"They laughed at her, but she kept believing in miracles": the difficult childhood that toughened Dolly Parton

She had a lot of cruelty in her life, which she experienced at a very young age. But she turned adversity into an advantage, preserving the most important thing. Human dignity.

Dolly Parton: early years of the singer, childhood and adolescence, interesting facts

Today's beauty Dolly Parton it is difficult to imagine her as anything other than a majestic, benevolent, and brilliant woman, an icon of country music! Her merits are great and her contribution to culture is invaluable. Many of her songs are classics of their time and genre, and Parton herself has become a cult industry figure who has inspired more than one generation! However... the star has repeatedly said that since her childhood her dream has been actively hindered.

One of the most popular country singers and songwriters, Parton has confronted a lot to become who she is. Her childhood was not an easy one, it was extremely humble and in some places very unfair... She grew up in a poor family, and her peers often mocked her because of her "unfashionable" clothes and so on. There was a lot of cruelty in her life, which she experienced at a very young age. But she turned adversity into an advantage, preserving the most important thing. Human dignity.

The "multicolored coat" story

Dolly Parton as a child
Dolly Parton as a child

Parton's repertoire includes one notable composition called "Coat of Many Colors". Dolly performed it with special trepidation and love, and if you look at her childhood years, it becomes clear why. The future star's parents were poor, and could not afford to buy a good new coat. Then her mother with her own hands sewed a coat for Dolly out of colorful scraps of fabric. Parton went to school in it, where her peers ridiculed her for her poor clothes.

Despite her tender age, the girl understood that the value of things was not in their value, but in their lovewith which they were made. She wore her motley coat with pride, even though it made her an object of ridicule. Dolly hated it, but at the same time she understood how much love and effort her mother had put into the thing...

Unusual dishes

Young Dolly Parton
Young Dolly Parton

Dolly grew up in a huge family, where in addition to her there were 11 children! The family lived in a small cabin in the outback, and there was often not enough food for everyone. Nevertheless, her parents were resourceful people...

In spite of their poverty, Dolly's parents took advantage of nature! So, sometimes for dinner, her mother would cook a very extravagant delicacieswhich in modern French restaurants cost a lot of money! Namely, turtles, frogs and other small animals. In her interview the singer said:

"There were twelve of us kids. And we ate whatever we had to eat: all kinds of animals, turtles, and so on. Mom was a good cook, and she really made it taste good. She had different ways of making that taste of game go away."

The main thing is love.

Parton in the hayloft
Parton in the hayloft

Despite all the poverty in which they lived, all members of the family respected, loved, and cared for each other. This is the most important thing Dolly has learned for herself, and with this simple but important truth, she has gone hand in hand through the years. Being popular and wealthy, she still remembered how much her parents had done for her, based on his abilities.

"My father worked hard, and he wasn't literate or anything like that. But he was definitely one of the smartest people in anything business-related I've ever met in my life! My mother raised us - she had 12 children on her. She had poor health, but she was always taking care of us: feeding us, playing with us, instilling an interest in all kinds of things..."

In Parton's opinion, family - is the most important thing in everyone's life. At the height of her fame, Dolly kept thinking back to the days of her childhood and adolescence, to which she dedicated more than one composition. For example. "My Tennessee Mountain Home," "In the Good Old Days (When Times Were Bad)" and others.

Collaboration with Uncle

Dolly Parton
Dolly Parton

Before she was country star, Dolly wrote songs for other artists. And she originally did it with her uncle, Bill Owens. Dolly had been drawn to music since she was a child. Remarkably, it was her mother who instilled this interest in her, as she often entertained the children with renditions of old ballads. At school, the girl was often mocked, they said - it's not harmful to dream. But despite everything, young Parton believed that one day she Will become a singer. That's what happened.

She first appeared on local radio and television programs and later began recording. One day Dolly met Johnny Cash in Nashville, and the artist gave the young girl sound advice: do not listen to anyone, it is necessary to rely only on your own instincts ...

Today, looking back on her life, Dolly says:

"I have so many memories... Even when I was a kid, watching people backstage and just standing there on that stage where all the great people stood, I just thought that maybe someday I could be a part of them. Now that I've been lucky enough to see that dream come true, I wonder if some little kid could say, "I bet Dolly Parton once stood here," or "I'm standing where Dolly Parton stood!"

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