The Best Domestic Songs of 1985 by «Fuzz Music» magazine

Today we are going to talk about the best Soviet hits of 1985 according to «Fuzz Music». Read how the great compositions of the mid-80s were released in our article.

Top Six Domestic Hits of 1985 by «Fuzz Music» Magazine

Despite the fact that in the 1980s in the Soviet Union is becoming popular among young people mainly western musicthe Russian artists were in no hurry to cede to foreign musicians in writing hits. Some of them immediately some of them became national favorites and were broadcast on the radio, while others needed time to become truly «golden».

This article will talk about the best soviet songs 1985, as well as the creation of «netlenotes» and their successes. In addition, the songs that came out will be highlighted a little earlier, as their grandiosity and prominence became greater and greater as time went on.

Anne Vesky – «There's a Steep Turn Behind»

Anne Vesky in her youth
Anne Vesky in her youth

This song was supposed to be part of the repertoire of a Soviet band called «Circle»in which Igor Sarukhanov worked in the early '80s, but in the mid-'80s it became the singer's calling card Anne Vesky.

In 1982 «There's a Steep Turn Behind» was written by the vocalist and guitarist of «Circle». Sarukhanov, but the musicians never performed it together. In many interviews, the composer noted that the song went to Vesky thanks to acquaintance group with her through the poet Anatoly Monastyrev, who wrote the famous lyrics. The singer performed «There's a Steep Turn Behind» in front of the band that day, and it was decided to keep the Vesky song.

In 1983, the composition debuted in a movie about Anne Vesky, and in 1984 the song was not only performed on the music festival in Sopot, but was also released on the record label «Melodia». Nevertheless, the success of the composition did not cause positive emotions from the Krug group, in which Sarukhanov participated. During the festival Vesky designated the author of the song only Igor, rather than the entire band, which caused the musicians to have a big fight, and soon the composer left band. Despite this, «There's a Steep Turn Behind» became a signature song of the '80s, without which it is forbidden to introduce the Soviet variety.

Yury Antonov – «On Chestnut Street»

Yury Antonov in 1985

Perhaps the warmest and most soulful song of the mid-80s is «On Chestnut Street»the book was written by Yuri Antonov together with the poet Igor Shaferan.

This composition was created by specially for a celebration on the occasion of a landmark date in the Crimean region. Igor Shaferan quickly composed the lyrics about the streets with cute names that seem to "lead to childhood. Igor presented the lyrics for the future song to the composer the same day, and Antonov agreed to write music to the lyrics. According to the singer, it was his first and only «bespoke» composition.

In 1985, «On Chestnut Street» was released on the singer's big CD called Believe in the dreamthe musician couldn't have imagined that this song would become so popular after its release. The musician could not have imagined that this composition would become so popular, and that after the release he would receive calls from enthusiastic listeners. In the USSR, almost every city could boast small streets with funny names, so all the fans thought that Antonov was bound to sing about their city.

«Time Machine» – «Conversation on a Train»

«Time Machine»
«Time Machine»

«Conversation on a Train» is one of the symbolic of Soviet rock music in the 1980s. It was written by the leader of «Time Machine» in 1983, when the musician was riding the electric train and accidentally overheard a conversation between two men. The essence of the song is to convey different points of view on the lives of two hitchhikerswho have a measured dialogue to the pounding of the wheels.

There is a total of three officially recorded versions; the first was completed by the group in 1984, but this version was not released until ten years after the recording. The second, slightly corrected, debuted in 1985 in the motion picture «Start over». The musicians had to rewrite the part of the text where alcohol was mentioned, because at that time the Union was actively conducting an «anti-alcohol campaign». This version was also notable for its naturalness whistling in the finale: in the 1984 arrangement, the whistle was created with the help of a synthesizer.

«Time Machine» in the 1980s
«Time Machine» in the 1980s

The third version was released a year after the film and was included on the album «Rivers and Bridges» as it was presented in the film. Thus, «Conversation on a Train» in 1984 became only The original version without any changes, and the track not only became popular among the Moscow rock-club admirers, but also caused resonance in society.

«Forum» – «Island»

«Forum» Group at the Peak of its Career
«Forum» Group at the Peak of its Career

Another rock hit of the 1980s in the USSR is a song by the band «Forum» called «Island». It came out during a period of great interest in the band. In the early '80s, after a lineup change, they were joined by Viktor SaltykovHe was considered the best rock-club vocalist in Leningrad at the time, and things immediately took off for «Forum».

Plate «White Night»The album, released in 1984, was a landmark not only for the band, but for all Soviet music. The romance that permeated the album was very much liked by youthand the band members dressed in Western fashion became style icons.

The lyrics to the song «Island» were written by the poet Mikhail RyabininThe music for the legendary track was written by the composer Alexander Morozov, the former artistic leader «Forum».

Alla Pugacheva – «The Ferryman»

Alla Pugacheva in her youth
Alla Pugacheva in her youth

The love song, which became another hit of the '80s, was recorded Alla Pugacheva in 1985. The basis for the composition was real the story of the ferryman Yakov Zakharov, which originally had no love subtext.

The lyrics were written by Nikolai Zinoviev, and the words were set to music by a novice composer Igor Nikolaev. In the mid-80s he worked as a keyboard player in Pugachova's band and wrote music at the same time.

«The Ferryman» was to be performed from the stage by the singer Valeria Leontieva, and for some time the musician included it in the list of performed songs. In 1985 the composition was heard by Alla, who decided to record her own version of the song and release it as single. Despite the fact that the song had long been in Leontiev's repertoire, it was not a great success. When Prima Donna released «The Ferryman» a year after the recording, it became one of the the best of the singer's songs.

Alla Pugacheva in the 1980s
Alla Pugacheva in the 1980s

Although the song became popular in the Soviet Union, Pugacheva performed it at concerts at all not for long, but last times «The Ferryman» was heard at one of the creative evenings dedicated to Igor Nikolaev.

«Meridian» – «Beautiful Far Away»

«Meridian» Trio
«Meridian» Trio

The iconic sci-fi movie for children of the 1980s was «Guest from the Future»which debuted on Soviet screens in 1985. The film was notable not only for making all Soviet kids believe in science fiction, but also for song, who became the most beautiful and dreamy on the Soviet stage.

Yuri Entin The author of the lyrics to the song, and the composer Yevgeny Krylatov composed the motif of the future title track of the film. Initially, «Guest from the Future» was supposed to feature a version of Tatiana Daskovskayabut Krylatov stayed dissatisfied her singing.

Then the musician offered to record a song by the trio called «Meridian»which at that time was already quite famous. Krylatov would later approve the version recorded by the group and include it in the legendary film. After appearing in the film, the song made it to the «Song of the Year-85»The audience was largely credited with choosing «Beautiful Far Away» as the best composition.

The composition has become, for an entire generation iconicand for '80s music another landmark hit, in terms of lyricism unmatched with songs from other eras.


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