Don Henley's Best Solo Songs: An Introduction to an Outstanding Songwriter

If we put all of his modest solo material together, we get a portrait of an artist who records only when he has something to say. And that deserves respect.

Top Classical Songs Written by Don Henley

Don Henley has never been the most prolific performer, although he is one of the 100 best singers of all time (according to Rolling Stone magazine). And we don't intend to dispute that, because Henley is a true legend with a story to tell! But this is about something else: in the 40 years since the original breakup Eagleshe has released five solo studio albums and very few non-album songs... But if we put this modest material together, we get a portrait of an artist who records only when he has something to say. And that is deserves respect.

Henley has always been not only a talented performer, but also a brilliant songwriter. And today's selection is tribute to this talent of his. This is the top of the best classic songs written (and sung, of course) Don Henley.

"Johnny Can't Read"

Don Henley
Don Henley

We decided to include this song for at least one very important reason, in our opinion: the first single from Henley's solo debut, "Johnny Can't Read" served as a signal that his solo career would not be a repeat of the Eagles.

The sound of the new wave is a little nervous and, as the critics emphasized, closer to the The Carsthan to his former band. Despite the fact that the song is still relevant among the fans, and after its release it was actively played by radio stations, it was not included in any collection of hits. For this reason, many people have completely forgotten about "Johnny can't read.".

"Dirty Laundry."

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

Breakthrough Don's solo song, which continued his deepening into the trendy sounds of the new wave. By the way: here our hero got a helping hand from two Eagles at once. Joe Walsh and Timothy B. Schmidt.

In "Dirty Laundry," the performer discusses dirty journalismand how the press is greedy for "celebrity blood. To this day, the track holds its place of honor in the playlists of hundreds of thousands of fans.

"The Boys of Summer

Here it is worth telling not only about the song, but about the album itself, on which it was a worthy gem! Don's second studio record, entitled "Building the Perfect Beast is considered to be the high point of our hero's solo journey! It spawned at once 7 top 40 hits and demonstrated a brilliant performance (from a commercial point of view).

As for the track, Henley's vocals are especially beautiful here. By the way: the fate of "The Boys of Summer" began as a guitarist demo Campbell's Mikebut without the lyrics of the guru discussed in today's article its development might not have been possible...

"Sunset Grill.

Don Henley
Don Henley

Even though this track wasn't that popular on the charts, it's definitely worth checking out. If you haven't been interested in its lyrical stuffing before, I'm sure it might be for you. surprise me a little bit and bring back some pleasant nostalgia...

Nostalgia for the iconic "To Hotel California."The Sunset Grill is essentially a continuation, if not a continuation, then in a sense "twin brother.". This track is about a kind of dead-end bar, located about the same place as the famous hotel. Here, too, there's an oddball old man (a security guard, apparently), empty faces, no moral values, and... a touch of insanity.

"You see a lot more meanness in the city.
It's the kind that eats you up inside
It's hard to walk away with something that seems like dignity
It's hard to come home with pride..."

"The Garden of Allah."

Amazing composition both lyrically and melodically. It is also one of the last times Don wrote in a fast-paced epic style.

In this song, full of black humor, the hero meets with the Devilwho admires the narrator's car and declares that he is quite happy with the direction society has taken in terms of consumption. The setting is a once glamorous, long-demolished hotel on Sunset Boulevard (which really existed). As we can tell, hotels and such places are very attractive to Henley, evoking in his mind, apparently, a lot of fantastically bleak images...

"And the land of opportunity
Grew a whole new breed of people without a soul
This year fame has been confused with glory..."

"I Will Not Go Quietly"

Don Henley
Don Henley

"I Will Not Go Quietly" claims to be the heaviest rock song in Don's repertoire! It's also one of the deepest compositions, a gorgeous six-minute track that boasts a sprawling lyricism.

"I'm brave enough to go crazy.
I am strong enough to be weak
I see all these heroes on clay feet
Whose mighty ships have leaked..."

"The Heart of the Matter"

And to complete the list we decided to love ballad - extremely sensual and profound.

There are no synths or rumbling drums, just a guitar sound that matches the emotional vocals. But if the music goes back to Don's youthful days, the lyrics fully grown up.: The hero learns that his old love has finally found someone new. All he asks for is "forgiveness, even if you don't love me anymore.

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