"Not Just an Angry Woman" - recalling the main hits of the band ELO

Today's selection of ELO's best songs is a subjective take on what we think are the coolest hits released by the band during their illustrious career. Enjoy listening!

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO): best songs, hits and clips, fact sheet

Electric Light Orchestra (ELO) - one of the most exciting bands in classic rock history. Formed in Birmingham Jeff Lynne and Roy Wood In 1970, it has always been difficult to categorize: at times it has been astonishingly progressive musicians who seemed to have always aspired to hit singles in the same way as The Beatles or The Rolling Stones. In other words, it was a meaningful, original, and wholesome band that also celebrated the arts pop songs.

The band was incredibly popular in the '70s and '80s, and before its demise in 1986, ELO managed to release more than 10 studio records. Starting with 1975's "Face the Music," which included the single "Evil Woman.", the gang began celebrating success on the pop charts! The subsequent release was a "monster album", which contained hit after hit, as well as the next album "Out of the Blue" with two records. Obviously, the band's repertoire is rich in worthy compositions. And each listener will have their own "favorite and unique" gem. So today's selection of the best ELO songs is subjective point of view on what we consider to be the coolest hits released by the band during their illustrious career. Enjoy listening to it!

"Mr. Blue Sky."

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

We decided to start the list with ELO's biggest hit. "Mr. Blue Sky." gained popularity immediately after it was released as the second single from the album "Out of the Blue". But over the years her success and influence only grew...

Subsequently "Mr. Blue Sky." will become the best-selling single of the band's career: more than three million records were sold in the United States alone! And the music video, by the way, gathered more than 50 million views on YouTube.

"Ticket To The Moon

Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra

One of the most famous tracks on the list, which was a great addition to the "Time" album. And just five years later, Lynn would dissolve Electric Light Orchestra

"I just wanted to start producing other people. I started with George Harrison, then I produced Paul McCartney, and after that the two tracks of 'Anthology Beatles,' which were two John singles. Then, in 1986, for some reason I was sure that this was my final decision, and that I would never come back to this subject..."

"Don't Bring Me Down"

Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra

With this song, as well as with the album "Discovery" (on which it is the final album), the band spent 70-е.

A funny situation occurred during the recording, which cemented the track's name "Bruce."! To fill the gap in the performance, Lynn jokingly shouted out a made-up word "Groos."which, according to some, sounds like the German expression "Gruß," meaning "greeting. The little prank was abandoned, and eventually it became a signature chip of the hit.

"I don't know why that particular word came to my mind, but our engineer said it sounded like 'hello' in German, which I thought was cute, so I decided to keep it. It's funny, but when I went on stage with that song, everyone sang 'Bruce'!"

"Hold On Tight."

Terrific song with a very inspiring message and beautiful lyrics.

"When you see your ship go,
When you feel like your heart is breaking,
Hold on to your dream."

"Last Train To London"

Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra

One of ELO's most popular tracks. According to Lynn, "Last Train To London" was inspired by the band's period of constant travels.

"There was a time when we literally lived on trains going back and forth from Birmingham.

"Evil Woman."

Electric Light Orchestra
Electric Light Orchestra

"Evil Woman." - The song that made Electric Light Orchestra famous. Jeff Lynn took the simple three-chord sequence that Led Zeppelin used at the end of "Stairway To Heaven" and added his own touches, melody and production to achieve a great result.

"I wrote it in a matter of minutes. The rest of the Face the Music album was done. I listened to it and thought, 'No good single.' So I sent the band off to a soccer game, and I immediately composed "Evil Woman" myself. It was the fastest thing I ever did. Subsequently, we made it smooth and cool, kind of an R&B song. It was classy to me, with all the big piano solos and string arrangements... This track was inspired by a certain woman, but I can't say who. But she appeared several times in my songs."

Jeff Lynn
Jeff Lynn

After leaving "Evil Woman." the band's career was on the rise. But still - a truly global success was yet to come.

"Giving concerts in those days was no fun. The sound was always bad, and we still played theaters and town halls, sometimes in dance halls. After "Evil Woman" we got more gigs, but it didn't change my life much. You can't buy a palace or anything else after one hit of fame!"

And finally, some more great tracks from the ELO legends!


"Can't Get It Out Of My Head"

"Telephone Line."

"So Serious."

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