David Lee Roth: facts about the musician

“Never once did anyone recognize me, which is perfect for me!”

Crazy Stories About David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth is a true legend. One of the greatest vocalists of all time - he led the Van Halen band to its initial success... However, David's unrivaled persona and his wild stage antics often overshadowed the genius of the band... The list of crazy stories and wild facts about David Lee Roth is almost endless! But we still decided to reduce this list to the most interesting ones ... So: these are the craziest stories about David Lee Roth! Let's go!

He created a "rewards program" to encourage the Van Halen team to select the best groupies for him...

David Lee Roth
David Lee Roth

Anyone who has ever listened to Van Halen songs knows that David Lee Roth had an appetite for lust that bordered on obscenity... And yes, this man had a highly organized fan selection system. He created an "incentive program" to encourage the Van Halen crew to select and then invite the sexiest female fans to join him... So: each team member was given five backstage passes to distribute during each performance. Whose pass went to the beauty with whom David spent the night together, and that got 100 bucks! Here is such a business! But that is not all…

The musician has also developed his own highly organized color-coded system! How did it work? Yes, very easy! When Lee Roth toured (both with a band and solo), he had the road crew paint the barriers in front of the stage in different colors (from the side that addressed him, of course). Thus, he designated different areas of the audience. During the performance, with his eyes, he looked for attractive beauties in the crowd, and in between songs he approached his assistant and called the color of the row, the place, the signs of the girl ... Then the assistant went out into the hall and pasted her a backstage pass right on her chest! Well, the further history, most likely, is already clear.

He played a bad guy in a Japanese short film

In 2013, a short film titled Tokyo Story appeared on David Lee Roth's YouTube channel. It was first described as a trailer (the description was later changed). In it, Roth plays a hitman.

As for the film, it is clearly indebted to the classic nihilistic yakuza and samurai films of the 60s and 70s, though tonally more similar to the work of Takashi Miike in its brazen satire and oddity. Around the time the music video was released, Roth was often seen in Tokyo and admitted to having a relationship with a Japanese woman half his age. He also trained in various martial arts including kendo.

He had a chameleon-like ability... and it saved him!

David Lee Roth and Mark Goodman
David Lee Roth and Mark Goodman

MTV's Vijay Mark Goodman recalled how he and David were in the bathroom of a club on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles dabbling in illegal substances around four in the morning when the cops broke into the building looking for people to arrest. To Goodman's amazement, Roth reacted so quickly and calmly that his identity went unnoticed by the police, despite being one of the biggest rock stars in the world at the time! He tied his hair back and tucked his shirt in. He had a large vial (preparations were stored there), which he threw out of the toilet window. Let's hear from Goodman:

“We casually walked into the club. There was already the Los Angeles police came ... They really went too far: we were all driven out into the street. They lined us up on Melrose and looked at us, literally shining their flashlights in our faces. It was a rare moment when I saw that Dave wasn't trying to be David Lee Roth; he just wanted to blend in with the crowd. And to my great surprise, no one recognized him - at least not the cops. They made us part ways… I looked the other way for a second, and Dave had already left!”

He gave his fan the "best weekend ever"!

David Lee Roth on stage...
David Lee Roth on stage...

In 1984, MTV ran a competition called "The Lost Weekend", the winner of which went to rock for the weekend...with Van Halen! Curt Jeffreys, then 20 years old, won the prize and was allowed to take one person with him. He chose best friend and fellow VH superfan Tom Winnick and they traveled together to Detroit, where the band welcomed them with open arms.

“They treated us like their boyfriends and really paid attention to us…,” Jeffreys said.

Jeffries and Vinnick spent April 5 and 6, 1984 at Motor City with Van Halen. Before meeting the band, they were given free alcohol and mountains of VH collectibles. A few hours later, they were taken to the arena where VH played that night, watching the show from a sound booth. Before the VH set ended, Jeffries was brought onto the stage, where Lee Roth introduced him to 12,000+ fans and poured champagne over him. Jeffreys recalled:

"It was just a huge party: we hung out and drank Jack Daniel's!"

Jeffreys doesn't go into the juicy details, but suffice it to say that there were female fans everywhere and he confirmed that the road crew lived up to its reputation... He also admitted to being in the shower at some point and not remembering the exact details of many of the events that took place.

