Top best songs "Enigma" (Enigma)

Below are the best songs, hits of "Enigma", which will be relevant through the centuries...

Recall the best Enigma tracks - "Sadeness (Part I)", "Voyageur" and others

Enigma is a cult musical project founded by the producer Michel Cretu at the beginning 90s years. From the very beginning, Cretu knew exactly what he wanted from his brainchild: "Enigma" was conceived as worldbeat a group whose work encompassed mysticism, experimentalism, Gregorian and Indian chants ... Simply put, music Enigma was a modern form, a prism through which ancient mystical themes passed ... And Cretu He did not fail in his choice: the original sound of the project was to the liking of the widest public! Today's world circulation "Enigma" — more 70 million copies! And judging by the fact that interest in the mysterious project is inexorably growing among the younger generation of listeners, this is not the limit ... So: below are the best songs, hits "Enigma"that will be relevant even through the centuries… We are starting…

"I Love You... I'll Kill You"

An insightful composition opens our list "I Love You... I'll Kill You"released as part of the album The Cross of Changes 1993 of the year. It was written by himself Cretu together with David Fairstein… The lyrics say:

"I see love, I see passion
I sense danger and obsession
Don't play with those who love you
Because I hear a voice saying:
I love you… I will kill you…”

"Principles of Lust"

And this is an adorable track. 1991 of the year. "Principles of Lust" became the third single from the successful debut album MCMXC AD The single version is a remix of "Find Love" with some additional tools.

Return to Innocence

The title of this song translates as "Return to Innocence". As a single from the album The Cross of Changes she left at the beginning 1994 of the year. The melodic track was a great success, and soon became an international hit (the second for Enigma after "Sadeness (Part I)")! Return to Innocence topped 10 countries including Zimbabwe! It also peaked at number two on the Eurochart Hot 100. It was "Return To Innocence" that became the biggest break for "Enigma" in the United States: the composition took second place on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks, and also entered the top 5 of the Billboard Hot 100! The music video was filmed Julien Temple: it shows the life of a man, only in reverse, starting with his death and ending with his baptism in infancy ...

Lead vocals belong to Andy Hardu, but a short speaker (“death is not the beginning of the end, it is a return to oneself, a return to innocence ...”) to the wife Cretu, German pop singer Sandra!

"TNT for the Brain"

"TNT for the Brain" — song 1997 year, the second and last single from the album Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi! Although the track only peaked at number 60 in the UK, it eventually became a big hit. "Enigma".

"Shadows In Silence"

Another amazing track from the album. Le Roi est mort, vive le Roi!which definitely deserves attention...

"Age Of Loneliness"

And this composition, whose name translates as "Age of Solitude", can be seen as a remix of an earlier work "Enigma" - song "Carly's Song". The vocals in the song whisper Sandra Cretu... The ghostly Gregorian chant enchants and delights ... As for the music video, it is filmed entirely in sepia:


Hypnotizing melody from the album of the same name 2003 of the year:

“Come, come to me, come, traveler.
I am waiting for you, I am waiting for you, come to me, traveler ... "

"Callas Went Away"

Song "Callas Went Away" graced the debut album "Enigma". Millions of people have watched the video today...

"Beyond The Invisible"

This time Sandra re-sings the intro vocals, while the main lead vocals belong to her husband Michel… The clip was also filmed Julien Temple, in the forest Savernake, Great Britain. The ice rink for the dancers was built specifically for the video (it took a week to freeze...)

In 2011, a remake was released by the German band Scooter!

"Sadeness (Part I)"

This composition hardly needs an introduction, as it is well known to all fans. Enigma! This is the project's very first and biggest breakthrough from their debut album. MCMXC AD! The track instantly became an international hit, reaching number one in 14 countries! This is a very sensual work, based on "doubts of sexual desires Marquis de Sade…” The music video shows the scribe dreaming and wandering among the ruins of the cathedral… The beautiful girl who whispers the main text of the song is a French model Cathy Tastet.

Continuation of the song - "Sadeness (Part II)" - released as part of the eighth Enigma album called The Fall of a Rebel Angel (2016).

"Push the Limits"

Another great track from "Enigma" started zero...

Gravity of Love

Composition Gravity of Love demonstrates guest vocals - Ruth Ann Boyle from the British group Olive.

"Turn Around"

The only single released from the compilation Love Sensuality Devotion: The Greatest Hits:

"Turn around and I'll show you something
turn around and you will see
That life is a carousel ... "

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