Axl Rose: Crazy Facts About The Guns N' Roses Frontman

"... I saw how cruel Axl was... He has two very different personalities: one is a very nice boy, the other is a demon from hell..."

Crazy facts about Axl Rose and Guns N' Roses!

Axl Rose is a cult rock star, the lead singer of the no less cult group Guns N' Roses! This band has won great fame all over the world. And - thanks not only to dynamic hits (such as "Welcome To The Jungle" or "November Rain"), but also to reckless behavior both on and off stage ... In particular, the lead singer of Guns N 'Roses led such a bright life, that even his roadie was shocked! Random fights, leaving the stage in the middle of a concert, and much, much more… It seemed like every week there was a new freaky scandal involving Axl Rose! And all the stories that we will remember below are true and completely crazy ...

He was late to a show in front of an audience of 80,000 because he was craving chili and cheese.

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

Axl often delayed the start of GnR shows with ridiculous excuses, so when he made a special meal order minutes before he was supposed to take the stage in front of a crowd of 80,000 in Buenos Aires in July 1993, his assistant panicked, but not surprised. The rest of the group was already there. But Rose was at the hotel, waiting for chili and cheese, which were not on the room service menu ... Everyone knew that the show would not continue until Rose got what he wanted. An hour later, a dish with a piece of cheese with a few chili peppers was delivered to the rock star's room ...

Before that, in 1991, he was late for a concert because of ... Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! Instead of a concert, Axl's attention was focused on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: Mystery of the Slime...

He sent a roadie overseas for... a jacket

When tales of the legendary insane exploits of an artist are circulating among roadies all over the world, it is probably completely crazy indeed ... But when roadies turn a story into a verb, it must be epic. So it happened with the legendary "yellow jacket" of Axl Rose. And it was like this: at some point, right before the show, Axl realized that he had left the yellow jacket in England. Without it, he refused to perform! Then the decision was made: send the Guns N 'Roses roadie to London as soon as possible, find Axl Rose's yellow jacket and return at lightning speed so that the show is not disrupted ...

GnR Almost Missed Their First Deal Because Axl Couldn't Find His Contact Lenses

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

Guns N' Roses were to be signed to Geffen Records in July 1986. The label brought the band to fame with the release of Appetite for Destruction in 1987, but the contract was nearly canceled due to Axl's eccentric behavior. On the morning of the meeting, Rose couldn't find his contact lenses and thought someone had stolen them... Axl refused to attend the meeting, threw a tantrum and stormed off while the other band members frantically searched for the missing lenses. Slash eventually found the lenses, which were conveniently stored in Rose's pants, and then tracked down the singer hiding on the roof of the Whiskey A Go Go. The band arrived about four hours late for the meeting, but some of the record executives were still waiting for them there.

At 44, he bit a guard in the leg

Even at 44, Axl continued his wild antics! So, during a tour of Sweden in 2006, Rose was arrested for allegedly biting a guard on the leg. The security guard, it turns out, was just trying to break up an argument between Rose and a woman in the lobby of the hotel, and somehow managed to get attacked by the rock star. After pleading guilty to his charges, Rose was fined $5,500...

He provoked the legendary riot during the concert

guns n 'roses
Guns N' Roses

In July 1991, Guns N' Roses performed at the Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre, near St. Louis. Halfway through "Rocket Queen," Axl noticed someone in the crowd taking pictures and demanded that security take the camera away. When his request was denied, Axl jumped into the audience in the middle of the song and grabbed his camera and attacked an amateur photographer! Rising back to the stage, he shouted: "Well, thank you, I'm going home!". Dropping the microphone, he stormed off. The rest of the band followed him and thousands of fans stormed the stage, destroyed the band's equipment, tore down fences and video screens...

He bought a $10,000 Concorde flight for a stuffed elephant.

Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose
Stephanie Seymour and Axl Rose

The Concorde was a British-French supersonic passenger plane that could fly at more than twice the speed of sound! Of course, the tickets were not cheap... But not for Axl! During a tour of France in the summer of 1992, Rose decided to give his friend Stephanie Seymour a stuffed animal for her birthday. And to deliver a stuffed elephant to Seymour, who lived in New York, he bought him a seat at the Concorde for $10,000.

