Why Jon Bon Jovi was jealous of Axl Rose

“This guy hasn’t set a record in 13 years, and you know what pisses me off? The fact that he actively attracts attention! I was reading this British rock magazine this month and there was a story about Axl Rose and a $13 million Guns N' Roses album that was never released... Do you know what I've done in 13 years? Many things! But they continued to write about him. It's because he's a hermit, and that makes him interesting, right?"

The reason why Jon Bon Jovi was jealous of Guns N' Roses' Axl Rose

Axl Rose - American musician, frontman and vocalist of bands Guns N' Roses. He is widely known for his powerful vocals, energetic live performances and wild antics off stage, making him one of the greatest vocalists of all time! Author and performer of many hits, Rose has been the only permanent member of the group since their formation in 1985 year, and ... he managed to create for himself an infamous, truly rock and roll reputation in addition to his successful musical career with his band. Numerous musicians who have previously worked with Axlom, unanimously repeated how difficult it is to see eye to eye with a rocker, mainly because of his aggressive behavior ...

Jon Bon Jovi - another talented American musician, vocalist, guitarist and founder of the popular rock band Bon Jovi, whose worldwide circulation is 2008 amounted to over 140 million copies (and that's just the albums!) Unlike Axl Rose, Bon Jovi always remained the "good guy" in the world of rock and roll, and even People magazine named him one of the "50 most beautiful people in the world" in 1996 year. With his band Bon Jovi, he has released fifteen studio albums as well as two solo albums that make him one of the greatest musicians in the rock scene (especially considering his exceptional songwriting skills)!

Given the distinctive public images of both musicians, it is not surprising that they fell out more in 2006. However, it is surprising to learn that the reason for the verbal argument was actually John's envy and resentment towards Exlu… But even this is not the most strange and surprising at the same time! Yes, the charismatic musician openly expressed his envy of the frontman Guns N' Roses, but what is even more shocking is that Rose ignored the opportunity to enter into a verbal (and maybe not only) skirmish with Bon Jovi. Let's delve into one of the most amazing discoveries in the history of rock and roll!

The real reason for envy

Axl Rose
Axl Rose

There is no doubt that the press and fans have always loved troubled frontmen in the world of rock and roll: mainly because they often act out scenes that in most cases can be considered "entertaining". Although no one questioned this fact, since it has always been so (perhaps due to the wild nature of rock and roll itself), it is obvious that Jon Bon Jovi considers this system wrong, and even disgusting ...

During the interview new york post frontman Bon Jovi talked about the rivalry between him and the leader Guns N' Roses, Axl Rose. The musician expressed his dissatisfaction with the fact that Axl attracts more attention from the media than he does, just because of his "bad boy image". John also criticized the system, stating that Rose hadn't released any records in over ten years, so the attention to his person was unfair to say the least. According to Bon Jovi, Rose, unlike himself, has always added to his legacy with flashy headlines in the press, and not with his music. Reminding fans of an article about success Guns N' Rosespublished in the British rock magazine, Jon Bon Jovi stated that Axl Rose's band hadn't released any new material in 13 years, so Axl's place in the spotlight was due to his notoriety... In general, John's statement was as follows:

“This guy hasn’t set a record in 13 years, and you know what pisses me off? The fact that he actively attracts attention! I was reading this UK rock magazine this month and there was a story about Axl Rose and a $13 million Guns N' Roses album that was never released… You know what I've done in 13 years? Many things! But they continued to write about him. It's because he's a hermit, and that makes him interesting, right?"

Jon Bon Jovi in the 90s
Jon Bon Jovi in the 90s

The response that never came

Judging by his crazy reputation, which is full of countless verbal disputes with many other rockers (and not only), Axl Rose had to react to John's words in the most cruel way, perhaps criticizing his music, appearance or personal life ... However, nothing of the kind followed. Leader of Guns N' Roses chose to ignore bold statements Jonah Bon Jovi and, even more amazingly, continued his life as if they had never been spoken. While some fans were glad Rose didn't encourage the feud, others expected a heated argument but never got it. But as it turned out, the conflict between Jovi and Rose started much, much earlier...


Axl Rose
Axl Rose

According to Axl Rose, also in 1986 year Bon Jovi called him a "scumbag" in a hotel Hyatt. He later allegedly tried to attack Axl! Just then their drummer Stephen saved the leader by hitting John first... The real story is most likely this: Axl called John a "scum" and Steven then hit the last one... Anyway, the album Bon Jovi Slippery When Wet was originally supposed to be called "Guns 'N Roses", but this incident led to a name change...

"World peace"

It is not known how much longer the war of two rock titans would have continued if Sebastian Bach, known as the band's frontman Skid Row in 1987-1996. Reconciliation took place within the walls of a London restaurant, when Axl and Bach found sad there John… Word to Sebastian:

“The waitress says, “Hey, guess who’s in the corner?!” Rose and I ask, "Who?" She replies, "Jon Bon Jovi!" And I tell her, "Get the hell out of here." And really, John was sitting in the corner, and I didn’t know what to do ... Then I say to Axl: “You know what?! Hell! I'll go there and tell him "Hello!" Because we were great friends, I ate at his house for Christmas dinner and stuff… John is a great guy!”

Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989), Sebastian Bach, Skid Row frontman
Moscow Music Peace Festival (1989), Sebastian Bach, Skid Row frontman

When Sebastian went to John's table, he found that the latter looked a little unsure and even worried ...

“He looked like something was about to happen. He looks at me like, “What are you going to do? What are you going to say? And I said, "Hey man, what's up?" And he's like, "Hey, dude?" We stood up and hugged, then walked over to Axl's table. Then we drank about 15 bottles of red wine and had a great time!”

That's it - a long and bitter feud ended with the fact that Sebastian Bach and Jon Bon Jovi divided 15 bottles of wine with Axl Rose in a London restaurant!

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