David Gilmore's Top Guitar Solos by Fuzz Music Magazine

Today we decided to pay tribute to this extraordinary man by recalling some of his best guitar solos.

David Gilmore and his best guitar solos: list, tracks, videos and facts

There is a certain category guitaristsThey have many features that place them in a class of their own. They have many characteristics that put them in a class of their own. И David Gilmour, the inspirer of universal sound Pink Floyd, fits that mold perfectly. He is one of those few guitarists who can play just one note, and the listener will easily determine that he is a Gilmore! His organic balance between minimalism and astronomical reverb theater is just one of the infinite reasons why he is one of the greatest guitar gurus of all time.

When he joined Pink Floyd in 1967The band had already released its debut album with the then frontman and founder of the Sid Barrett. Syd and David were old school friends who often played together in their spare time. Alas, after the release of the second album Barrett had already sunk into his madness, which eventually led to his dismissal... And it was Gilmore who took his role, which subsequently made him the heart of Floyd's amazingly transcendent sound. Today we decided to pay tribute to the man by recalling some of his best guitar solo.


David Gilmour
David Gilmour

This song was the first real step toward Pink Floyd's ultimate domination of progressive rockand Gilmore's solo here is perhaps the most crystal-clear vision of that future. Like a true guitar guru, David combines aggression and smoothness, creating an atmospheric tone you're unlikely to hear from any other band...

As soon as the solo ends, we are confronted with a rather sinister guitar effect that was the result of Gilmore accidentally plugging in his wah-wah pedal cables: all those piercing sounds, similar to seagull or whale cries, were achieved by switching the volume knobs. After this part ends, the tension only begins to build: Gilmore enters with a few quick notes before exploding with an endless stream of harmonies! Finally, "Echoes." goes back to the main verse.

"Shine On You Crazy Diamond"

Syd Barrett (Pina Floyd) in 1970. Photo: Michael Ochs Archives
Syd Barrett

A classic, inspired by and addressed to Syd Barrett. Even after his dismissal, the ex-frontman (or rather his enigmatic personality) continued to influence his once comrades... Remarkably, this is also the longest record in the band's arsenal, lasting just over 26 minutes!

Gilmore creates gloomy atmosphere in the beginning with its beautiful blues tones, and then gradually turns the suite into a bittersweet farewell to a tormented genius. And yes: just because it was written for Sid doesn't mean it can't speak universally...


Pink Floyd's 1977 concept album "Animals." - one of their greatest. This record was inspired by the novella "Animal Farm" by George Orwellwhere Roger Waters used animals as a symbol of the different strata of the social classes. If we are talking about dogs, here the allegory refers to the ruthless upper class of capitalism.

The song, which lasts 17 minutes, is a fascinating story in itself. But Gilmore's guitar solosespecially his second in the middle part, are the most striking moments.

"Comfortably Numb."

David Gilmour
David Gilmour

If you want to feel an army of goosebumps running down your back, then "Comfortably Numb." will help you get what you want! This is without a doubt Gilmore's greatest solo, as well as one of the most legendary and instantly recognizable tunes Pink FloydThe Wall was the crown jewel of the album.

It sounds unbelievably great. But honestly - a lot of fans are more interested in live versionperformed by the band at a concert in the mid-'90s.

Well - Gilmore is the genius king of improvisation, so we won't argue with the majority (and, by the way, we offer to enjoy this version, too).


This song contains one of Gilmore's most famous solos of all time.

It sounds like. Strongly and piercinglyAs befits a well-trained artist with something to prove.

"Have a Cigar."

Roy Harper
Roy Harper

This song is one of the most remarkable in the band's repertoire. And not only because of the gorgeous solo...

Loyal fans have probably noticed that the "Have a Cigar." we don't hear the vocals of Roger Waters or David Gilmore. And it is. It's been taken over by. Roy Harperwho happened to be recording with the band in the same studio. The Floyds were having some trouble performing, and Harper was called in to help.


David Gilmour
David Gilmour

This is probably Floyd's most depressing song, which pretty much sums up life in general. But it also sounds incredibly beautiful, and mostly thanks to guitar solo. The way he emphasizes every note, and the way he chooses the right passages, proves that you can tell a story and make an impression as a guitarist without playing a million notes a second!

We are sure that after our selection today you will have a desire to listen to Floyd recordsas this man is a genius with a charming signature style. And finally, three more tracks on which David Gilmour sparkles particularly brightly! Enjoy listening to it.

"Let There Be More Light"

"Another Brick in the Wall, Part 2"


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