Diana Ankudinova: The Story of a Young but Already Hotly Loved Russian Performer

"I don't feel as cool as they write about me. But it's nice, of course. And it brings responsibility!"

Singer Diana Ankudinova: full biography, facts, childhood and career, songs, personal life, interviews

Diana Ankudinova - is still so young, but she is already loved by millions of people. For our, Russian scene, she represents a great hope! Hope that all is not lost. Unlike many of her contemporaries, who are chasing trends and publicizing themselves on "dirty hype", Diana prefers to pave the way By hard work and perseverance.

Her voice is called phenomenaland it really is. Some critics even predict her worldwide fame, subject to a successful promotion, of course. However, Diana is ready for this: she can easily perform a song in German, Spanish, French - in almost any common language. Her persistence and dedication are astonishing...

Tough childhood years

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

Childhood It's hard to call Diana happy. The girl was born and raised in dysfunctional family. She had never seen her father, and her mother drank heavily and had no affection for her child. One day Olga Ankudinova abandoned her little daughter at a bus stop! This incident was decisive: Diana's aunt, Svetlana, wrote a statement to the prosecutor's office. All this brought the poor girl to the orphanage... Fortunately, at the age of 4, there were kind people who took the young princess into their family. Those people were Irina Ponik and her relatives.

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

Her childhood years, overshadowed by her mother's drunkenness and indifference, left their mark: As a child, Diana stuttered. To get rid of it, she was advised to take up singing. And as it turned out - not for nothing! Thanks to singing, the girl not only stopped stuttering and began to speak confidently, but also discovered her natural talent... Vocal teachers predicted that Diana would bright futureand saw her as a star even back then. And today it's just obvious.

Before making a name for yourself at the talent show, Ankudinova managed to gain the experience necessary to perform on stage: she sang in the ensemble "Zhemchuzhinki" and the duet "Malinky", participated in all kinds of city competitions and concerts, as well as performed roles in musicals. And now, in 2017, her big break has come...

First victories, or the beginning of the journey

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

The first show Diana came to was. "Voice. Children". The girl passed the preliminary auditions, but... failed to impress the judges in the blind auditions. This surprised and at the same time angered many viewers! The contestant performed "Jodel Time."And so beautifully, emotionally! And no one chose her...

"This is a ridiculous injustice!"The Internet users were furious," they wrote afterwards. Thus, Diana managed to become a national favorite even without a pass to the next stage. We can say that this performance brought the girl her first fan base.

The second, decisive moment in her career, was the show "You're awesome!", on which Ankudinova appeared in 2018. This time she won a fully deserved winand her performances have had a staggering number of views online!

Diana Ankudinova and Igor Krutoy
Diana Ankudinova and Igor Krutoy

Thanks to this show, Diana became acquainted with Igor KrutoyThe musician wanted such a talented and promising "starlet" to be able to get a decent education in the capital. The musician wanted such a talented and promising "starlet" to get a decent education in the capital.

Careers after talent shows

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

An appearance on TV contests brought Diana great popularity. Millions of viewers fell in love with her and began actively following her work. As her number of subscribers and popularity in general grew, Ankudinova began releasing his notes.

Diane abruptly began to use popular with the media: They started interviewing her and inviting her to photo shoots. On the wave of success the girl even gave a number of solo concerts across Russia! And not only, in fact: the young star managed to visit some neighboring countries, and the audience accepted her very warm.

Today, Diane runs her own YouTube channelwhich already has more than a million subscribers. In her own words, she doesn't chase fame. She just does what she likes to do.

Future plans

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

In May 2023, Diana will be 20 years. It would seem that she is just a young girl. But despite her tender age, she has big plans for her future... And they are not just dreams. Every day she contributes to her future with real deeds, not words. Ankudinova works hard, constantly rehearsing and training her vocals. At the same time she doesn't forget about her studies. Talking about her popularity, our heroine emphasizes:

"I don't feel as cool as they write about me. But it's nice, of course. And it brings responsibility!"

When she came on the show "You're awesome!"The girl is not going to keep in touch with her: she has no intention of communicating with her. But the girl has no intention of keeping in touch with her:

"I don't need it. I have no desire to communicate with her. I have a family that I love very much.

Diana Ankudinova
Diana Ankudinova

Looking back on her past, Ankudinova decided to become social activist:

"Not long ago I opened my own foundation. My goal is to support talented children who, like me, were born in dysfunctional families. I know this firsthand, and I understand how difficult it is for them to realize their potential..."

Diane says she still has a lot of ambitious plans! But the singer is in no hurry to talk about them:

"In case it doesn't come true!"

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