Jimmy Page and his women

On the women of legendary guitarist Jimmy Page...

Jimmy Page Women...

Jimmy Page is one of the most influential, important and versatile guitarists and songwriters in rock history! He had a huge impact on his followers... His amazing riffs served as a blueprint for what would eventually become heavy metal, although Page himself refused to be tied to any musical style.

In addition to his work, his personal life remained an occasion for lively discussions: in the life of the guitarist of the cult Led Zeppelin there were a lot of beautiful women, among which, for example, Laurie Maddox, who became famous all over the world! However, the musician was married only three times (which, in fact, is quite a lot, although given the number of his novels ...) And so, in 2014, the 70-year-old guitarist fell in love again, this time with the young poetess Scarlett Sabet! Will there be a fourth wedding? Well, time will tell...

In details…

Patricia Acker and Jimmy Page
Patricia Acker and Jimmy Page

Page's first wife was Charlotte Martin, who gave birth to the musician's daughter Scarlet. From Patricia Acker, Page has a son, James. But his third lover, Jimena Gomez-Paratcha, gave the guitarist two children at once (plus Paige adopted her eldest daughter Yana). Their marriage officially ended in 2008...

It's no secret that throughout his long and dazzling career, Jimmy Page showed great interest in girls who were much younger than him ... So, for example, Jimena Gomez-Paratcha was more than 30 years younger than him! And who does not know the story of his romance with Laurie Maddox? They met in 1974, at the infamous Hollywood Hyatt: Jimmy was 30 years old, while his companion was only 14 ... But hardly anyone could have imagined that Page's future lover, whom he would meet in August 2014, will only be born into the world 15 years after the acquaintance of the guitarist and the minor Maddox ... And this is true! When Page met 25-year-old Scarlett Sabet, he was already over 70 ... It happened at the Chelsea Art Club, where Scarlett read poetry. Page walked up to her and said:

“Your poems cut like a knife…”

However, we will not violate the chronology, and remember all the wives of Jimmy Page in order!

Charlotte Martin

Charlotte Martin...
Charlotte Martin...

Charlotte Martin was a successful French model of the late 1960s and early 1970s. Today the woman is an artist. Charlotte (or Katherine, her real name) was born in 1948 in Paris. Her childhood was devoid of bright colors, because of which she fled to London, changed her name and ... entered into a lifestyle without borders! Prior to meeting Page, Martin was in a relationship with Eric Clapton. And there is evidence of this ... In his autobiography, the musician writes:

“At the Speakeasy club I first met one of the most beloved in my life, a very beautiful French model Charlotte Martin. I was in love with her from the moment I saw her. She was very beautiful, classically French, with long legs and an incredible figure. But the first thing I noticed was her eyes. They were a little Asian, down-slanted, and a little sad. We started dating right away and soon moved together to an apartment in Regent's Park owned by Stigwood's partner, David Shar, who was the organization's financial brains. Charlotte was an incredible girl, more interested in films, art and literature than modeling, and we had a great time together ... "

In addition, based on the autobiography of Patti Boyd, Clapton's future wife, it can be assumed that Charlotte Martin seduced her then-boyfriend George Harrison. The girl writes:

“I was friends with French model Charlotte, who dated Eric Clapton. She was always flirting with George [Harrison] and of course he liked it… Then she and Eric broke up and she moved in with us at Kinfauns. The Frenchwoman did not seem in the least upset by Eric and was uncomfortably close to my George. Something was going on between them, and I asked George about it. He told me that my imagination had gone wild and that I had become paranoid. Soon I could not stand it and went to London ... "

The most interesting thing is that both George and Eric talked about this in interviews, but they never mentioned the name of the Frenchwoman ... Eric Clapton:

“The reason I took his [George] wife [Patti] away is because he was the first to reach out to my girlfriend [Charlotte]. I thought I got revenge on him…”

George Harrison:

“The reason he took my wife from me is because I first took his girlfriend. He took revenge on me…”

Charlotte Martin
Charlotte Martin

Charlotte met Jimmy Page on his 26th birthday, January 9, 1970. She was definitely the guitarist's type: a young French model, slender, elegant blonde, with perfect features... After the Royal Albert Hall show ended, Jimmy and Charlotte had a long conversation, and when she invited him to her London apartment, he agreed to leave without hesitation! He asked Richard Cole to take them. Their relationship marked the beginning of the musician's first truly significant romance... Page would remain loyal to Martin even after the band returned to tour America: an almost unheard of sacrifice, even for the married men in the band! For Jimmy, this was a sign of something much deeper ... Jimmy and Charlotte had a stormy civil marriage, during which their joint daughter Scarlet was born. Jimmy called Charlotte "my lady". He also threw elaborate parties for her at Plumpton Place and at the Old Mill House. But... their marriage eventually fell apart. However, they maintained warm friendly relations ... So, in an interview, Page said:

“We celebrate every Christmas together, because we are a big and very friendly family…”

Patricia Ecker

Jimmy Page and Patricia Acker
Jimmy Page and Patricia Acker

Patricia Acker was the first wife of the guitarist and founder of Led Zeppelin. According to Page, it was "love at first sight". Like Charlotte Martin, Patricia was a model. In addition, the girl had to work as a waitress to make ends meet ... But thanks to this, she met Paige! It happened in a New Orleans restaurant. At the time, he was on a US tour with British rock supergroup The Firm. At the end of the tour, Acker returned to London with Page, and a few months later, in December 1986, the couple got married. A few years later they had a son, James Patrick Page III. But the marriage was short-lived ... In the mid-90s, the couple filed for divorce.

Jimena Gomez-Paratcha

Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez Paratcha
Jimmy Page and Jimena Gomez Paratcha

That same year, Jimmy married a girl named Jimena Gomez-Paratcha, who had a daughter. Later, the couple had two children, but the marriage broke up literally 10 years later ... Little is known about their relationship, except that Jimena Gomez-Paratcha was more than 30 years younger than the guitarist!

Scarlett Sabet

Scarlett Sabet
Scarlett Sabet

Scarlett and Jimmy kept their relationship under wraps until January 2015. When word got out about their romance, Page hired bodyguards so Scarlett could safely get to work, which she was then still doing at the Chelsea Art Club. Sabet recalls:

“I was very uncomfortable at the time… I felt like my life was coming to an end. I felt so ashamed of all this…”

Jimmy Page with Scarlett Sabet
Jimmy Page with Scarlett Sabet

The couple went through hard times caused by unwanted invasion of their privacy and denunciation of their age difference. But she is really amazing: as much as 45 years! It all started when the £135 million rock icon approached her and quietly said, “Your poetry cuts like a knife…” Today Page and Sabet live in London, at Page’s longtime residence, the Tower of House, "an imposing red-brick castle in front of Holland Park" where they "lead a fairly ordinary life" of mostly sitting at home, cooking healthy meals together and enjoying music... However, as you can tell, Jimmy Page is completely delighted with ordinary life , which he leads with Scarlett, after many years of being in the spotlight ... The girl herself said:

“We don't have fun in the house. Jimmy's kids are coming to stay and that's great. My brothers and sisters also come… Besides, we like to belong to ourselves, relax and enjoy the peace… I feel safe here: it is such an inspiring home…”

Scarlett Sabet, love of Jimmy Page
Scarlett Sabet, love of Jimmy Page

Scarlett describes the Led Zeppelin guitarist as a funny family man - a far cry from the dark personality portrayed in the media.

“We have a great relationship! Many women of all ages are happy to meet him. And I'm lucky, he really is my best friend and the person dear to me who makes me laugh the most ... "

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