true that the composition of the band often changed, the musicians left, then came. The so-called golden lineup didn't last long. And that's why the band only got the last place in our top. It was talented, too bad it wasn't enough.

By the way, in that lineup of the Cruise, each musician was also the author of the texts. Soviet listeners were lucky that talented musicians came together in one band. True, when the band was disbanded in 1984 on the initiative of the Ministry of Culture of the USSR, all the luck disappeared. Some of the musicians created their own band, E.V.M. (Eh, fuck you!), and Gaina and Kirnitsky continued to play together. Only now they were playing heavy metal...

9. Arax

The band Arax in 1989
Group "Arax" in 1989

Direct competitors The previous rockers, though they started earlier. If Cruise were gaining momentum in the 80s, then Arax were formed as early as in 1968. Accordingly, the band gained popularity in the 1970s, when Soviet rock in general was gaining popularity.

Since 1973 this group has had, in a sense, a special position. The group, which at that time consisted of Alexander Buynov, Boris Bagrychev, Edik Kasabov and Alexei Panteleev, performed rock. And they were invited to become a band on the staff of the theater. It was an unusual offer, but the musicians didn't refuse. Because of that they were able to create and perform in peace. True, they had to perform at the productions together with the theatrical troupe. This went on before the early '80s.

Lingering work in the theater allowed the musicians to accumulate material. In 1980. they released their debut album "Alarm bell"which was widely advertised in the press and created a lot of buzz around it. That's when the band became popular. By the way, at the same time the band came Evgeny Margulisso that the musicians also performed his popular songs.

8. Alice

alisa 2022
Konstantin Kinchev of the band Alisa

A band with an amazing history. Almost immediately after its formation, its founder left, and soon all those who were in the original line-up left. That's why we have to say beforehand that Alice, which had the following members, got into the top Samoilov and Kinchevbecause they were the reason the band became popular. Kinchev wrote great lyrics and sang them himself, and Samoilov was a talented guitarist and backing vocalist.

Popularity came to the band when Kinchev performed his songs "We are together"and "My generation", written in 1984. A little later these songs became "youth anthems. Kinchev's expressive performances in stage makeup made a big impression. As a result, all the attention was drawn to him.

Partly because of this, the leader of the band left and formed another band - "Nate!", and "Alice" was taken over by Konstantin Kinchev. Since then the popularity only grew.

Nautilus Pompilius

"Nautilus Pompilius
"Nautilus Pompilius"

This group needs no introduction. Everyone knows them, at least because they get a lot of attention in the movie "Brother". But we'll tell you a little bit about them anyway.

The band was formed in 1982. From the very beginning the musicians wanted to call themselves by the most interesting name, so that they could not be confused with anyone else. They thought about it for a long time and finally called themselves "Ali Baba and Forty Thieves". But this had a negative effect on the band's image. Local rockers did not take Ali Baba seriously. As a result, the band turned into "Nautilus Pompilius".

The team, which at the time consisted of Butusova, Umetsky, Sadnova and Goncharova They were rapidly gaining in popularity. They were known about them in the mid-80s, and a little later. в 1987 They were even declared the best rock band. They won the nomination at the rock festival "Lituunica-87". It was prestigious, and popularity snowballed on the Nautilus.

6. Cinema

Group "Kino"
Group "Kino"

We are sure that many people expected to see this band in first place. If the top was dedicated to best known Soviet groups, that would be so. Especially when one considers the fact that Tsoi's band and still remains the most recognizable Soviet rock band. Musicians Yuri Kasparyan, Alexander Titov and Igor Tikhomirov are still touring with the material they played in the '80s with Tsoi. And you know what? Thousands of people come to their concerts!

The phenomenon, of course, is inexplicable. Although the music and lyrics of the band Kino are very recognizable, and Viktor Tsoi's voice cannot be confused with anything else. Maybe that's why they became popular. Because of the charismatic leaderfrontman. When he was gone, the band was gone too. And that's the only reason why Kino is in the sixth place of our top. It was really outstanding and recognizable only because of Tsoi...

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