Jeff Lynn: top 5 facts about the ELO legend that may surprise you

"My father didn't encourage me much, but he bought me my first guitar for two pounds. That led to me finally giving up on school! And I got out of there."

Jeff Lynn - interesting facts and interviews, photos and videos

British singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, arranger, and one of the greatest producers in history - all our favorite old Jeff Lynn! Ah, yes: also a member of two iconic bands - Electric Light Orchestrawhose heart he has always remained, and The Traveling Wilburyswhere he became part of the "super gang.

Throughout his career, Lynn hasn't stopped evolving. And in 2012, he re-recorded at home old ELO hits, stating that "the originals were not good enough:

"I'm really a perfectionist, but maybe not a very good one! (Laughs). It's never as perfect as I imagine it to be. Alas, the end result is always different from what I had in my head at the beginning of the work process, so don't judge harshly!"

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

But today no one is going to "judge" this legend. We are here to remember some most interesting facts from his biography. You won't be bored!

"Guitar VS School." - The years of youth wrapped in a passion for music

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

Jeff was very lucky: his father was a fan of classical music. It will pay off in the future.

"His favorite composers were the classics. He couldn't read or write notes, but he could play Chopin on the piano with one finger!"

The parents wanted their son to "became human.": got an education, got a good job and all that kind of stuff. But one plastic guitar for two pounds sterling dashed their hopes.

"My father didn't encourage me much, but he bought me my first guitar for two pounds. That led to me finally giving up on school! And I got out of there."

After that, Jeff had to grow up earlywhich is to start working. Before he became a star, he tried many professions - and some of them were not to his liking.

"I didn't want to work anywhere, so I was constantly changing jobs. I had about fourteen jobs in two and a half years! Once I was a window dresser in a big department store, a position I held for a few hours. I was only fifteen or sixteen at the time, and I thought, "What if one of my buddies walked by?" I lasted until noon, and then I slipped out the back door. I never went back there again..."

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

Remarkably, even when Lynn became a star, his parents were still not enthusiastic about his passion for music.

"My mother hated me for my choices. She used to say: "You don't want to do all that nonsense. There's a cameraman's job for you at a good company!" By then I had about three hits on the charts! Later, when I got rich, I bought my parents a house. Then she calmed down a bit, but not that much. She still wasn't into music, and she really disliked my falsetto. "Stop that awful screeching!" - she scolded."

"Lynn's already painted everything!" - A successful but challenging collaboration with other icons

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

Gradually Lynn made his name and reputation, and many famous artists wanted to work with him. According to some publications, Jeff is part of the Top 5 producers of the 20th century! And if you listen to his work, all questions disappear... He produced (and co-wrote) records of such stars as Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Del Shannon and the ex-Beatles!

John Lennon once stated that "Lynn's already written everything!"stressing that it's getting harder and harder to write music. А George Harrison even refused to cooperate with him again, because, according to him:

"My music sounds more and more like ELO!"

Beatles fan

Jeff Lynn and George Harrison
Jeff Lynn and George Harrison

Jeff probably didn't even think in his youth that he would ever work with his idols in the same studio! Yes, yes, he was a fan. The Beatles - Like almost all of his contemporaries. Already a self-sufficient star, Lynn told journalists a funny story:

"I was a big fan of theirs, and I got really lucky when The Idle Race and I were recording in London in 1968. A friend of our engineer called and said he was working with the Beatles at Abbey Road and that we could go down there and see if we wanted to. So, I saw my idols live for the first time...I was on Abbey Road and really listened to it being done. I was there for maybe half an hour and then I thought it would be polite to leave, because it feels silly in that company! I went back to The Idle Race, and of course our work didn't sound as good."

The unexpected birth of the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys

Supergroup - The Traveling Wilburys
Supergroup The Traveling Wilburys

The Traveling Wilburys - Another highlight of Lynn's career. It's supergroupThe band was formed by George Harrison, Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Jeff himself. The idea to form the band came to him and Harrison while working on the Cloud Nine album.

"George and I started recording these tracks and it was just fabulous fun! We just got along really well, and we had the same sense of humor. After a couple of weeks of work, he turned to me and said: "You know what? You and I should have a band."

He was the heart of ELO.

Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra

There's no doubt about it: Jeff was the one who was with heart and soul Electric Light Orchestra. He is the author of all the music and lyrics, with few exceptions. He owns the iconic "Evil Woman." and other hits, as well as the recognizable style of sound he brought to almost every record he participated in or produced.

From the 1970s to their initial dissolution, ELO recorded more transatlantic top 40 hits than any other band on the planet! And to a greater extent, it's Lynn's credit.

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