Top 3 legendary David Bowie songs worth listening to once in a lifetime

Of course, it's impossible to single out his best songs - the list is too big and varied. So today we present you our small top of three iconic tracks, which we think everyone should listen to once in his life...

David Bowie and his Greatest Hits - Top 3 Best Songs

David Bowie - the king of self-invention. A major fashion icon, from the 1960s to 2016, the year of his death, the man remained the industry's main rock chameleon, rendering colossal influence on both music and culture in general. During his long and rich career he released more than a dozen songs, and even a cult rock opera about the alien rock star Ziggy Stardust, who came to Earth to save mankind from a vicious way of life, but fell from it himself... The record in question is from 1972 "The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars".

David Bowie's repertoire is as rich and vivid as his images, which are already difficult to count. There was an artist and Ziggy Stardustand a kind of red-haired pirate, and The Weary White Hertz. Of course, it's impossible to single out his best songs - the list is too big and varied. So today we present you our small top of three iconic tracks, which we think, worth listening to once in a lifetime everyone. This is just our opinion, and we'd love to read in the comments what songs you'd choose for this compilation. In the meantime, enjoy listening, here we go!

"Modern Love"

David Bowie in 1983
David Bowie

Why exactly "Modern Love"? Actually, we chose this song for several reasons. First, it's incredibly energetic and optimistic! It makes you want to dance on your feet. There's an uncommonly cheerful atmosphere in the melody and in the music video, where Bowie is partying on stage with a group of musicians and backing singers. Perhaps this is one of his of the best live performancesever captured on camera. In a chic yellow suit and with a gorgeous mop of blond hair, young David is more charming than ever.

"I'll never fall for (modern love).
Walks beside me (modern love)
Passing by (modern love)
Bringing me to church on time (on time for church)
Scares me (in time for church)
Makes me hang out (in time for church)
Believing in God and man (God and man)
No confessions (God and man)
No religion (God and man)
I don't believe in modern love.

The second reason is. lyrics. According to the artist himself, it was inspired by Little Richard and continues the theme of the struggle between God and man. Curiously, "Modern Love" was recorded by Bowie at the same time as the hit "I'm Still Standing" by Elton John. Both musicians claimed that they did not know about these songs, but the striking similarities between them cannot help but surprise...

"Cat People (Putting Out Fire)"

David Bowie
David Bowie

One of the most sumptuous tracks in the history of 20th-century cinema and Bowie's career in particular is the song "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" is filled with unparalleled charm... It's a pleasure to listen to this track. David surpasses himself here, showing a very confident and powerful vocal. His mad energy is best felt through the headphones...

"And I put out the fire with gasoline.
Putting out the fire

The song was featured in the movie of the same name "Cat People." directed by Paul Schroeder, released on the big screens in 1982. Subsequently Quentin Tarantino used the iconic film slam in his legendary film "Inglourious Basterds". "Cat People (Putting Out Fire)" is the fruit of the creative union of Bowie and Giorgio Moroderand, in our opinion, it can safely be classified as a classic.

"Under Pressure" (with Queen)

David Bowie and Freddie Mercury chatting backstage
David Bowie and Freddie Mercury chatting backstage

The last track we chose is an excellent collaboration between David and the band Queen. This is a legendary classic and one of the best duets in the history of music (20th century at least). Bowie and Freddie Mercury's voices are so different, but they complement each other perfectly. The result is a vivid, exciting and far from boring song that is still relevant today (it was released in 1981).

"Insanity laughs under pressure, we're cracking up.
Can't we give ourselves another chance?"

The song sounds incredibly cool, and it sounds like its performers were at least great friends. Freddy and Bowie were really on good terms, but they were both geniuses, so when they came face to face within the same studio, chaos ensued... Each wanted to make the song the way they saw it, and it was hard for them to compromise. "Under Pressure." was indeed born under great pressure, but as he later expressed Brian May:

"It's at moments like this when two geniuses literally collide with horns and sparks fly ... It's at moments like this that masterpieces are born."

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