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Arranger, songwriter and producer - Jeff Lynne is best known as one of the founding members of the Electric Light Orchestra.

Jeff Lynn is from the West of England. He began his musical career as a guitarist in local bands, and then, in the early 1970s, he formed his own, known as the Electric Light Orchestra. Not achieving the desired success, "ELO" blew up the scene, released over thirty hit singles, but in 1986 they officially disbanded.

This period brought Lynn success at the start of his production career. Jeff collaborated with famous music stars - George Harrison, Tom Petty, Roy Orbison and Brian Wilson. Soon, with the participation of Lynn, they founded the supergroup "The Traveling Wilburys", whose collection was nominated for a Grammy.

Now, Lynn is engaged in producing, simultaneously releasing new albums by Electric Light Orchestra.

Path to glory

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

Geoff Lynn was born in Birmingham, England's West Country on December 30, 1947. From early childhood he was attracted to music. Already in his teens, Lynn established himself as an outstanding guitarist and was in great demand on the local scene. He played in several regional bands before joining the Nightriders in 1966. Lynn soon became the leader of a group that later changed its name to Idle Race, releasing The Birthday Party in 1968. For Lynn as a producer, he became the debut. However, when none of the released albums made much of an impact, Lynn left Idle Race to join another popular Birmingham rock act. - "Move", which soon included former Idle Race guitarist Roy Wood.

While Move was a success and its singles hit the UK charts more than once, Lynn and Wood began to conceive a new project that would allow them to realize their shared love of the classics within the framework of pop/rock performance. The new project was called "Electric Light Orchestra" (ELO). The group's first few albums, released in the early 1970s, were quite good. However, they were only distant hints of the stunning success that awaited Lynn and his comrades in the second half of the decade.

Jeff Lynne: "Mr. Blue Sky"

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

After the release of the first album, Wood left the Electric Light Orchestra, leaving all production and songwriting to Lynn. The taste of success came only with the release of "Eldorado" (1974), which reached No. 16 in America.

A year later, the platinum album "Face the Music" was released, which for a long time remained in the top ten, giving rise to hits famous today. - "Evil Woman" and "Strange Magic".

But that was just the beginning for ELO. For several years, the musicians produced hit after hit: "A New World Record" (1976) - their first platinum album to reach number 5 thanks to the high-profile singles "Livin' Thing", "Telephone Line" and "Do Ya". Multi-platinum "Out of the Blue" (1977) with the singles "Sweet Talkin Woman" and "Mr. Blue Sky" also peaked at #5.

The single "Mr. Blue Sky" shocked the audience, hitting the top 40. ELO ended the late 1970s with heavy disco - "Discovery" (1979). It was this album that introduced the public to the hit single "Don 'Bring Me Down", which for a long time kept at 4 positions in the US charts and is a big hit today.

As the new decade dawned, Lynn worked on many new projects. So, he became a co-author and producer of the soundtrack for John Farrar's Xanadu (1980), in which the charming Olivia Newton-John played the main role. Although the film itself did not receive much recognition among the audience, the soundtrack became a popular hit and became a top 10 single in the US and UK. The song "Magic", which took first place, was not by Lynn, but his tracks such as "I'm Alive" and "All Over The World" were included in the top twenty.

Over the next few years, three albums were released: the studio concept "Time" (1981) became a No. 1 hit in America, "Secret Messages" (1983), which took the 4th position in the UK and "Balance of Power" (1986). After the release of the latter, which, by the way, took 9th place in the UK and entered the top 50 chart in America, Electric Light Orchestra officially disbanded. Having recorded about thirty top charting singles in America and the UK, the band was simultaneously frustrated that their hits never reached number one.

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Produced by The Traveling Wilburys

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

By the time the Electric Light Orchestra collapsed, Lynn had established a reputation for himself as an excellent songwriter and producer, which led him to a number of impressive and high-profile alliances with major award-winning music stars. In 1987, Lynn worked with George Harrison on the release of the album Cloud Nine, 4 of the 11 songs from the album hit the Top 20 UK Top 20 singles, and Jeff Lynn co-wrote all four: "I Got My Mind Set on You", "Cloud Nine", "When We Was Fab" and "This Is Love".

Lynn's collaboration with Harrison did not go unnoticed. Soon, the musicians created the supergroup The Traveling Wilburys, which released two albums, one of which turned out to be a Grammy nominee. Its participants were Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tom Petty, Harrison and Lynn himself. In parallel, the latter also produced the track "Let It Shine" for Brian Wilson's self-titled solo album (1988) recorded with the Beach Boys, worked with Orbison on his last album, Mystery Girl (1989), and also - over Newman's Land of Dreams (1988).

However, it was the collaboration with Tom Petty that led Lynn to create one of his most successful productions. - "Full Moon Fever", as well as the sequel to "Great Wide Open".

The compilations co-produced by Lynn and Petty featured popular hits "I Won't Back Down", "Into the Great Wide Open", "Learning to Fly" and "Free Fallin". These singles, co-written with Lynn, are some of the highlights of Petty's illustrious career.

Past and present

Jeff Lynne and the Beatles
Jeff Lynne and the Beatles

Lynn's most notable efforts appear in the long-awaited Beatles serial anthology, in which Lynn assisted George Harrison, Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr in creating new John Lennon recordings. -"Free as a Bird" and "Real Love". After these fruitful years of collaboration, in 1990 Lynn released his first solo album Armchair Theatre, after which he returned to work on the film. McCartney soon chose Lynn to help him produce Flaming Pie.

After winning the legal battle to retain the rights to use the ELO name, Lynn kicked off the second millennium with a new album, Electric Light Orchestra. - Zoom.

Cover of ELO - Zoom
Cover of ELO - Zoom

He also continued his collaboration with George Harrison on his Brainwashed album and completed the recording on his own after Harrison's death (2001). In 2006, Lynn again teamed up with Petty to co-produce his third solo album, Highway Companion. Three years later, he produced several songs for Regina Spektor's album Far (2009), which rose to No. 3 in America.

Lynn's latest work has been a return to the past. In 2012, on the occasion of the 40th anniversary of the founding of the Electric Light Orchestra, the musician released the album Mr. Blue Sky", in which ELO songs were re-recorded, accompanied by a documentary of the same name. In the same year, he released "Long Wave", after which, in 2015, he returned to work on "Alone in the Universe".

Jeff Lynn with family
Jeff Lynn with family

Concert Electric Light Orchestra - Wembley Or Bust in 2017


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