David Yates is a film industry legend.

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Biography of legendary director David Yates

David Yates comes from the English settlement of Rainhill, which has now ceased to exist. The place is now a suburb of Liverpool, which includes neighboring residential areas in the area of the mouth of the River Mersey.

Yeats was a beloved and well-bred son. Unfortunately, he lost his parents before he came of age. Mom managed to give him a Super camera, with which David began to take pictures of everything that surrounded him.

According to Yeats, the movie that made the biggest impression on him was "Jaws" 1975. He really wanted to figure out how different scenes from the film were staged, in connection with which David undertook to try and experiment.

Yates performing for fans
Yates performing for fans

Yeats graduated from the College of St. Helens, after which he unexpectedly managed to score the required number of points for admission to the art department at the University of Essex. This came as a surprise to him, since before the young man did not like to spend time studying. David believed that getting a higher education was a waste of years of life.

In order not to deviate from the desire to become a director, David gathered in Film Society, in which he was. In 1987, he graduates from his bachelor's degree, and this is where the student body comes to an end.

First works

Just a year later, David releases the first short film called "When I was a girl in Swindon". The film participated in a number of international film festivals, Yeats acted as a director and screenwriter of the picture. The film was awarded prizes and awards, including the main prize at festival in San Francisco, after which Yates receives an offer to study at the National School of Film and Television.
After the festival events, the director was noticed by people from BBCwho invited him to work together.

Filmmaker at the Film Congress
Filmmaker at the Film Congress

The number one task for the novice specialist was the production of the short film "Oranges and Lemons" - work on which was completed by 1991. In addition to trusted duties, Yates was simultaneously involved in the project "The Weaver's Wife", the script for which was written by him personally. The following year, he organizes the shooting of another work called "Pleasant appearance". After the film, he takes a break, and returns only in the mid-90s, filming a package of episodes for the television show Just English Murder.

Two years later, Yeats again shoots a short film, this time the picture "Punch". Two seasons later, the director tries his hand at full-length: he shoots the dramatic film The Tichborne Plaintiff, the script of which is based on real events. The painting was first shown on festival in Edinburgh. In the future, Yeats moves to the production of work on television.

Road to the new millennium

In 2000, David works as a director on one of the series of the show "Sins", and the following year he takes over the entire short series "The Roads We Take", which was awarded the main prize. BAFTA.

2002 was an important year in film history with Yeats' short "Somali refugees". A film about love, friendship and racism stuns critics, earning it an award nomination for "Best Short Film". The picture failed to win the prize, but it became an important event in the history of British cinema.

David on set
David Yates on set

The following year, Yates is filming a popular novel by Daisy Ashworth, who was only nine years old at the time of writing. The film was called "Here are the guests!". He received several nominations and very good audience reviews.

In 2004, Yates again takes on series such as "Sex-traffic", and a year later releases a full meter called "Girl from cafe".

Harry Potter is back on top

The turning point in the career of the director was 2005, because he received an offer from Warner Bros.. They wanted to put David as the director of the fifth part about the adventures of Harry Potter and his friends called "Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix". The film was extremely successful in every respect. The director became known to the whole world, he was awarded many nominations all over the planet, and at the box office the movie made almost one billion dollars.

In this situation, Yates immediately received an offer for a sequel to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, and then also the option to do both parts of the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows story, which completed the popular fantasy story about the wizard. Each new Harry Potter film received more and more nominations, but only a few such cases brought the director a victory.

After the completion of hit science fiction blockbusters, the successful director went to shoot the TV series Tyrant, however, he managed to work on only one episode. In 2016, Yates released a feature called "Tarzan. Legend". It was a new reading of a famous story. The film was made as an entertaining Hollywood blockbuster, but nevertheless, the picture was coldly received by all categories of viewers, and film awards bypassed the tape.

Franchise continuation

On a wave of success, the director once again ascended with the film Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, which was the same age as the film about Tarzan. As part of this project, Yeats worked with well-studied material, the film received a good response from the audience and a huge number of prizes and victories, including the Oscar for the costumes.

The success of the picture was so resounding that the franchise was extended for four more films. In 2018, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald will be released, and further sequels will be released until 2024. The entire scope of work David Yates hoisted on his shoulders.

The above plan was valid until the situation with covid, which had a strong impact on all film producers. To date, there is news about other projects as part of the continuation of the franchise: should be released in 2022 (unless moved again) Fantastic Beasts: Dumbledore Mysteries and Return to Hogwarts. David Yates remains in the director's position for each of the projects. Based on information leaks, there is a hunch that the director will also work on the Skeleton Trickster film.

Director's personal life

About the David family does not apply, is silent about this in contacts with the press. The media likes to mention his marriage to Yvonne Walcott, but Yeats is silent about the details of his personal life. The couple lives without children.


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