Top 3 Enigma hits with the coolest music videos according to Fuzz Music magazine

Enigma is not about the groovy tracks with a funny chorus. It's something much deeper, but incredibly beautiful...

The story of the birth of Return To Innocence and other masterpiece Enigma videos

Shrouded in mystery and with a special mystical beauty, the songs "Enigma" continue to perturb the minds of millions of people for decades... This one. German a musical project founded in the early 1990s Michel Cretu - the ex-husband of the charming Sandra Cretu, familiar to many music lovers from Arabesque - achieved a resounding success in spite of Uncommonness of their creativity. Enigma isn't about the wind-up tracks with a funny chorus. It is something much deeper, but incredibly beautiful... And wonderful in this sensitive legacy absolutely everything, including the mesmerizing music videos.

"Sadeness (Part I)"

"Gates of Hell" by Auguste Rodin
"Gates of Hell" by Auguste Rodin

On the "Sadeness (Part I)" The music video was aesthetically pleasing, but Enigma doesn't have any others. At the beginning of the video we see a young handsome young man. scribedreaming of visiting the ruins of an ancient cathedral in person. This cathedral is not simple: especially attentive viewers could see that it is the most real "Gates of Hell." - the legendary unfinished sculptural group Auguste Rodin! The scribe plunges into a dream where his dream comes true: clad in a red robe with a hood, he wanders through the mysterious wreckage... Suddenly a beautiful girl (a French model Cathy Tastet), who whispers the main lyrics of the song.

Cathy Tastet
Cathy Tastet

When the scribe realizes what gate he has opened, he tries to escape, but his attempts are in vain: eventually the darkness swallows him, and suddenly the hero of the clip wakes up.

"Sadeness (Part I)" is Enigma's debut and most successful single. Upon release it won the title of international hit, reaching number one in the charts of 14 countries of the world! The title and visuals (in part) refer to the Marquis de Sade - to the French writer, whose extraordinary sexual activity to this day deserves a lot of publicity in the circles of biographers and historians, and even in the cinema...

"Beyond The Invisible"

Saverneake Forest
Saverneake Forest

Clip to "Beyond The Invisible" shows the viewer two dancers on ice who perform true magic in the middle of a mysterious forest... Directed by the notorious Julien TempleThe Finnish ice-skating pair are the Finnish skaters, to whom many musical masterpieces that have gone down in history belong. Pair on Ice - Finnish Skaters Susanna Rahkamo and Petri Kokko. This fabulous video was filmed in England, in a huge historical forest Saverneake Forest! The rink, as you understand, was created artificially - according to the recollections of the team members, the process of freezing took about two weeks! There is a truly fantastic atmosphere in the forest, something ancient and cosmic at the same time...

"Beyond The Invisible"is definitely a very powerful composition in Enigma's arsenal. This composition implies that we humans should not only dream dreams, but also live by them! That is, to create what we dream of... Also, at the beginning of the clip we are shown a girl fighting with her father. This may serve as a hint that it is important stand up for your dreams and fantasies, listen to your own feelings, not what others might expect from you. You just have to live your life...

"Close your eyes.
Just feel and understand
That this is a reality, not a dream..."

A still from the video "Beyond The Invisible" by Enigma
A still from the video "Beyond The Invisible" by Enigma

At the end, the song seems to touch on afterlife life:

"If you follow me, you will see
What's on the other side of reality..."

Return to Innocence

Still from the "Return To Innocence" video by Enigma
Still from the "Return To Innocence" video by Enigma

And, of course, we couldn't avoid "Return to Innocence". The music video fully captures the essence of the song and its title: the same Julien Temple decided to show us human life in in reverse order - from his untimely death to his baptism as a baby. At the beginning of the clip we see an old man plucking a fruit from an apple tree and falling to the ground... Then the video takes on colors and shows us the man's busy life, his leisure time, work, love... Running back white unicorn serves as the embodiment of innocence and spiritual purity.

White Unicorn
White Unicorn

It was filmed in Spain, and as of 2022 this masterpiece has been seen by over 120 million times.

After its release, the song became number one in 12 countries! To this day, fans of Enigma, as well as music lovers and aesthetes, don't miss it. Return to Innocence - is a pleasant invitation to forget all the hassles of adulthood and remember what it is like to be a carefree child! It is an opportunity to regain our "innocence" and to marvel at this vast world all over again... It is also a reminder that we all begin our life journey with innocence and purity, but as we get older we become callous... And only when we are very old do we come back to origins - to this purity and innocence: we finally freeze, and begin to look at life with wise and innocent eyes...

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