E type. How does the Eurodance star of the 90s live now?

The story of the Swedish artist E-Type and how he became one of the biggest names in Eurodance...

History of the E-Type Group: Biography and Facts

In the 90s, the world was captured by a wave of Eurodance. On this wave, many stars appeared and ascended to the top, one of which is E-Type.

Starting in the 90s, E-Type continues its creativity to this day. Today we will learn his story and the path to success.

Martin Ericsson
Martin Ericsson

How it all began…

Although E-Type is often referred to as a band, it is in fact the stage name of a musician named Bo Martin Erik Eriksson (the decision to adopt a pseudonym was quite reasonable). Bo, Martin, or Eric was born in Sweden. His father was a journalist, writer and TV producer, so creativity can be said to be in Martin's blood.

The future E-Type got interested in music quite early. In high school, teenagers begin to look for a way to express themselves in literally everything, for Martin this way was music. He played heavy metal with his friends, was fond of the music of Bob Marley and Mozart.

E type
E type

After school, he first became part of a real musical group called Maninnya Blade. But soon the group broke up, in its place from the former members another group was created - Hexenhouse.

As a drummer, Martin became interested in the drum machine, which is widely used in pop music. Experiments fascinated him. Soon he met the musician and music video director Stakka Bo, whose real name is Bu Johan Renk. This meeting was a turning point, because it was Renk who saw Martin's talent, then they recorded several joint tracks. Thus began the musical career of E-Type.

By the way, it was during the collaboration with Stakka Bo that Martin got a pseudonym. According to some versions, it comes from a Jaguar E-Type car, which either belonged to Martin's father, or passed by at that fateful moment when Martin was on his way to sign a contract with Renck, choose what you like best.

The duo Stakka Bo & E-Type lasted only a few years, and then the musicians diverged into different styles, and Stakka went into directing altogether. After the breakup, E-Type released their first single called "I'm Falling", which was not successful and turned out to be a failure. However, this did not stop the young musician.


We had to wait quite a while. Success came to Martin a year later in the form of three producers. Denise Pop, Max Martin and Amadin saw a talent in Martin. This is how the duet of E-Type and Nana Hedin, who had previously also worked with Stakka Bo, was born. The first song of the newly formed duo was the composition "Set the World On Fire".

The song became a hit so quickly that no one had time to come to their senses. "Set the World On Fire" reached number one on the Swedish charts and eventually went gold. The sudden popularity made it possible for Martin and Nana to record their first album "Made in Sweden", which also included the songs "Russian Lullaby" and "Do Yoy Always (Have To Be Alone)".

In addition to Hedin, Martin has also worked with other Swedish singers such as Teresa Lof, Linda Andersson, Martina Edoff and Annie Granz-Gyutto. Since Martin worked in the direction of dance music, the team also included dancer Dilnarin Di Demirbag, who performed dance parts in the group's videos.

In March 1995, the band took part in the Swedish Music Festival, where they received three top awards for best performance, best song, best producer, and in the Newcomer category.

The following year, E-Type's second album, Explorer, was released and again, the album became a commercial success. The group goes on a tour of Asian countries, and also makes a big trip to Russia. A movie was even made about this trip, which was shown on TV.

The late 90s and early 2000s were very busy for the E-Type. Albums are released almost every year. On '98's Last Man Standing, three songs - "Angels Crying", "Here I Go Again" and "Princess of Egypt" - become hits.

In 2000, the E-Type composition "Campion 2000" became the official song of the European Football Championship.

After releasing two more albums, Martin decides to try something new and decides to produce his next album himself. Loud Pipes Save Lives comes out in March 2004. Not as work, but as entertainment, Martin and his band perform in clubs. In 2007, the single "True Believer" was released, which hit the first place in the Swedish charts. Despite the fact that the albums are not a resounding success, the popularity of the artist himself does not weaken, his songs are listened to all over the world.

Martin then feels the need for change again. This is reflected in his music. The 2011 single "Back 2 Life" is performed in the style of popular music, not eurodance and without female backing vocals. However, the E-Type's style and energy remain unchanged.

They say that talented people are talented in everything. Perhaps this is true, if you look at Martin, who, in addition to working on the album, in the same period, releases his book, on which he worked for two years, and also talks in an interview about his desire to return to drawing. So the singer and musician turned out to be both a writer and an artist!

Feeling a surge of energy, Martin decides to go on a big tour that will include Russia. Also, Martin's new track is being ordered for release in the US and Europe, everyone is sure of the success of E-Type!

This was followed by a slight lull, although according to Martin himself, he was simply “lazy”. Closer to 2019, laziness passed, Martin gave the longing fans the single "Ride the Lightning", in which he again dispensed with backing vocals, but again did not change his style.

As we have already said, E-Type's musical career is not over yet and, as you can see, throughout the history of his work, Martin does not stop there. He has loyal fans, and maybe new albums or singles from the eurodance star are waiting for us!


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