"The Girl with a Cup": How Arina Danilova Conquered the Judges on "The Voice" Show

Who is Arina Danilova, her biography, her performance on "The Voice" project and her road to fame

Back in 2014, in online at The "Girls with a Cup" video became very popular. It was the first solo performance little vocalist Arina Danilova on television. After leaving the project "Voice. Children" The girl did not stop her creative work, her music. She continued to develop her talents with even more dedication and tried herself in new projects and in new fields.

A Brief Biography of the Girl with a Cup»

December 23, 2003. City Yakutsk. Anton and Inna Danilov's family welcomed their youngest daughter, Arina. She was the couple's second child after their older sister Daria. When Arina was 4 years old, the whole family moved to Moscow, in order for the daughters to have more features for development.

Arina Danilova with her parents and sister
Arina Danilova with her parents and sister

The girls inherited their aptitude for art from their mother - in the past opera soloists Sakha Republic. The eldest daughter went to directing - graduated from the Litovchin Humanitarian Institute of Television and Radio Broadcasting. The younger one, on the other hand, was completely immersed in musicI had been drawn to it since I was a little girl. The girls' father, on the other hand, was far from creative and was engaged in entrepreneurship.

Childhood and youth

From a young age, Arina showed an aptitude for singingwhich was noticed by a talented mother who became a teacher by vocals. The girl joined the music group RADIO CLASSIC ANGELS and in 2009 she even participated in in gear "Children's Pranks on the Channel STSShe was a young artist at the age of seven, where she sang a song about a cat and expressed her desire to become a singer in the future. At the age of seven, the little artist began studying at the music school, where she learned to play the piano and studied solfeggio, but I only completed three grades, because it was hard to combine tour and training in two schools.

Performing on The Voice

In 2013, Arina Danilova was a contestant on the first season of the vocal television show "Voice. Children". Her performance captivated everyone, both the audience and the judges. At blind auditions The girl sang the Spanish song "Quizas, quizas, quizas" to "accompaniment" of his assistant - a paper cup Tolik. On this interesting "chip" in the style of "The Cup Song" Arina and her sister were inspired by the movie "The Perfect Voice.".

"At Ostankino, after the casting, they always called me a tumbler," Arina said.

Arina's clear voice, unusual memorable performance, sincerity and purity helped her to pass to the next stage of the contest. All three members of the jury turned to her. Pelagia, Dima Bilan and Maxim Fadeev. Pelageya was the vocalist's choice. Unfortunately, before Finals Arina didn't make it - she dropped out at the stage "duels.". Despite her "departure," she subsequently took part in a tour of "Voices. Kids."She also won "Two Voices" on STS, where she sang a duet with her mother Inna.

In 2021 Arina decided to try herself again as a contestant "Voices."The second one, but already an adult, where again, without betraying herself, she performed a number already favorite by the audience.

This time she got the heart and the turned chair not only Pelagia, but also Leonid AgutinThe first season, Arina chose him to be her mentor. And here again fate played a cruel joke - Arina, just as in the first season, dropped out in a match with  Ivan Kharkovskywith whom she sang John Ledgend's "All of Me".

"I, Arin, in all absolute seriousness, sincerely, I was still with my back when I heard the timbre and how you do it, I was already dreaming about it then, and now I'm telling you in front of everyone: if you have a desire, let's do something interesting. I don't know what yet, but I would write something. I know that you can, within the cloud you're creating, your persona, do something familiar but very new. But today I can't help but leave someone in the project who is just much more professional, more powerful so far." - Leonid Agutin expressed his sincere feelings

As an actress

Arina turned out to be not only a talented singer. In 2015, she first tried her hand as a actresses in the children's film "The Day Before Success". In the same year she played in the TV series "Women's Consultation".

That's the end of her journey in the cinematography did not end. In 2017, the artist was invited to play one of the main roles into a television series. "Investigation of Love," which was broadcast on Channel 5.

Arina Danilova and Nonna Grishaeva in the series "Investigation of Love
Arina Danilova and Nonna Grishaeva in the TV series «The Consequence of Love."

2019 fifteen-year-old Arina tried on the role of already a voice actress. On October 10, the Japanese animated film was shown on Russian screens "Children of the Sea." The film was directed by Ayumu Watanabe, in which Danilova voiced the main character named Ruka Azumi.

Personal life

In January 2019, Arina's profile on "Instagram." shared the photos with her, what later turned out to be at the time, young man Misha Smirnovwho was also a member of the "Voices. Kids." and is a musician and broadcaster.

Misha Smirnov, Arina Danilova and Kirill Skripnik
Misha Smirnov, Arina Danilova and Kirill Skripnik

But a few months later, in several Interview the singer talked about parting.

"I hope we don't stop working together, and I have an insane amount of warmth for him. He remains my close friend..." - Arina said in an interview on the project "Cannon." with Xenia Hoffman.

Since the age of sixteen, the girl began to live separately from her parents and her personal life took a new turn. She started dating theater and film actor, host, radio host Peter BezmenovThe publications with which appeared quite often in Arina's social networks.

Arina together with Peter at the New Year's party
Arina together with Peter at the New Year's party

In May 2022, the artist revealed on her Instagram about parting with Pyotr, with whom they had been together for two and a half years. This came as a shock to Arina's fans. The performer reported that the breakup was very "eco-friendly" and without problems. She sincerely asked her subscribers to "respect each other" and not to ask questions. In her blog the girl wrote:

"I'm unbelievable. grateful For all the wonderful years we had together, for all the moments we grew up together, for all the love he gave me.

What Arina Danilova is doing now

At the moment, Arina is continuing musicBut he puts more emphasis on developing his channel on YouTube with an audience of two million and on social media. In the beginning, the girl shot blogs about her tours, but now she has different channels on her channel. showto which she invites the famous bloggers. Her father and older sister Daria help her develop and run the channel.

On October 11, 2019, the artist released her debut album titled "Doubt". Already in November the performer held her first big recital at the Moscow Club, which was also attended by her friends and colleagues.

In addition to pursuing a music and blogging career, Arina is active on television. The girl continues to make a name for herself in media space, is actively engaged with thesocial media and develops his creativity.

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