The charming Emmylou Harris is a country music legend

The winner of 14 Grammy Awards, inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame, a guitarist with an interesting image and good vocal abilities. Her name is Emmylou Harris. We'll tell you about this country music legend in our article.

Country singer Emmylou Harris: biography, art, discography, awards

Folk and country music are often left out of the popularity that other genres of music, particularly rock or hip-hop, have. In reality, however, in the United States, for example, country music is beloved. Some contemporary artists continue to turn to this genre as a source of inspiration. Taylor Swift and Miley Cyrus, Halsey and others are releasing hits that critics categorize specifically as country music. The particularity of this "rural music." lies in its distinctiveness, danceability, and originality, which the genre was given by the woman at the origins of its popularity in America. Emmylou Harris.

The Early Years of a Future Star

Emmylou's childhood was spent on the Southern US.where the influence of country music was quite strong. Despite this, Harris did not absorb the cultural identity of that region, since the girl's family had moved to the Southern states rather than living there at the time of her birth. The prerequisites for a musical career in Emmylou She also did not have any: she had a negative attitude towards music lessons at school, and about the brass band, where she had to play the alto saxophoneI was very disapproving of it.

Young Emmylou Harris
Young Emmylou Harris

Meanwhile, studying in high school, Harris often listened to American radio stations that played a variety of music. Then the girl became interested in Folk Balladsand country songs seemed boring and uninteresting. This can only be explained by the popularity of Folk Revival in the 1960s. At the age of 15, Emmylou got a guitar. There was no turning back - the connection to music was built. Her favorite performers in her youth were Bob Dylan, Joan Baez and Pete SeegerSo it was from their songs that Harris began her guitar training.

Emmylou Harris as a young man
Emmylou Harris as a young man

Reboot his career after his unsuccessful debut, Gliding Bird Emmylou made up her mind as soon as she moved to southern Nashville. However, her marriage broke up unexpectedly, so the singer had to return to her parents in Washington. In the early '70s, Harris became acquainted with the local bluegrass musiciansThe folk trio, comprised of a bass guitarist and a bass guitarist, was the most important part of her musicianship. A folk trio consisting of a bassist Tom Geider, guitarist Jerry Mulet and Emmylou Harris began performing songs of this genre in clubs in Washington, D.C., making a living at it.

Transition from folk to country music

A key event in the singer's musical career occurred in 1971. Everything was developing very rapidly: Harris wanted to meet with Graham Parsons, a rock musician who made his name with The Byrds and The Flying Burrito Brothers. Determined to launch a solo career, he desperately sought partner for the first album.

Country singer Emmylou Harris
Country singer Emmylou Harris

The day they met, Harris stunned Parsons with her performance: "I picked the hardest country duet, and she pulled it off! We sang all night, and I could hear her getting better and better. It was exactly what I needed..."

Emmylou enough skeptically was a country music attitude in those years, as the hippie era that gripped the decade of the '70s contrasted liberal folk with conservative country music. The singer initially agreed to the offer to record an album with Parsons solely because of for financial reasons. But everything changed dramatically when she played with Graham and sang a duet with him.

"Graham discovered this style for me. I was able to understand country music, the beauty of the vocal harmonies and possibilities, the poetry of the genre, its depth and authenticity," Harris recalls of the experience.

Album GPThe first, released in 1973, received positive reviews in the industry, and Parsons invited Emmylou to perform with him on a concert tour of America. The second collaboration, Grievous Angel, was also well received by critics, but sales were low.

Emmylou Harris and Graham Parsons
Emmylou Harris and Graham Parsons

Graham Parsons In his short collaboration with Harris he was able to become a true friend and mentor For the singer. She owed him the popularity she gained, so after the country-rock singer passed away, Emmylou was actively engaged in the preservation of his Legaciesand as a sign of respect she played the guitar he gave her Gibson J-200.

Success and recognition

About the folk career Harris was quickly forgotten. The development of country music ideas among her peers came to the fore. First she put together a band called The Angel BandBut she signed her first professional contract with the famous label as a member of the The Hot Bandwhere the musicians of Elvis Presley himself played.

Commercial success came with the albums Elite Hotel and Luxury Linerwhich researchers have attributed more to pop music. But the most traditional record, which critics call a pure country album, was released by the artist in 1978. Blue Kentucky Girl received an award Grammy Awards in the category Best Female Country Vocal Performance. From there her career only went uphill and grew rapidly. All told, the singer's track record 28 studio albums and more than 10 compilations with the best songs - an astounding discography.

Emmylou also became famous as the vocal harmonizer. She collaborated with many famous musicians and presented herself to the public in a variety of ways, which allows her to be called the queen of country music.

Best duets of Harris' career

A special confession Emmylou Harris has received thanks to the creation of joint musical projects with other representatives of the country music genre and not only.

Country album TrioHarris recorded with the equally notorious Dolly Parton and Linda Rondstadt in 1987, gave listeners many hits and went platinum in the United States. It is now considered one of the most important country records in the history of country music.

All the Roadrunning - Another landmark album by Emmylou Harris. It was recorded in 2006 with guitarist Mark Knopfler and also received fairly good reviews from critics.

Harris recorded her last album together to date with Rodney Crowell. Old Yellow Moon won a well-deserved Grammy for best Americana album.

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