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Album "Future Nostalgia" (2020) by Dua Lipa

Future Nostalgia can hardly be called just an album… Rather, it is a full-fledged collection of chic sound in a rather extraordinary style! Do you think it is impossible to combine modern sound with retro motifs? And we will tell you: as much as possible! No wonder Future Nostalgia has become the main album of spring 2020!

Not only is this a new look at the old one - for the era of the 80s, but it is also a new rethinking of "what it means to be stronger than those around you." One of the most brutal disco vibes you'll ever hear. It's the perfect balance of past and future.

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

What is the secret of this record? Why does it stand out from hundreds of other pop releases? The secret of success is simple: the best producers, the best songwriters, and, of course, the assertiveness of the performer herself!

Future Nostalgia is the disco of the future!

Dua Lipa
Dua Lipa

Imagine walking down Miami Beach circa 1982. The sun is shining over your head, you are dressed, however, without hesitation, you jump into the water after getting a little sunburned on the sand. Then, there is a synthesis of the future and the present: creatures with robotic voices and a sharp, stunning roar emerge from the water. When the robots fly out of the water, they are, of course, trying to take over the world. "Future Nostalgia" is the same GTA Vice City vibe combined with the songs of Bruno Mars: funk rumbles, leaving one foot in the world of yesterday and the other in the far future, led by AI.

It's no secret that every three years (and maybe even five years) a new, promising pop star lights up in the vastness of the United Kingdom! As a rule, she releases a cool album, filled to the brim with hits, as well as a couple of videos with catchy dance moves ... Later, she comes out with one sticky hit, and ... she disappears from the stage. Forever.

You don't have to look far for living examples. Let's remember at least the same Jessie J (aka Jessie J), who performed at the Diamond Jubilee of Elizabeth II, as well as at the opening of the Olympics ... And everyone knew her hit "Price"! And not even because everyone liked the song wildly ... It's just scary to imagine how many times it sounded on the radio at the peak of its popularity ...

And now, who remembers this once successful singer today? Perhaps the most devoted fans... Unfortunately, modern pop singers, for the most part, merge into a single crowd. Perhaps they lack tenacity, or perhaps they lack individuality or production. But, one way or another, many of them never manage to achieve at least some popularity outside of Britain ... The main distinguishing feature of such pop stars is a couple of high-profile hits and absolutely inexpressive albums that look more like a hodgepodge of singles than full-fledged ones. works.

So Dua Lipa, at first, seemed to belong to just such artists ... The first singles of the singer were a huge success, because her label successfully played on everything very strong: on her exotic roots, bright appearance and light accent ... Dua began her journey as a single -performer: who does not remember, more than a year and a half passed between her first hit tracks and the first full-fledged album with them!

To be fair, Dua Lipa's hits were really good! For example, the track "New Rules" - you may not know the name of this song, but you have definitely heard it, and more than once! The track can be described as a wild tropical house with a killer hook in the chorus! And its frankly aggressive, full of hatred for the ex-boyfriend subtext ... Yes, with his release, Dua declared herself as a bright and unique personality.

The work of Dua Lipa has always had shades of that bygone era ... The era when Madonna was just starting her brilliant path! But calling Lipa's music retro would be a mistake: in any case, it has always remained too modern, and too aggressive...

And so, the Future Nostalgia saw the light... With its release, it became clear to everyone that Dua Lipa's work had undergone some changes! There is no longer that radio format aggressiveness in the style of pop. On the contrary, we can observe a very precise, scrupulous work with arrangements... It's not for nothing that the list of people who worked on the record is compared to a whole orchestra! All the details in this collection are arranged in their places. And yes: this is not a hodgepodge consisting of a set of popular tracks. Future Nostalgia is perceived as a full-fledged and very pleasant piece to listen to…

Tracks from the album

The title tracks are the centerpiece of all albums! Elements where ideas originate and give rise to the surrounding matter, of which the album is composed. And the theme is the main part when creating a work. The album Future Nostalgia is an exciting and amazing creative vision of the singer on the futuristic world through the eyes of the stylish era of the 80s. What to expect from the album? Why even expect anything? Better to listen in person!

Future Nostalgia

Don't Start Now




Pretty Please


love again

Break My Heart

good in bed

Boys Will Be Boys

Dua Lipa exudes confidence: now she is on top of Olympus! What else can I add: the 80s is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and cool ideas!


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