"Electroclub: How David Tukhmanov Made a Pop Project Out of Future Pop Stars

“I didn’t like to sing only what was interesting to the public, but completely uninteresting to me. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience ... "

"Electroclub" - the history of the group, interesting facts, popular songs, team members

"Electroclub" - a domestic group that was popular from the mid-80s until its collapse, namely until the early 90s. She was educated David Tukhmanov as a commercial project, which, in fact, ruined it. But not the further career of the participants! Phenomenon "Electroclub" lies in the fact that on the same stage this band gathered the most famous future stars of the Russian stage. Despite the fact that it broke up a long time ago, hits such as «Clean Ponds» and "Horses in apples"everyone remembers to this day. Below we offer to recall the history of the team ...

Birth story


History "Electroclub" started in the middle 80s. During that period David Tukhmanov already had a big name, which was perfectly familiar to every Soviet person: a wonderful composer, author of a hit "These eyes are opposite" and other popular songs. Fascinated by bold experiments, Tukhmanov wanted to put together a successful commercial project, the music of which would reflect his unusual visions and ideas! The first muse was Irina Allegrova, then soloist "Lights of Moscow": David was fascinated by her voice, and really wanted to bring diversity and colors to the repertoire ...

Irina Allegrova and Igor Talkov
Irina Allegrova and Igor Talkov

The second soloist was Igor Talkov, who, although he did not stay in the group for long, managed to make a contribution: it was Talkov who suggested naming the project "Electroclub". In his opinion, it sounded fresh and original! Tukhmanov quickly wrote the first songs that fully reflected the essence of the project: the works, in which variety, romance, dance motifs and techno merged together, were designed for a really wide audience.

First victories and line-up changes


Already in the first year of fruitful work, the team has acquired fans and success! IN 1987-м saw the light of the debut album of eight tracks, including the famous «Clean Ponds» - Talkov's business card.

A composition "Three Letters" brought the group an award at the All-Union Competition for Young Performers! Tours around the Soviet Union began, but something was wrong ... In any case, it seemed to the founder of the project: Tukhmanov believed that despite the experiments, the repertoire "Electroclub" was still old-fashioned and primitive ... And very soon Talkov left the group, who decided to devote himself to solo work.

But a holy place is never empty - very soon they joined the Electroclub Alexander Nazarov, Vladimir Kulakovsky and Viktor Saltykov, who became the new lead singer of the group! For some time, Vladimir Samoshin was a participant, who entirely owns the song "I'm running away from you."

The key to success


It is worth noting that with the advent of Saltykov, popularity "Electroclub" went straight up! In many respects, this is due to the fact that well-known hits appeared in the group's repertoire. "Horses in apples", "Dark horse", "Don't marry him" and others! Viktor Vladimirovich himself generously shared his business cards Forum, including the legendary "White Night". The sound has acquired pronounced shades of electro-pop ...

The series of tours was stormy! Not a single concert was held without a full house, and the group managed to collect not only halls, but also stadiums! Popularity "Electroclub" grew with each new song, and by the end of the decade there were 4 luxurious magnetic albums in stock. From the memoirs of Saltykov:

“We were young, we had fun ... Touring for us was a holiday, not work!”


"Electroclub" often became a guest of various television programs, including "Christmas meetings" Pugacheva, but Irina Allegrova Voted Singer of the Year by Readers "Komsomolskaya Pravda". But with the onset of the 90s, this whole idyll fell apart.

Discord and end of story


Both Allegrova and Saltykov were brilliant soloists! And therefore, none of them could come to terms with the fact that they only complemented each other on stage, but were not its main stars ... Yes, and their views on music with Tukhmanov often diverged: mainly due to the fact that the latter saw "Electroclub" exclusively as a commercial project. Ultimately, he lost interest in him, deciding for himself that the group exhausted your resources...

Allegrova was the first to leave. The woman was drawn to deeper and more lyrical songs. At some point, she became interested in compositions Igor Nikolaev, and wanted to include them in the repertoire of the Electroclub, but received an unequivocal no from Tukhmanov. As a result, she left the group, divorced Vladimir Dubovitsky and embarked on building a dazzling solo career.

“I didn’t like to sing only what was interesting to the public, but completely uninteresting to me. Nevertheless, it was a valuable experience, ”the singer recalled years later.

Irina Allegrova
Irina Allegrova

Saltykov's departure was influenced by his wife Irina, who saw her husband as an accomplished solo artist. From memories Viktor Vladimirovich:

“She told me: “Vitya, how much are you going to feed everyone? You are paid 15 thousand for everyone, and the main repertoire is on you. You alone are capable of performing for half of this amount ... "

Viktor Saltykov
Viktor Saltykov

In the end, Saltykov left, but after this step, his career went on the decline.

Igor Talkov
Igor Talkov

Regarding Talkova, then he managed to build a successful solo career and become an idol for a huge audience! It is a pity that his story was tragically cut short in 1991 year...


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