David Lee Roth during a speech
David Lee Roth during a speech

The next morning, Jeffries woke up in the tub with "the worst hangover of his life," but the fun didn't stop there! The second night ended when Jeffreys had a food fight with Lee Roth and his guards! He himself said that it was "the best time of my life" ...

At the peak of his fame, Lee Roth insured his body (well, almost) for $ 1 million ...

David Lee Roth..
David Lee Roth..

In March 2013, the musician was asked if it was true that he had insured his body for $1 million at Lloyd's of London. As it turned out, there is a lot of truth in the rumors, but he did not insure his entire body for this amount: it was the proud citadel of his masculinity ... Explaining why he insured this particular part of the body, Lee Roth said:

"We were on the road and somebody said, 'We're going to have to insure Alex Van Halen's elbows, you know, drummers use their elbows a lot... And we're going to have to insure those elbows because he's going to use them so many times...' And I said : “And I will have to insure something else, because this is something I will use very often ...”

He was a great friend...

In the mid-80s, Mark Goodman faced difficulties in his personal life ... In order to avoid family squabbles, he went on Diamond Dave's first ever solo tour! During the tour, Roth, like a real friend, tried to cheer up Goodman by sending him a pretty fan ... Actually, let's listen to Goodman:

“We were at whatever hockey arena, and they told me to look into the locker room. I thought Dave would be there. But when I walked in, there was a girl: she was very hot, in a rock and roll style ... She started chatting with me, and after a short time she made a move ... And I felt strange because of this - I had to say her: “I can’t do that!” But this could negatively affect my friendship with Dave: he just wanted me to feel better ... "

He once went almost four days without food in the jungles of New Guinea...

David Lee Roth...
David Lee Roth...

In 1984, Diamond Dave made a trip to the high jungles of New Guinea, which he detailed in the sixth episode of his podcast The Roth Show. He and his team roamed the wilds, moving from village to village, eating whatever they could get their hands on, be it fruit or a recently slaughtered pig... On that trip, he and his team, including his then girlfriend, spent nearly four days lived without food... They ran out of supplies deep in the jungle, and they were afraid that they would die... But, fortunately, at the end of the fourth day, they stumbled upon the village and were saved!

The trip to New Guinea was not Roth's only adventure. In the mid-80s, he also traveled through the Amazon and the Himalayas. In an interview, the musician told why such trips always brought him pleasure:

“I like extremes: a noisy metropolis or absolute nothingness - Dave on hot sands. I hate the golden mean ... "

He came up with the track "Jump" after watching the news...

According to American journalists, Lee Roth came up with the lyrics for one of the band's loudest singles "Jump", after one evening he watched a report on TV about a man who was about to jump off the roof ... Allegedly, it was then that the musician wrote the phrase: "Let's jump. Jump! Let's jump…” - a reference to the fact that there is always a person in the crowd who will look forward to your jump…

David Lee Roth impostor took Ontario by storm in 2008!

In 2008, there were reports that David Lee Roth was suffering from an allergic reaction to peanuts: the musician was allegedly taken to a hospital in Ontario, Canada. A few days later, Roth released a statement saying:

“I was only in Canada at the beginning of July to perform at the Quebec Summer Festival. I have not had any clashes or incidents with the police. The only thing I'm allergic to is criticism. With love, Dave…”

This puzzled the police a lot, since Lee Roth was supposedly still in the hospital... As it turns out, the man who told the authorities that he was Diamond Dave when he was taken to the hospital due to an allergic reaction to peanuts was a very convincing fabricator! According to a Rolling Stone report, fake Dave left the hospital for a party:

“Fake Roth was spotted at a nightclub party in Hamilton, Ontario, where he was reportedly singing and having fun with two nurses from the hospital… The man was wearing expensive clothes and a ‘hospital bracelet…’”

He worked as an emergency physician in the early 2000s…

In the early 2000s, Dave worked as an emergency medical technician (EMT) in New York City. In 2004, he reported that it was "the perfect job..." Roth was 49 when he took on the role and described it as "an eye-opening adventure". His mentor Linda Reissman said:

“He was very serious. You would never know you were dealing with a rock and roll guy! His commitment to the cause is truly touching… He sincerely wants to help people…”

Roth himself said:

“Never once did anyone recognize me, which is perfect for me!”

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