Enrique Iglesias: the story of a sweet-voiced Spaniard with a worldwide circulation of 100 million copies

"The family name is part of our family's rich heritage. Yes, my father and I are completely different. We have different styles and ideas about music, we belong to different generations... But that shouldn't stop either of us from doing our own thing!"

The Full Biography of Enrique Iglesias: From Young Days to World Success

Son of a famous singer Julio Iglesias became an equally famous songwriter and performer, producer, and even a successful actor! Today Enriquewho began his stellar journey under the pseudonym "Martinez."is the most popular representative of Latin American music in the world! His music collection includes a sea of hit singles as well as 10 studio albums that have gone many times platinum and gold. The artist's worldwide circulation has long surpassed the 100 million copies, and some of the music videos have gained billions views on YouTube.

Early years

Enrique Iglesias as a child
Enrique Iglesias as a child

Enrique's story began in 1975 year in Madrid, in the famous creative family of the singer Julio Iglesias and a journalist and part-time TV anchorwoman Isabel Preissler. Alas, when the boy was 3 years The parents divorced - the baby stayed with his mother, brother and sister in Spain, while his father completely devoted himself to his career and touring in distant countries. Since his mother was always away at work, the future singer was brought up by a nanny.

In 1985, father and son were reunited, but it was a forced measure - in their native Spain, the family was threatened by supporters of the group "Basque Country and Freedom"The boy went to a prestigious school where the children of the rich attended, but his studies did not arouse any fondness. There, in the States, Enrique spent his teenage years... The boy entered a prestigious school, where the children of the rich studied, but his studies did not cause him the slightest interest. All thoughts were occupied music... But the desire to become a singer was a deep secret, and carefully concealed under the seven seals, even from the closest of friends. Only Nanny Elvira OlivaresThe young man, who had become a second mother to Enrique over the years, knew about this passion, and supported the boy in his endeavors in every way.

Yes, in 13 years Enrique wrote his first song, and in 16 - a full-fledged debut record! However, his father, who found out about his son's love for music last, did not share such interests, despite the fact that he himself was a popular singer. Julio Iglesias was sure that the boy needed to go to business!

Julio Iglesias
Julio Iglesias

Under his admonition, the boy enrolled at the University in the corresponding department. But instead of studying, Enrique kept sending out his demo tapes to the record companies. To keep his identity secret, he used the pseudonym "Martinez.

The beginning of a musical career

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

The studies at the University were given with a lot of labor. As it turned out later, in addition to music, the guy had another addiction - active sports!

"I loved music since I was a kid, but at the same time I dreamed of a soccer career. I could run the ball down the street all day long, and I would often come home with broken knees... It was a sport that attracted me madly. When I was at University I used to literally jump on my board and head out to the ocean after classes-the windsurfing got my head spinning! Sometimes I even skipped classes just to enjoy the magic...".

In 1994 In the year Enrique finally abandoned his studies and signed a contract with a small agency. Soon the debut record was released, and in the first week it sold millions of copies and made the guy famous! And one of the songs was even included in the soundtrack of the TV series "Marisol.". The singer won his first Grammy, and a few years later released "Vivir." - the second studio album that remained at the top of the U.S. Hispanic chart for a full 12 weeks!

An era of world touring began, which gradually morphed into a western featuring the world's stars and hit "Bailamos". Huge record companies fought for Enrique...

The main stages of creativity

Enrique Iglesias
Enrique Iglesias

The beginning of the noughties presented a hit "Hero."which was on the radio for a long time, and soon the album "Escape."which to this day remains the biggest commercial breakthrough of Enrique's career, with a worldwide circulation of over 10 million copies! A curious fact: during the shooting of the music video for the song Iglesias met his future girlfriend, a Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova! But about that later...

This was followed by the records of the "7" and "Insomniac"and winning nominations and world fame! However, it was overshadowed by Enrique's uneasy relationship with his father... Nevertheless, the singer never gave up his illustrious surnames. He once said in an interview:

"The family name is part of our family's rich heritage. Yes, my father and I are completely different. We have different styles and ideas about music, we belong to different generations... But that shouldn't stop either of us from doing our own thing!"

A succession of compilations has presented the world with "Euphoria." - Anglo-Spanish album, which brought Enrique more than a dozen nominations and a sea of awards! Then there were tours, festivals and singles in the singer's career, such as "Found Found You." (with rapper Sammy Adams).

Debut on the big screen

"Once Upon a Time in Mexico" (Enrique Iglesias, far right)
"Once Upon a Time in Mexico" (Enrique Iglesias, far right)

Long time Iglesias personally composed and recorded soundtracks for shows, TV shows, and movies. Not surprisingly, the artist eventually debuted on the big screen! It was a small role in an action movie "Desperate."It also starred Hollywood legends Antonio Banderas, Quentin Tarantino, Salma Hayek, and others.

Many years later, Enrique starred in the sequel to the blockbuster, which was called "Once Upon a Time in Mexico.". This time he appeared on the big screen with Johnny Depp and Mickey Rourke, playing the role of Lorenzo.

Personal life

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias
Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias

Gradually we moved, perhaps, to the most interesting thing in the biography of any artist - the details of his personal life. Enrique Iglesias It is difficult to call him a one-woman man - apparently, the hot Spanish blood makes itself felt. On the account of the singer there are many stormy affairs - among his chosen mistresses there were different famous beauties, but the greatest love was the Russian tennis player Anna Kournikova.

Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova
Enrique Iglesias and Anna Kournikova

Despite the happy decades that the couple spent together and even gave birth to three childrenThe wedding never came to pass. In his interview Enrique commented as follows:

"We don't have to tie ourselves down by marriage. We're happy, and that's the most important thing! Anyway, it's never too late to get a stamp in your passport..."

Enrique Iglesias and his daughter
Enrique Iglesias and his daughter

Itself Anna expressed her feelings about her and Enrique's relationship in this way:

"I love this man, and it gives me pleasure to take care of the house and the children. I will always support Enrique - you could say I'm his reliable rear! He is passionate about his career and I love that. In general I am happy not to be in the spotlight - I like to keep an eye on the home and the comfort. I feel like a woman, which is much more important than being ahead of the world!"

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