He closed half the arena so you could take a nap

His love of sleep is not as well known as his love of parties… However, for the sake of this love, Axl even closed down half of the arena! It happened in 2011, when Guns N 'Roses were touring with Steel Panther ... Subsequently, the group's vocalist, Ralph Michael Saenz, better known as Michael Starr, recalled:

“Axl closed the entire left side of the arena for four hours while he slept. We had to go to the dressing room and no one could tune the guitars or be on stage for four hours. It's heavy metal and it's funny..."

Axl Rose cursed his stage crew through the microphone in the middle of the show

It's not uncommon for band members to have trouble with the stage crew, but it's very rare to see a singer leave the stage to yell at the crew, leaving the rest of the band to figure out how to finish the song without vocals. However, most vocalists are not Axl Rose. At a festival show in 2006, during "You Could Be Mine" (from the Terminator 2 soundtrack), Rose got mad at the crew and stopped singing. And while the rest of the band continued to play, trying to finish the song in the best possible way, Rose sarcastically scolded the band member through the microphone ... Axl returned to the stage, but made no attempt to rejoin the group. When the band finished the track, Rose scolded the whole team through the microphone, asking why they couldn't do their job properly...

He demanded that Google remove Fat Axl memes

Axl Rose (meme fat axl)
Axl Rose (meme fat axl)

Most people gain weight as they age, and you can live with it or start jogging. But not Axl Rose, who immediately sues. After some unflattering photos of the rocker were turned into so-called Fat Axl memes, Rose submitted a request to Google to remove the images under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA). Axl stated that the photographs are his property. The photographer claims they are his property and were stolen from a press site. In any case, memes have not disappeared from the Internet and probably never will. Captions include "Take Me to Bakery City" and "Sweet Pie O'Mine"...

He bought the Guns N' Roses name so he could do whatever he wanted with the band.

Guns N' Roses
Guns N' Roses

In the mid-1990s, Axl decided he wanted to keep Guns N' Roses entirely to himself and bought the rights to the title. This gave him the legal right to all of GnR's music, despite the fact that the members left the group and Rose had the ability to kick out anyone he wanted. Most of the original members had already left by this point, and Slash was leaving. He was still upset by Rose's actions, commenting:

“I was stunned by this… I don't know what he's going to do. But I'd be lying if I said it didn't offend me in the slightest..."

He called Warren Beatty a "cheap punk" (and other "chosen" expressions...)

During a 1992 concert in Paris, Axl spent almost two minutes rambling about Warren Beatty before dedicating "Double Talkin' Jive" to him. Although the exact reason for Rose's conflict with Beatty remains unknown, fans have their own assumptions about this ... So, the actor-director previously dated Rose's then-girlfriend, Stephanie Seymour. On stage, Rose called Beatty "a man who likes to play games... a parasite... an old man who loves to live off young people and... a cheap punk..."

According to the group's first manager, Rose had a split personality, half Sweet Boy, half Demon from Hell...

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

When Guns N' Roses formed in Los Angeles in 1985, they lived with their first manager, Vicki Hamilton, in her one-bedroom apartment at 1114 North Clark St, a few blocks from Whiskey A Go Go on the Sunset Strip. Her house has been the scene of many wild parties... After one of these, drummer Stephen Adler helped Hamilton clean up the mess of beer bottles strewn around the room while Axl dozed off on the couch. Rose got angry at the noise and threw a wooden coffee table at Adler!

“But these things happened all the time,” Hamilton recalls. “I saw how cruel Axl was… He has two very different personalities: one is a very nice boy, the other is a demon from hell…”

He was accused of hitting his neighbor with a bottle of wine

In 1990, Rose was arrested for allegedly hitting 37-year-old neighbor Gabriella Kantor on the head with an empty wine bottle. According to the report, Rose and Kantor were arguing about loud music when he poured himself some wine and hit her on the head with an empty bottle... The situation escalated when Rose stated that he had an ongoing series of clashes with Kantor, which were provoked by her outlandish behavior: the musician claimed, that Kantor is behaving like a fanatical fangirl.

"It's really weird, she's playing my music all the time," Rose said.

He also revealed that around 1am, he and a group of friends had gathered "being very quiet" when they heard Kantor yelling, "Shut up!" Rose yelled at her.

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