Viktor Tsoi: how the young years of the legend of Russian rock flowed

“His abilities were impressive! But he was not one of those who are inclined to regular and hard work: if there is a desire, he draws, and if not, you will not force him under any pretext!

How Viktor Tsoi grew up and what he was fond of before he became a legend of Russian rock

The name of this man forever entered the history of the whole country. Viktor Tsoi left a deep mark on Russian rock music, and even though he is no longer with us, the energy, influence and legacy of the idol continue to live. Music Tsoi is popular not only in Russia - many foreign music lovers shed tears when listening to his timeless classics. But when it comes to this outstanding musician, they mostly talk about his creativity. And here early years, which just formed his interests and worldview, remain, for some reason, unnoticed ... How did Viktor Tsoi grow up and what was he fond of, still alive in the hearts of millions Russian rock legend?

As a child, he loved to draw

Viktor Tsoi in childhood
Viktor Tsoi in childhood

Its history began in 1962 year in Leningrad: Tsoi was born in an intelligent family - his father is an engineer, his mother is a physical education teacher. However, since childhood, the son showed a terrible interest in art and creativity, but the exact sciences were completely indifferent to him ... At the age of 5, Victor actively sculpted and drew.

Drawing by Viktor Tsoi
Drawing by Viktor Tsoi

Soon he developed a love for musicbut she was weak. First of all, the boy was inspired by the opportunity to express his feelings and thoughts on paper with the help of paints and pencils. Noticing this, the parents sent their son to an art school, where he studied until 1977 of the year.

“His abilities were impressive! But he was not one of those who were inclined to regular and hard work: if there is a desire, he draws, and if not, you can’t force him under any pretext! ”, The teachers later recalled.

Study didn't come easy

Young Viktor Tsoi
Young Viktor Tsoi

After graduating 8 classes, Tsoi entered the art school. It was during this period that his interests began to change: now music occupied most of his thoughts and desires ... He did not feel inner satisfaction, which is why he abandoned his studies. Soon it expelled.

For some time, Tsoi worked at a factory before he entered SGPTU-61 and a wood carver. Here he learned to carve amazing netsuke figurines, but this was not at all the occupation to which his soul lay. Music was his only stimulus...

Passion for music and first band

Viktor Tsoi
Viktor Tsoi

Music captured Tsoi's thoughts as a child, when the boy was in the fifth grade. It was then that he got his first guitar and like-minded people. Hard rehearsals turned into a school band "Ward No6" headed by Maxim Pashkov.

“Vitya could not live without music! But he couldn't play the guitar at all. Then we chipped in and bought him a four-string bass guitar in a commission shop. We decided that a small number of strings would make it easier for him to learn, ”Pashkov later recalled.

There is a very interesting story about how Tsoi bought himself 12 string guitar! It happened when the parents of the future rock legend went to rest. Of course, before leaving, they left enough for their son. money for food and the like. However, food was the last thing that worried Victor - without a moment's hesitation, he bought the 12-string beauty of his dreams with this money! After the purchase, he has at his disposal 3 rublesthat he spent on belyashi. But it was not his best idea: being hungry, Tsoi ate them all, and soon his stomach ached ... From that very moment, the guy swore to himself that he would never touch whites again in his life.


Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee

When Tsoi and his friends founded "Ward No6", their main source of inspiration was Black Sabbath. Later, when he was studying to be a wood carver, Victor fell in love with creativity. Mikhail Boyarsky and Vladimir Vysotsky. Then the list of his idols replenished Bruce Lee: under his influence, Choi even got carried away karate!

Yuri Kasparyan and Viktor Tsoi
Yuri Kasparyan and Viktor Tsoi

Subsequently, he demonstrated his oriental techniques on a friend from Kino Iurie Kasparian.

He loved his parents no matter what

Little Viktor Tsoi (center) and his family
Little Viktor Tsoi (center) and his family

In 11 years. Victor survived divorce parents. However, their breakup was short-lived: just a few years later, the couple got back together. Tsoi loved his parents no matter what, but he was especially kind to mothers - Valentina Vasilievna. Subsequently, the woman recalled:

“I could trust him for everything. As a child, he was a very unusual, creative child. And I always wanted to help him - to reveal his abilities, to see the formation of a talented person ... "

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