Eric Clapton: Top 20 Best Solo Songs

The only musician honored to be named to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame three times, Clapton has been and remains one of the most influential and respected rock blues artists...

A selection of Eric Clapton's best solo songs

Eric Patrick Clapton - one of the greatest guitarists and performers of all time. He became a blues-rock legend long before he started his solo career. Participation in The Yardbirds, Cream and John Mayall's Bluesbreakers gradually influenced the style of his music, but he never changed the blues sound. For his sedateness and measured style of performance, Eric received the nickname slow hand, and his self-titled album was recognized as one of the brightest of his entire career.

The most popular single in the solo career of the musician is considered to be the cover version of the hit Bob Marley - in the fall of 1974, she blew up all the American charts. IN 1993 g. musician received Grammys in all the most prestigious nominations - for the best album, song and record of the year. The only musician honored to be included in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, musician was and remains one of the most influential and respected rock blues artists. We offer TOP 20 best songs legendary Eric Clapton.

"Ramblin' On My Mind" (Bluesbreakers with Eric Clapton album, 1966)

In 1965 British blues artist John Mayall invited Eric Clapton - then a rising guitar virtuoso - to join his band the Bluesbreakers. While 20-year-old musician was a member of the Yardbirds and was already considered one of the most famous guitarists in the UK. Inspired Freddie King, George "Buddy" Guy and BB King, the young man demonstrated an original style of playing the guitar, reflecting his love for American blues music.

However, after two years of cooperation with Yardbirds he realized that the band's gradual retreat into pop music did not resonate with his soul, and gladly accepted John Mayall's offer to join Britain's leading blues team Bluesbreakers.

Although their musical collaboration did not last long - just one album - the guitarist left an indelible mark on the history of the group. Bluesbreakers 1966 which is jokingly called "Album Beano" (on its cover the singer is depicted reading Beano comics), changed the history of rock music forever.

Cream - "Crossroads" (Wheels Of Fire album, 1968)

This is one of the most popular covers of the song. Cross Road Blues (or "Crossroads", 1937 The song was sung by Robert Johnson. Many musicians have sung it, but the most popular is the Cream version. The song was released in March 1968 and it was in his reading that she entered the list The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

"White Room" (album Wheels Of Fire, 1968)

This song, unique in its energy, was written by Cream bassist Jack Bruce together with poet Pete Brown. After the breakup of the group, it was equally successfully, but uniquely each in its own way, performed by both Bruce and Clapton. Together they performed white room in 2005 in Royal Albert Hall.

autumn 1969 the track was released as a separate single, and in 2004 it was included in The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

"Can't Find My Way Home" (Blind Faith, 1969)

Great blues from a British musician Steve Winwood – Clapton's teammates Blind Faith. It was released in August 1969 as part of the band's only album, as well as on some of their solo concerts. Besides him, the song has been performed at various times by other famous musicians, including Joe Cocker, Styx, Swans and Alison Krauss.

After the termination of Blind Faith, the composition performed by Winwood and Clapton was occasionally played at concerts. It was also included on the album E. C. Was Here. In addition, the musician included a live version of it in the extended anniversary edition 461 Ocean Boulevard.

"I Shot the Sheriff" (album 461 Ocean Boulevard, 1974)

Original "I Shot the Sheriff." performed Bob Marley did not become a hit as soon as it was released. Success came to the song after he recorded a cover version of it that topped the Billboard Hot 100. Characteristically, neither Bob or Eric were not happy with its sound. However, this did not prevent the track from taking 450th place in The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

"Cocaine" (album Slowhand, 1977)

This song was written and recorded in 1976 by the legendary songwriter and performer J. J. Cale. Popularity came to her a year later - after the release Eric Clapton cover on the Slowhand album. Live version of Just One Night track hit the charts Billboard Hot 100. Critic Richard Gilliam called it "one of Clapton's most popular hits" stressing that "even for an artist like him with a huge amount of high-profile work, "Cocaine" is considered one of the best".

The lyrics of the song are dedicated to the well-known musician topic, however, they say that it was from her that he began the path to life without use. It is expected that this song was not included in the Soviet edition of the album.

"Tears In Heaven" (Rush - The Original Soundtrack, 1991)

Is a song Eric Clapton and Will Jenningswritten about the tragic death of a small Clapton's son. It first appeared on the soundtrack of the 1991 film Rush, and in early 1992 it was performed by Eric on a television show at Bray Studios for MTV Unplugged. This live version was included in his Unplugged album.

The track became Eric's best-selling work in the US and took silver in Billboard Hot 100. It peaked at number five on the UK Singles Chart and also topped the Hot Adult Contemporary Tracks for three weeks.

In 2004, the single peaked at number 362 on The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.

"Sunshine Of Your Love" (Disraeli Gears album, 1967)

The creation of the track began in January 1967 - with a visit to Jack Bruce and Eric Clapton Saville Theater in London. That concert Jimi Hendrix inspired Bruce so much that he memorized the bass part of one of the songs that sounded then and, upon returning home, reproduced and recorded it exactly. She was the basis of the future hit. For most of the text, Jack and the poet who worked with the team at that time Pete Brown wrote at night rehearsal.

