A fascinating journey through the career of Dee Snyder, one of the main glam rockers

He was always tangible - he worked on many projects, never shied away from attention and was not afraid to express his point of view, even if it led to conflicts...

Dee Snyder - what else you might not know about the Twisted Sister legend

Dee Snyder - one of the most famous and talented glam rockers. He is known to the general public by the band Twisted Sisterwhich literally blossomed with his arrival. However, Snyder's career is much more multifaceted and exciting - it is not limited to one project!

A classy vocalist and songwriter as well as a brilliant composer, Snyder was a big influence and an invaluable contributor! He was always tangible - worked on many projects, never shied away from the spotlight and wasn't afraid to speak his mind, even if it led to to conflicts

Twisted Sister's heyday

Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister

Daniel Snyder was born in 1955 and grew up on Long Island. One of six children, Dee rejected his father's strict discipline - he liked "bad" music, long hair, and a mess in the room.

Before becoming a glam metal icon, Snyder played with several bands and tried unsuccessfully to create his own project. One day he found out that a local glam band Twisted Sister is looking for a lead singer. Dee, who was heavily influenced by Queen, Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin, didn't just audition - he became the driving force of the band! In fact, it was with Snyder's arrival that Twisted Sister blossomed and scored big hits!

"Mad Captain Howdy."

Dee Snyder in Strangeland
Dee Snyder in Strangeland

Dee Snyder is not only a great songwriter, but also sophisticated writer! "Strangeland." - a film that Snyder was in charge of making! And it is his pen that is responsible for the following scenario (briefly):

"A madman named Captain Howdy lures teenagers through the Internet into his torturous traps. A detective begins to pursue him after Howdy kidnaps his daughter. Eventually, the psychopath manages to be caught and sent to a mental institution. But after his release, the townspeople attack an already peaceful Captain Howdy. This causes him to lose his mind again and take it to the next level in his insane actions. Can the detective stop him?"

But in addition to writing the screenplay and music for the film, Snyder personally played Captain Howdy!

He made an "indulgence" to Donald Trump

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

In 2012, the Republican vice presidential candidate Paul Ryan used "We're Not Gonna Take It" at one of his campaign rallies - and D. Snyder went ballistic. In response to the use of his song, the rocker issued a statement:

"I strongly condemn Paul Ryan's use of the song 'We're Not Gonna Take It' by my band Twisted Sister. There's almost nothing he stands for that I agree with!"

However, when this track was approached a few years later Donald TrumpSnyder acted calmly. What's more, the musician stated that Trump used "We're Not Gonna Take It" with "his personal permission.

"It's about rebelling, speaking your mind, and fighting the system! If anyone is doing it, it's him."

However, already in 2017 Donald Trump was denied the use of the song - during this time the band members managed to change their opinion about the president. Specifically, J.J. French said:

"We don't need the press. This song doesn't deserve public shaming. It can't be the Trump campaign anthem..."

"Under the Blade."

Eddie Ohede
Eddie Ohede

"Under the Blade." - track from the debut Twisted Sister album of the same name. Today it is the band's trademark, and the fans (and I mean metal fans in general) are crazy about it! But not many people know that the song was inspired by... fear. Eddie Ojeda.

Twisted Sister
Twisted Sister

In his interview, Snyder said that Eddie was "terrified of going to the operating table and literally being under the blade!"

"You know, there's nothing wrong with that. A lot of people feel helpless on the operating table: bright lights, hospital gowns, and the inability to move..."

The song quickly attracted attention and even became with scandals. In particular, lines such as "your hands are tied, your feet are strapped" and "you are pinned to your side, now there is a monster in front of you" were viewed by some very negatively... But Snyder argues:

"There is no hint of madness or cruelty in this text. It's about surgery and the fear it instills in people. You don't have to look for something in the song that's not there, but what you'd really like to see..."

The best "Christmas" gift

Dee Snyder and his wife
Dee Snyder and his wife

"The Magic Of Christmas Day" - popular song Celine Dionwhich Snyder wrote. It was his gift to his wife, who loved the singer very much, but which Dion herself didn't even know about! The story goes that when producer Rick Wake talked to Dee about the song, the latter told him:

"Don't tell her that 'Satan' wrote a Christmas song!"

Celine Dion
Celine Dion

A surprised Wake asked: "Really?". Snyder replied, "Seriously, man. Just put it on the damn album."

That's what they agreed on. As a result, the record sold out! Whether Celine knows the origin of her hit is up to unknown:

"I have no idea if she knows or not. But that Christmas megahit was a big part of her career!"

"A talented person is talented in everything."

Dee Snyder
Dee Snyder

Snyder's voice can be heard not only on records and CDs, but also in cartoon series: the legend of glam metal has repeatedly voiced cartoon characters, including Evil Jack in the animated series "SpongeBob SquarePants. Dee also hosted his own radio show.

In addition, Snyder was the main villain in "Jack and Dexter: Legacy of the Forerunners" and played in the Broadway musical "Rock Of Ages." Dennis is the owner of the Bourbon Room nightclub, which is threatened by a greedy developer. The musician said the following about the experience:

"I fucking loved it! Unlike rock, it's already a whole different kind of magic! I'm not bored with it at all, and I think - I'd love to do it a thousand more times!"

Dee Snyder
Dee Snyder

Snyder appeared as Dennis for 11 weeks in 2010, but never sang a song in all that time. Twisted Sister.

"It was quite surreal for me."

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