Bearded Sting and Mylene Farmer with a broken leg: how they filmed a video for the touching duet "Stolen Car"

Mylene Farmer and Sting revived the old hit and made it even better. Let's see how the 2015 "Stolen Car" differs from its original version and why the song's chorus was translated into French.

Sting, Mylene Farmer "Stolen Car" (2015) - the original version of the song, the history of the duet, interesting facts, backstage from the filming of the video clip

What happens if unite two talented artists Mylene Farmer and Sting showed by example: it is possible to revive old hit and make it even better. Let's find out what "Stolen Car" 2015 is different from his initial versions and why chorus songs have been translated into French language.

History of the original version

Stolen Car (Take Me Dancing)» was released by Sting 2004. She was on the album "Sacred Love". According to Sting, after the release of the track, he was not happy end result and looking for suitable female voice, to "revive" this composition. Indeed, if we refer to the text, more logicalso that the following lines Please take me dancing tonight sang in the chorus female . The song talks about mistress successful businessmanwho lacks attention from her second halves.

Acquaintance of Sting and Farmer

Perfect for this role french pop star Mylene Farmer. She sold 11 million copies of albums around the world and regularly collected complete stadiumsbut never stopped there. In 2015, she collaborated with Sting to release a new version of the song "Stolen Car".

Farmer said:

“I have known Sting for a long time as artist and fanatic from his creativity. I came to London to visit one of his show. It impressed me so much that later I flew to New York just to watch his play "The Last Ship"and she seemed to me very sentimental and sad simultaneously. The songs were sung awesome, the acting was also on high. And then I asked Sting if he wanted to be with me cooperate. And as you can see, he answered positively".

Mylene Farmer in concert
Mylene Farmer in concert

Sting also knew Milen long before "Stolen Car":

"I knew her manager, he spoke producer a play I put on in Paris a few years back. She was called "Welcome to the Voice". From him I learned about Mylene. She was so huge star among French-speaking listeners - she collected gigantic stadiums again and again. When we met, I realized that she was also beautiful. human".

Sting at one of his performances
Sting at one of his performances

Duet recording

Sting told about the beginning of their joint work:

“I was so flattered that Mylene came to my speeches. When she asked me if I wanted to be with her cooperateI never doubted for a moment that agree. Then she asked what my songs we could sing together. I immediately remembered "Stolen Car", which was already more ten yearsand I'm still waiting for the perfect female voices in order to have her again fulfill".

Cover of Sting and Mylene Farmer's "Stolen Car"
Sting and Mylene Farmer single "Stolen Car" cover

In the new version of the song Sting lowered tonality so that the voices of both performers sound cleaner. The lyrics of the song were written in English and French languages. The singer herself insisted on what song you need translate: in French it would sound more sensually and passionately. According to Farmer:

"I translated Sting's text is very close to the originaland then added some strokesto line naturally sounded in French. And I wanted the text to feel my style".

Mylene Farmer on the set of the video "Stolen Car"
Mylene Farmer and Sting on the set of the video "Stolen Car"

Create a video clip

The musicians admitted that about the video they thought as soon as they started joint work. French worked on the video director and concurrently Mylene's friend Bruno Aveillant. He was famous for the fact that his clips could not be attributed to private work, it was rather movie masterpieces. Farmer said:

«Bruno best! He has been in many commercials. projects for brands Cartier, Guerlain and others. When we thought about the video, I immediately talked about it Sting, and he approved My choice. Filming lasted two days. 12 hours. But I worked less Stingbecause I got one roleand he performed two - hijacker cars, and businessman".

Joint photo of Sting and Mylene Farmer from the shooting of the video "Stolen Car"
Joint photo of Sting and Mylene Farmer from the shooting of the video "Stolen Car"

But Farmer a few months before filming broke leg, so on the court she moved with the help of crutches. The artist admitted that in the frame she had to stand on high heels and she is very was afraid fell. But Sting behaved like a true gentleman: was always there and helped her. He is constantly strong kept Mylene and insured her with any movement. The singer himself grew a thick beard, which added to his image solidity.

filming the clip took place in the romantic city on the planet paris. The clip is very gentle and touching. According to the plot Sting and Mylene - lovers, which are very cherish each other, and timethat they spent together, they will not forget never. Bruno Aveyana can really count master your business. Showing passionate kisses, night roads, strong hugs, he literally made all the spectators enjoy this story. Even the actors themselves believed in her: according to some sources, Sting kissed for ten more seconds Mylene after the command "Stop, removed". After that they looked Each other, blushed and laughing, as children.

Sting and Farmer traveled all over the world and performed "Stolen Car" in many countries. The singer said:

'I imagine could notthat people can be different! For example, French people the whole performance is worth and don't move, carefully listen. That's why they are good in music understand. Impossible to imagine without music French soul. At the same time they not So descend crazy, such as, Italians".

Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot
Mylene Farmer (Mylene Farmer) at a photo shoot

Farmer told about Russian listeners:

"I'm deep convincedwhat if a man loves music, he is good human. Russians – wonderful listeners. They understand French the text is no worse than the French themselves.

Really, Job Farmer and Sting - embodiment creativity and great talent. New version of the song "Stolen Car" sounds awesome, And you clip emphasizes it gentle and passionate the senses. The composition can indeed be considered one of the the best works 2010s.

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