What you didn't know about John Deacon, the quietest member of the most spectacular band of the 20th century

Few people know, but when John was young, he loved to dance! He even taught one of his sons to break-dance! Here's a fact that hardly anyone expected to find out!

Interesting facts about the life of John Deacon, the bass legend of Queen

John Deacon - bass legend Queen, one of the most (if not the most) spectacular and unique bands in history in terms of both sound and aesthetics. His playing style was inspired by dance music and funk, which in many ways defined the band's sound and worldwide success. Deacon also wrote some of the iconic Queen hits and undoubtedly made a tremendous contribution and had a great influence on his contemporaries and followers.

But when we talk about Queen, we first of all mention Freddie MercuryAnd then Brian May with Roger Taylor... And only at the end we remember the bass player, realizing that we know almost nothing about him - and with all his merits! Here are some of the most interesting facts from the biography John Deacon

The influence of the Beatles and the "lack of impression" of Queen

The Beatles
The Beatles

In fact, Deacon wasn't planning on to become a musician. As a teenager, he was literally "fanatical" about electronics and actively studied the field. At the same time, he willingly practiced what he learned - for example, John personally modified a reel-to-reel tape recorder to record songs played on the radio! Who knows, maybe the world would have heard of the great scientist if it were not for The BeatlesJohn was fascinated by their music, he reached for the guitar and couldn't give it up. Fascinated by their music, John reached for the guitar and couldn't give it up... There was a time when he went to study in London and left his "fighting 4-string friend" at home in the dormitory town of Audby. But he couldn't last long without playing it, and asked his mother to send him his favorite unit.

FROM Queen Deacon met at the height of the '70s, and by his own admission, was not impressed:

"I went to their concert in the fall of 1970. Honestly, the band didn't make the slightest impression on me: they were all dressed in black, the light was too dim... I couldn't see anything! Just dark silhouettes on the stage... That's my impression".

The youngest on the team of geniuses

The old lineup (from right to left): Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie, Mercury, John Deacon
From right to left: Brian May, Roger Taylor, Freddie, Mercury, John Deacon

But fate did its work, and John became important link the band that the whole world would later love! Deacon was not only the most timid, but also the youngest member of Queen: when he joined the line-up he was only 19 years!

Nevertheless, Deacon was not inferior to his colleagues: he wrote some of the band's most famous hits, such as "Another One Bites the Dust" and "I Want to Break Free"! He also composed "You're My Best Friend," "Spread Your Wings," "Back Chat," and "One Year of Love.

He lost his father early and brought his daughter to tears

John Deacon
John Deacon

He lost his father at the age of 11 years.. Arthur Deacon was a loving father who took John fishing, watched trains with him and introduced his son to electrical engineering. He also shared his passion for music with John. His death was a great blow to the boy...

In the future, John himself became a loving father six children! He used to take his wife Veronica and children on tour with him in the wave of success, but stopped when they got older so as not to interfere with their education and personal development. He also invited the family to music video shoots, and once that turned to tears: when the little daughter saw her daddy in a strange costume for "I Want to Break Free"and she got frightened and cried! It took a long time to calm her down...

Shy Dancer

John Deacon
John Deacon

John is very shy. Even at the height of his fame, he hardly ever gave interviews. He was also prone to stage fright. It is known that before the concert at the Live Aid He had a real nervous breakdown. He was also tired from touring, and sometimes even got sick when he returned home.

Few people know, but as a young man John loved to dance! He even taught one of his sons to break-dance! That's a fact I don't think anyone expected to find out!

Freddie's most sensitive and intimate companion

John Deacon and Freddie Mercury
John Deacon and Freddie Mercury

As we have already mentioned, Deacon was the most junior a member of Queen. He was also extremely shy, so Freddie took him under his wing. He supported John in songwriting, and personally, and they were good friends.

When Mercury was gone, Deacon was crushed. He was the first to notice the traces of Kaposi sarcoma on his comrade's leg, and when Freddy hardly left his bed - he did not visit him, because it could have turned into a violent fit of hysteria with tears...

He disowned Queen +

Legendary Four: Roger Taylor, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon
Legendary Four: Roger Taylor, Brian May, Freddie Mercury and John Deacon

After Freddy's death, he recanted from Queen + - that is, from the idea of reviving the band with a different vocalist. Deacon was also not present at the official ceremony for the induction of the members of Queen into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, and in general cut short connections with ex-colleagues.

He hasn't appeared in public since 1997, and his former bandmates haven't seen him in decades. The only contact they have is email to discuss business. On other matters, John almost never answers.

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