Dua Lipa - the main hits of the "princess of pop"

“I used to be in the modeling business. I never did well. People said, "Oh, if you want to be successful in the modeling business, you have to lose a lot of weight..." That was something that didn't really make me happy. I felt like I had to change to become something I wasn't and part of something that didn't give me pleasure in the end..."

Dua Lipa's top songs - only the most popular hits

Topping the charts and award-winning Dua Lipa was recognized as the most popular artist 2020 of the year in the UK! She is the new ruler princess of pop! It's impossible to turn on the radio without hearing one of her songs... After a career as a model, working as a waitress, and downloading original songs and covers on the Internet, Dua Lipa signed a contract with Warner Bros. records in 2014 year. This move was a smart one as the label didn't have a successful pop artist worth promoting at the time. According to the manager Dua, Ed Milletta:

“They really wanted her, so from day one she was the focus of the whole team…”

The first two studio albums proved to be a big breakthrough for both Warner Records, so, of course, for the performer herself ... Several songs confidently took a leading position in the charts UK and US! call today Dua Lipa superstar is no understatement. She has a huge fan base around the world and doesn't seem to be going to stop there. Her videos are gaining hundreds of millions (and there are those that are estimated in the billions) views, and this is truly amazing! And most importantly - all these figures are absolutely deserved! Today we decided to recall the best songs Dua Lipa to pay tribute to her astute songwriting abilities and her meteoric rise as an artist... So: here we go with our compilation!

New Rules

Not so much a pop song as a guide on how to avoid an unfortunate date with an ex New Rules became the biggest hit from the self-titled debut album Dua Lipa! Irrefutable advice - do not pick up the phone, do not let him in, do not be his friend. This track brought Lipa to the top of the UK charts for the first time! It's also a positive mental health song as it talks about talking to yourself to fix problems and set clear boundaries for yourself. The music video is uplifting as it shows several women and Linden dance together. In an interview with a magazine Variety Lipa even said that the song describes "girls taking care of each other" and giving each other much needed advice.

In addition to important advice, New Rules there is a rhythm that you feel to the core! And in summer 2017 years he played everywhere. The electropop and tropical house song was originally created for a girl group. little mix, but was rejected and sent to Dua. And it seems to be for the best! Track about "New Rules" became Lipa's first single to reach No. 1 on the chart UK Singles Chart! He later received multi-platinum status in 12 countries of the world!


Second single taken from Future Nostalgia, made in retro style. Containing slick synth-pop sounds, this song just screams clubbing. hit of the 80s! "Physical" turned out to be a popular, but at the same time underestimated track from Lipa's second album. He took only 60s place in Billboard Hot 100… In the music video, the singer dances with the help of crazy and very cool visuals!


Levitating is a perfect example of the ability lindens combine classic pop sounds with sleek modern songwriting! And in cooperation with DaBaby, Dua finally entered the American market, which is always easier said than done ...

It's a love song with an incredibly addictive beat... It was already a hit when it was first released, but its popularity skyrocketed after DaBaby helped with the remix. Levitating was also one of two songs that Dua Lipa sang during her amazing performance at Grammy 2021

"Don't Start Now"

The second song was "Don't Start Now" - the composition follows the disco plan of the album Future Nostalgia, but at the same time reminds the track "New rules": Dua again leaves the needy ex-lover ... "A look into the future, haunted by nostalgia for the past..." is the perfect thesis for the pop star's second album.

"Don't Start Now" was the lead single Future Nostalgia: he finished 2nd in Billboard Hot 100, and eventually became a big hit!

"Break My Heart"

The song with perhaps the most memorable chorus in the entire discography Linden, "Break My Heart" reached No. 13 on the Billboard Hot 100 and still dominates Top 40 radio! The lyrics are about Dua who falls head over heels in love with someone, but is afraid that the relationship will only bring her suffering from which she will never recover...

"It's just that you're afraid of being too happy," Lipa told Apple Music about the song, "like when your day is going really well and you're like, 'There's only one thing that can ruin it...' I'm a hopeless romantic, and I always ask myself, “How am I going to live with this?”

"We're Good"

Tropical song meant for summer "We're Good" makes Dua Lipu fantasize about mentally breaking up with your partner... With deep lyrics like "I'm on an island even when you're around," it's a bittersweet tune despite the chilly backing track. It will make you dance slowly and also hit you right on the feel…

The music video is especially memorable when Lipa sings in a canteen full of wealthy passengers. aboard the Titanic. Also the main character lobster! Seriously. This is actually pretty sad and might make you think twice before ordering crustaceans from your local seafood restaurant…

"Blow Your Mind"

This is a sharp, energetic, rough, daring and self-affirming track at the same time. As in New Rules, it has a killer rhythm, and the sounds that Lipa throws into the chorus give it playfulness. Not to mention the soaring vocals Dua impressive on this track… Actually, this song is about being proud of yourself and embracing change. The singer later said:

“I used to be in the modeling business. I never did well. People said, "Oh, if you want to be successful in the modeling business, you have to lose a lot of weight..." That was something that didn't really make me happy. I felt like I had to change to become something I wasn't and part of something that didn't give me pleasure in the end..."

One Kiss

Recorded with Calvin Harris, this single reached number one in the UK and became Lipa's longest number one... It also brought the singer an award in the nomination "Song of the year". The musical arrangement is what makes this song a bouncy hit! Chic keys, reverb and beats create a disco atmosphere that will make you imagine fashion shows 90s and California beaches...


Created with the help of a producer duet Silk City, "Electricity" is a fun gospel song about the thrill of falling in love. It sounds fun, fresh and a little spiritual. Loud keys and rhythm make it quite a danceable track. As for the music video, after filming it, Dua shared her feelings:

“It's a funny song. It was really a turning point for me in terms of self-confidence. When I did the music video for "Electricity" it kind of changed my life in front of the cameras..."

Music video also shows how Dua dancing some of the best dances she's ever done... Many fans commented that the pop star has improved her dancing skills since she first came into the spotlight, and her moves in the music video for this song definitely show progress.

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