She gave us a childhood: we remember the legendary Yelena Kamburova

Today in our article the story of the creative formation of the Soviet singer Elena Kamburova. How did she become the voice of everyone's favorite children's shows and how does the artist live today? Read on!

Everything about Elena Kamburova: childhood, development of creativity, fame

Not every viewer can appreciate the soulful contribution of the artist into creation, but there are people who understand the message of the performers and their mood. An important point of contact between the audience and the artist are places where every admirer of theater and touching poetry would be welcome. Such cozy corners are theaters chamber sceneone of which was founded by Elena Kamburova - singer and actress of the 1960s.

Today we are going to observe development The artist's creative work and let's see how Elena Antonovna lives now.

The Early Years, Shrouded in Music

Kamburova in her early years
Kamburova in her early years

The actress was born in a Siberian city Novokuznetsk in the summer of 1940. Elena's parents were ordinary Soviet citizens: her father worked as an engineer and her mother as a children's doctor. The singer spent her early years in the Ukrainian town of Khmelnitsky.

For a long time, Kamburova showed no interest in her RootsBut after a while she found out that her ancestors were Azov GreeksThe family was an intellectual family that moved during the reign of Catherine II from the Crimea to Ukraine near the town of Makeyevka. The whole family was intelligent and occupied honorary posts.

Elena Kamburova Young Years
Elena Kamburova Young Years

Musical beginning was passed on to the girl from her mother. Despite the fact that her mother was a pediatrician, she inherited from nature a beautiful thick voice, and her father was fond of playing the guitar in his youth. It was at such home concerts that grew up talent St. Helena.

All her childhood, the future singer dreamed of a career actressesHowever, after graduating from high school, she enrolled at a technical institute in Kiev. Soon she withdrew her documents and moved to Moscow to enroll in Shchukin School. The examiners liked the girl, but she did not qualify for the third round of selection: Kamburova did not fit any of the stage types. The following year Elena enters the M.N. Rumyantsev Circus School, the variety department, and the actress got her higher education already in GITIS.

Elena Kamburova in the theater
Elena Kamburova in the theater

The singer's creative journey began with the advice of a teacher to try the repertoire of the Soviet poetess Novella Matveyeva. The song "What a Big Wind" became for the young Kamburova debut and marked the beginning of her singing career.

Inspiration, or a letter from Faina Ranevskaya

Faina Ranevskaya
Faina Ranevskaya

One day Yelena was invited to speak on the radio "Yunost.". On the air, Kamburova read one of Gorky's stories from the series "Tales of Italy."And some time later, she received a letter from the then famous all-Union Faina Ranevskayain which the honored artist admired her young colleague.

A still from the movie "Foundling"
A still from the movie "Foundling"

By chance, Kamburova came to Ranevskaya's house together with her friend. Because of her modesty, the actress not right away admitted that it was she who read the Maxim Gorky story on the show; Faina noted modesty Kamburova. From that moment on, Elena became a welcome guest at Faina Georgievna's home. When the great artist passed away, Kamburova took thingsThe table on which in recent years the performer of the main role in the film "Foundling" slept, and the coffee table, which always had a copy of Pushkin lying on it.

The main stages of creativity

Elena Kamburova at the beginning of her career
Elena Kamburova at the beginning of her career

In her work, Elena Kamburova drew heavily on the poems. At that time, her performance list included works by Bulat Okudzhava and the aforementioned Matveyeva. After a while the young Kamburova became close to the musician by Larissa KritskayaAnd a little later, Elena's repertoire included songs that were quite unlike on the compositions of the Soviet variety of the 60s.

At the dawn of the 1970s, Elena Kamburova begins to collaborate with the composer By Mikael TariverdievThe singer's extensive concert program then includes compositions based on the poems of Grigory Pozhenyan and Andrei Voznesensky.

At the peak of her career, Kamburova becomes pioneer: her work represents mixing music, poetry, and theatrical acting.

In the mid-1970s, Kamburova met the musician and composer Vladimir DashkevichHe is a member of the International Society for the Prevention of Torture, with whom he later begins to create unusual interpretations of the works of the poets of the Silver Age. Despite the fact that at a certain period of time the poems of such poets as Nikolai Gumilev, Marina Tsvetaeva and Anna Akhmatova were bannedElena Kamburova selflessly paid tribute to them through her songs. That is why for some people the name of the singer is associated with freedomwhich was so lacking in the Soviet people during the Thaw.

In 1987, a recording was released titled "Let the silence fall."The singer still performs Russian-language compositions of poetry by the poets of the Sixties and creators of the early twentieth century, as well as songs in French, Spanish, and English. To this day the singer performs both Russian-language compositions to poetry by poets of the Sixties and creators of the early twentieth century, and songs in French, Spanish and English. The singer's creativity was greatly influenced by French performers Leo Ferré and Jacques Brel.

Kamburova in the 2000s
Kamburova in the 2000s

The artist also managed to find herself in the cinema: Her voice "sings" and "talks" heroes of more than a hundred Soviet films. So behind the scenes Kamburova sang a song for a movie "Adventures of Electronics"and a short time later performed the main song for the comedy program "Yeralash." and children's broadcasts "Goodnight Babies.".

Tender love for our little brothers

Elena Kamburova on stage with a kitten
Elena Kamburova on stage with a kitten

For a long time Elena Kamburova has had three faithful friends: two cats and a dog. The singer's love for animals appeared since childhood.

In the 2000s, the actress takes active to participate in the fight to protect our four-legged friends. Her first big contribution is becoming complicity in the installation of the monument "Sympathy." in Moscow, which is dedicated to stray dogs, and in 2006 she directly approached the head of state with a proposal to pass a bill on animal welfare from abuse. From 2008 to 2010, she participated in rallies in defense of homeless animals.

Kamburova Today

Elena Kamburova now
Elena Kamburova now

At the moment, the People's Artist is artistic director at the Theater of Music and Poetry, which she founded on her own in early 1992. Kamburova herself notes that for her, the theater is now a place where the Russian tradition of performing and listening to songs that contain more theater and poetic began. To this day the singer participates in performances of "Drops of the Danish King," "Sophocles. Antigone", "Here Comes Russia, for the Hundredth Time" and many others.

The Kamburova Theater was awarded the "The Crystal Turandot." in 2015. In addition to its performances, the theater hosts chamber concerts and evenings of literature and poetry.

Elena Kamburova on the program "Alone with Everybody
Elena Kamburova on the program "Alone with Everybody

In 2020, the actress wrote and published a book "A totally different song."The book, which is mostly autobiographical: there Kamburova reveals the details of her creative work and a little bit of her personal life.

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