Trust Kylie Minogue: all about the soulful hit "Confide in Me"

The history of Kylie Minogue's single "Confide In Me": what is the peculiarity of the composition and why exactly after it did Kylie begin to be treated as a serious artist?

Kylie Minogue "Confide in Me" (1994) - creation story, meaning, music video

Kylie Minogue - renowned Australian singer, songwriter and Actress. Kylie start career in a very young age, starring in Australian television series skyways, The Henderson Kids and Neighbors. It is they helped she get acknowledgement in UK and start a musical career there. Subsequently, the English record label company decided to give Minogue respite. Over the years Kylie released many hit albums like Kylie, Kylie Minogue, "Fever", "Rhythm of Love", body language etc.

Concerts Minogue are considered iconic, and she herself is style icon worldwide. Her energy and publicity forced people and media constantly compare it with Madonna. While Madonna known as "queen of pop", Kylie called "princess of pop". Concerning personal life, Minogue suffered from cancer chest but courageously fought with them won. After recovery she spoke about her fight with cancer to inspire and inspire peoplefighting the same sickness.

Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) in his youth
Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) in his youth

Song work

Kylie at the time of writing the album "Confide in Me" was just another consequence fabricated pop music, another actor, which became pop star and part of the business of renowned producers Stock, Aitken and Waterman. Usual voice, cute appearance 80s predictable dance moves and bland songs.

"Confide In Me" - first expression independence and personality Kylie. Gone Stock, Aitken and waterman and their factory hits. As a team of writers and producers come worthy of trust "Deconstruction Records" and team "Brothers In Rhythm". "Confide In Me" is not just complete and categorical refusal from disposability Kylie Minoguethis is one of the best singles ever 90s.

Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) at a professional photo shoot
Kylie Minogue (Kylie Minogue) at a professional photo shoot

The best composers worked on the track Steve Anderson, Dave Seaman and Owain Barton. Owain Barton is actually an alias Edward Burtonwho wrote deeply anxious acapella track "It's a Fine Day" in 1983, and the main cyclical riff "Confide In Me" is part of melodies from that song.

But before we get to that convincing, confusing string chorus, we have dizzying, swirling intro piano and violinswhich attracts listener in a song before we even get to main motive. Passes almost one and a half minutes before Kylie's vocals can be heard.

It's very bold and daring an approach for those who are still mainly engaged in cheap pop music (that's what they thought about Kylie many musical critics). Yet this basic riff just as convincing: he is powerful and driving, it reminds battery, which the charges the whole song. In addition, it contains a mixture Middle Eastern tools (including plucked sitar) и dance bitsmade in trendy style 90s.

Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video
Kylie Minogue in "Confide In Me" video

Song staging "Brothers In Rhythm" simply amazing, she demonstrates the full control above song: Kylie may not be listed here as one of the authors compositions, but clearthat her approach and vision what she wants to get finite the result influenced the work. And this result is indeed captures spirit.

Kylie never sounded better than this hite – her single became outstanding, but Job producers only improved the sound of the song. Despite all commercial success early singles, Stock, Aitken and waterman to end not understood (or, more likely, didn't care) which talent had them in hands.

Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career
Kylie Minogue at the beginning of her career

Minogue has never done this before. strong vocal performance, as in "Confide in Me", and that is why composition blew up the world show business. Kylie showed her value how performer, while proving that critics were wrong. In this song, she tries on a whole row roles: from sultry seductresses, breathy pleading listener, before fatal daring beauties.

But throughout songs and music, and vocals clearly say one thing: Kylie - amazing performercapable of masterpieces. This is precisely what strength songs, combining excellent vocal performance with seductiveness lyrics. This is the one talent, which had Stock, Aitken and waterman? And they made her sing "Especially for You"? Yes, they are a lot missed.



To the single "Confide in Me" a beautiful and bright clip was filmed. Worked on it Paul Boyd Los Angeles in July 1994. Video is viewed as climactic moment in creativity Minogue: she refuses "sugary" clips and draws to the serious problems of today. The video presents six various Kylie (combat, indie Kylie, innocent, pop Kylie and so on). It is a kind of embodiment of various social (and not only) problems: war, the use of illegal substances, obesity.

Video clip looks like expensive advertising intimate services for telephonewhich gradually becomes more and more aggressive and confusing. Thus, Kylie convinces the interlocutor to entrust her with secrets and tell her the most secret. The clip starts with acquaintances phrases, such as "call now" and "Satisfaction Guaranteed", and gradually passes to “lonely?”, “anxiety?”, “lost?”, “depressed?” and finally sinister "weak?"whereas signatures start to slide on various languages.


But while "Confide In Me" was solid hitthat made people look at Kylie Minogue from another angle, it's the same The song, which has a specific limit, simply because of the direction of the singer's career. Though "Indie Kylie" had a long-awaited success, the singer preferred to work in styles pop and disco. "Confide In Me" is an excellent single by Kylie, but faced with global success, she still returned к pop successwho has always been in basis what she does. And this one late pop success will be better, more interesting and successful than elementary stage of her career in the 80s.

Kylie Minogue's "Confide In Me" album cover
Kylie Minogue's "Confide In Me" album cover

Album "Confide In Me" - this good Job. Its continuation Impossible Princess also great, I guess release is the most interesting and unusual in a career Minogue and deserves much more respect than she receives. Itself Kylie stated that she never does not plan release another one record, which upset the fans, because it was in "Confide In Me" Kylie opened up for real, because it convincing, complex and much more personal work than people are used to from it wait.

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