Doja x Calabria (Tik Tok 2020) – Bryce – All about the song

About TikTok Viral Trend 2020! Interesting facts and video clips!

Doja x Calabria – Bryce – Song and TikTok Trend 2020

Who is the author of the mashup called "Doja x Calabria" that went viral on Tik Tok 2020? Before shedding light on the identity of the author of this cool mashup, it’s worth explaining: what, in fact, is the mashup itself!

Mashup means "mixing compositions". That is, it is a new piece of music, which consists of several already existing compositions. It is worth remembering that a mashup is not a cover, and they should not be confused! It is recorded in the studio: they take one composition and put it on top of another, while adjusting the tempo to the same one. At the same time, the parties of the compositions must be compatible and complement each other. Over time (since the 2000s) mashups have become their own genre of dance music and any other electronic music! Today they are recorded, as a rule, during a live concert. But there are exceptions to the rule...

Creator of the Hit of 2020

The author of the famous Doja x Calabria mashup is a TikTok user himself, a certain Bryce. On September 14, 2020, the guy uploaded his first job on TikTok. Yes, yes, as a promotion, the musician chose this particular platform. And he did the right thing! After all, the daily TikTok audience is 600 million people (for 2020), and it continues to grow!!!


The guy (bryceyouloser - his nickname) has not yet a super large audience (at the beginning of November 2020), - only 55k subscribers. But as you can see from the success of the hot mashup, he has a great future, because this is his first published video!

Keep it up Bruce! To better understand the meaning of the trend, we suggest recalling the history of each track separately!

History of the creation of Calabria (2003) and Destination Calabria (2006)

"Calabria" (meaning the name of one southern region of Italy) is a composition by Rune Reilly Kölsch, a famous Danish DJ and producer. The track was released in 2003 by Credence.

It was originally conceived as an instrumental, but later, in 2007, it was re-released: this time Rune made a more modern remix of dance beats, and also added vocals! Danish reggae singer Natasha Saad was chosen as the vocalist! This reggae fusion version was called "Calabria 2007" and became a huge success all over the world! The remix was especially warmly received in the United States ...

Soon after the re-release "Calabria 2007" became the main hit of all clubs without exception! In the end, she entered the Top 40 dance tracks of the largest radio stations! As for the rating of "100 Best Songs of 2007", here the composition was on the 80th line ...

A little later, in late 2007 - early 2008, "Calabria 2007" gained popularity on television, largely due to advertising, where it was widely distributed.

It is worth noting that the worldwide success came to the track after the DJ group Nari & Milani used the instrumental to create a mashup with Alex Gaudino and Crystal Waters! What did they get? - We think everyone remembers this bestseller of 2006 ... But it's better to refresh our memory!

A little bit about "Destination Calabria" by Alex Gaudino...

"Destination Calabria" is a song by Italian producer Alex Gaudino. Vocals by American house singer Crystal Waters. The track was the first single and a major hit of 2006 from the producer's debut album My Destination!

"Destination Calabria" was released on December 4, 2006 as a 12" single by Rise Records. The track was later released on CD by Data Records.

The composition itself is a mash-up that harmoniously combined the instrumental from Rune's "Calabria" and the vocals of Crystal Waters from "Destination Unknown" (2003). The highlight, thanks to which the track turned into a huge hit, is a chic saxophone riff borrowed from Rune Reilly Kölsch ...

The single was a great success in several countries around the world, including France, Spain and the UK! Soon a bright video was filmed for him:

The video was directed by Eren Creevy. In the story, eight dancers (including Natasha Payne and Jessica Fox), dressed in sexy green marching band costumes, seductively play various instruments and dance! In some scenes, it would seem that we can see hundreds of dancers! But in fact, it's still the same original eight dancers, reproduced many times using digital images ... Waters herself did not take part in the filming.

Doja Cat

Now let's move on to a more recent mashup "ingredient"! Let's talk about the song "Boss B*tch" by Doja Cat...

This track literally broke the music charts of 2020! Dynamic, daring, bold - this single can rightfully claim the title of "the most powerful hit of the outgoing year!" "Boss B*tch" is a high-speed recording, with layers of synths and bells... The lyrics of the song are addressed to the haters of the heroine.

"Boss B*tch" was also a major breakthrough for American singer and rapper Doja Cat. The song received warm and very positive reviews from critics! So, for example, one Patrick Johnson from Hypebeast commented on Doji's performance as "exuding confidence and anti-artistic swagger of the film's protagonist Harley Quinn"! What does the supervillain from the Batman animated series have to do with it? It's simple: the song "Boss B*tch" became the soundtrack to the movie "Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)" / "Birds of Prey: The Amazing Story of Harley Quinn"! To be convinced of this, it is enough to watch at least the clip on it ...

The music video was released in January 2020. The clip consists of previously unseen footage from the film. Doja Cat herself, in the form of a comic book heroine, fights off enemies and dances along with Harley Quinn! Scenes with the singer were filmed by Jack Bergert.

In the summer of 2020, "Boss B*tch" was named the best song of the year! She also entered the Billboard Top 30.

Nicki Minaj - Super Bass (2011)

Bruce's mashup also includes the song "Super Bass" by American rapper Nicki Minaj! This composition was released in 2011 as part of the Pink Friday album.

In her interview during the filming of the video for the track, Nicki explained the meaning behind it ... According to the performer, "Super Bass" is a flirtatious romantic story between a man and a woman:

“This song is about romance, flirtatious flirting… A woman takes a playful approach to a man…”

The track features electronic music and shades of pop. At the same time, Nicki herself raps in the style of hip-hop, appropriately adding elements of J-pop in fusion with high spirits of performance! There is also a tense rhythm, which is successfully distinguished by strong basses ...

The track received a lot of positive reviews from critics! The song quickly reached number 3 on the Billboard Hot 100 and also hit the charts in New Zealand, Australia and Canada!

4 years after the release, the Super Bass record has already been sold out (or rather, downloaded by the user) with a circulation of more than 5 million!

Now about the trend

On October 24, 2020, the most popular tiktoker Charlie (charlidamelio) picked up the viral trend. By the way: the video where she dances to the so-called "collaboration" of the forgotten Calabria and the hit of the rising star Doja Cat, scored 8 million likes, more than 200 reposts and about a hundred reviews from the admiring public!

Charlie was followed by thousands of other tiktokers! So, at the moment, more than 275k clips have been shot to the sound of Doja x Calabria - Bryce!

On the same day (October 24), a cool video was published on the Oscar Kip YouTube channel, consisting of cuts - short videos taken from the TikTok site. Of course, it is unpopular, but since it conveys the essence of the trend perfectly, we will show it to you ... In these abrupt videos, we see how guys and girls perform incendiary dance moves, jumping vigorously and virtuoso gesturing with their hands, like first-class "dancers"!

These simple dance moves started to gain a lot of popularity on TikTok after the popularization of the “Doja x Calabria – Bryce” mashup!

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