What is the extraordinary magic of old Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh is the "good-looking type" (as his fellow contemporaries describe him). A down-to-earth, "average, average guy. What he was doing was the sound of the '70s. A sound that convinced critics on the one hand, and world guitarists on the other...

Legendary musician Joe Walsh and his success story

By day July 20, 1969 everyone was looking up into the sky: Neil Armstrong was taking his first steps on the moon. It was a memorable day, and the whole world was glued with its eyes to its television sets... Millions of people were looking forward to this "small step for man, but a giant leap for mankind. But about three thousand people They were not waiting for a miracle. They paid five dollars to see another event...

So: we are transported to a musical carnival in Ohio, USA. It just so happens that on July 20, 1969, the iconic British Led ZeppelinThe opening act was a local band called James Gang. Led by the young Joe Walsham on guitar and vocals, with Jim Fox on drums and Tom Criss on bass, they rocked the crowd fast!

He was adored by his contemporaries

Joe Walsh and Jimmy Page
Joe Walsh and Jimmy Page

In the late '60s, Walsh was on the rise: his new band had just released their first LP, sales were going well, audiences loved their live shows... His left hand slid over the fingerboard Gibson Les Paul with an effortless ease that will stay with him for years to come. His songwriting genius is out of this world! And it doesn't matter that he has "other" voice (neither good nor bad, as he himself says) - his guitar will take those notes that his vocal chords can't handle.

That 1969 was going to be a great year. James Gang Led Zeppelin, and just a few months later they did the same for The Who on their first North American tour in support of "Tommy", the British band's fourth studio album. The Walsh Gang so impressed Pete Townsend that he wanted them to open for every concert on their European tour!

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

Joe Walsh - "the good-looking type." (as described by his fellow contemporaries). A down-to-earth, "average, average guy. What he was doing was the sound of the '70s. A sound that convinced critics on the one hand, and world guitarists on the other. He earned the admiration of Page and Townsend, as well as musicians like Eric Clapton, who years later would say:

"I don't often listen to a lot of records, but I actively listen to Walsh..."

"Across the Stage."

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

There was something special about Joe's sound, as if he could transfer some of the magic of his fingers to the instrument itself and lock it there forever. Perhaps it was no accident that one of his Gibson Les Paul eventually helped Jimmy Page to find the "right sound". And in the legendary album "Who's Next" already mentioned The Who we can hear the 1957 Gretsch, his gift to Pete Townsend.

Jimmy Page
Jimmy Page

A rebel and a kind of "walker," at the height of his fame Joe became famous as "man of excesses."He literally climbed mountains of illegal substances, swam across rivers of liquor, and behind him there were always mad groupies, ready to do anything... He lived life to the fullest, and even dedicated a song to it "Life's Been Good."But there were dark times in his life. His three-year-old daughter Emma was killed in a traffic accident when a drunk driver head-on crashed into a car driven by the girl's mother...

Joe Walsh is the man from whom you can expect anything. In 1980, he introduced himself as an independent candidate for the presidential election! Well... why limit yourself to anything? You only live once...

Unique Magic with Eagles

Don Felder and Joe Walsh
Don Felder and Joe Walsh

Its versatility with six strings ranges from a crystal-clear sound on acoustic to assertive rock that has "electrified Eagles In the second half of the '70s. Joe was a friend of the Eagles for a while. They played on the same stage more than once, and once Irving Azoff, the manager of both sides, announced that the guitarist had joined the band in place of Bernie Lydon. This was a great gift for Walsh's fans.

His unbridled energy and unruly personality were an obstacle at first, but after a few confrontations, Walsh learned to "to endure the Eagles' style.". Alas, in the end the Eagles went their separate ways. But Walsh and Don Felder's solo together in Hotel California forever in history...

In conclusion

Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

It doesn't matter what kind of guitar he's holding today: Gibson, Fender or Gretsch. The only thing that matters to him is being able to plug the instrument into an amp and play - with or without a slide, with or without a tube in his mouth... He captivates the crowd in the same professional way every time. Stav Older and wiser, Walsh overcame his dark years, his addictions, his excesses. Thus, he is no longer the man he was. He doesn't even wear his old clothes-no more screaming shirts and pants, '70s cowboy boots and aviator glasses.

In November 2008, he remarried, for the fifth time! His wife, Marjorie Bachdeserves credit for prompting the guitarist, already at the advanced age of 66, to return to the recording studio to record his first new material in 20 years... It seems that Joe Walsh's life really "succeeded."!

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