The song gained wide popularity among guitarists and to this day is perhaps the most striking example of the special guitar sound created by Eric - the world famous women tone. This composition is the band's first big hit in the states and the best-selling single from Cream and Atlantic Records. Later, it became the soundtrack of several films, including Extraordinary Courage and True Lies.

"Layla" (album Layla and Other Love Songs, 1970)

The album, which includes this song, is the only studio compilation of Derek and the Dominos, released at the end of 1970. Its most famous track is the title track Layla. The album received mixed reviews from critics, while selling quite well. It did not hit the UK charts, but reached number 16 on the Billboard Top LPs. In 2000, the album was included in the Grammy Hall of Fame Award. In 2003, it was voted the 89th greatest album of all time by VH1 and ranked The RS 500 Greatest Songs of All Time ranked 117th.

To create a song "Layla" musician inspired by unrequited love for his comrade's wife George Harrison - Patti Boyd. The title of the song was borrowed from an oriental legend "Layli and Majnun"narrating the tragic fate of two lovers.

A number of other compositions are also associated with Patti - for example, "I Looked Away" and "Bell Bottom Blues". The name of the second song was given by Boyd's request to bring her from the USA only flared denim trousers that were part of the English fashion (bell bottoms).

"Runaway Train" - "Lethal Weapon 3" (1992)

In 80s years he ventured into the world of film music - he authored the first three soundtracks to the Lethal Weapon films with the composer and conductor Michael Kamel, and jazz saxophonist David Sanborn. IN Lethal Weapon 3 he performed in a duet with Elton John.

The music video accompanying the single was released at the end 1992 of the year. It included footage from John and Clapton's duet performance at London's Wembley Stadium as part of the World Tour. Erica 1992 of the year.

"Call Me The Breeze" - "The Breeze" (album in honor of JJ Cale) (2014)

The musician owed a lot to J.J. Kayla, gone to 2013 year. His laid-back blues style had a huge impact on the young Clapton of the 70s, who performed the immortal hits of that decade of Cale's writing - "After Midnight" and "Cocaine". Clapton and Cale they recorded an album together in 2006, and in 2014 the guitarist released a tribute album, combining cover versions of the songs of the legendary musician - The Breeze: An Appreciation of JJ Cale.

For his recording, the musician invited many star musicians in order to properly honor Cale's memory, but Eric's own solo performance was the most memorable.

"Presence Of The Lord" (Blind Faith album, 1969)

Presence of the Lord is a rock song written Eric Clapton and released in August 1969 on the album Blind Faith musical group of the same name. In addition, it was included on some live albums, including EC Was Here from 1975, Backtrackin' from 1984, Crossroads from 1988, Cream of Clapton from 1995.

The song is about Clapton's life after leaving Cream. At that time, the musician had a happy period in his life, and he was glad to cooperate with Blind Faith. In "The Presence of God," the singer addresses the theme of spirituality for the first time in a song. According to his own statement, the main idea of the text is "Praise God (or whatever you call him) for everything that has happened. The composition is distinguished by its unconventional structure - it begins as a soul ballad, accompanied by organ and piano vibes, before Eric's guitar and Ginger Baker's drums burst into the foreground. The work Clapton in this composition is considered truly impressive.

"Badge" (Goodbye album, 1969)

There are many legends around the name of this song. According to one of them, it has nothing to do with the meaning and text of the composition, but Badge ("badge") was born from Bridge (bridge), illegible George Harrison and misread by Eric Clapton. On the second - BADGE is a sequence of chords in a song in English notation, but other chords actually sound in the song.

“This is a textbook example of tension and relaxation in music,” comments the former editor of the composition. Total Guitar Stephen Lawson. "Eric's solo is the climax, and it's written like poetry, in the language of the soul, and it's a pleasure to listen to."

"Wonderful Tonight" (album Slowhand, 1977)

A beautiful lyrical love song, inspired by the singer's lingering anticipation of reuniting with his beloved Patti Boydwho was at that time married to his friend George Harrison. Boyd later wrote about it in her book "Wonderful Today: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me".

In 1988, Eric performed solo with this composition at the celebration 70th birthday of Nelson Mandela, and three years later - performed it in a duet with Harrison, at a concert as part of a world music tour.

"When The War Is Over" (JJ Cale and Eric Clapton - "The Road To Escondido"), (2006)

Decades after the world heard the greatest hits "Cocaine" and "After Midnight" performed Clapton, Eric teamed up with the man who created them - country bluesman JJ Cale - to record a full album.

The musician rarely addresses politics in his songs, but in this single (written by Cale, like most of the album) the duo sings: "When the war is over / It'll be a better day / But it won't bring back / Those poor boys in their graves" is more of a statement of fact than an anthem of protest to what's happening.

"The Core" (album "Slowhand", 1977)

Popular "The Core" from the album Slow hand is an outstanding duet with his longtime backup vocalist and co-writer of a number of songs Marcy Levy. You can hear the sound of the saxophone in the song. The track is 8 minutes and 45 seconds long, and is one of the longest studio jams by a prominent guitarist. The song would have had every chance of being a real hit if it had been format-sized. Nevertheless, it is. one of Clapton's best rock songs of the 70s years.

"Let It Rain" – Eric Clapton (1970)

After the collapse Blind Faith Eric Clapton briefly joined Delaney & Bonnie. With its members, he continued to work on his solo project. Let It Rain was co-written with Delaney Bramlett and was the last track on the first solo album. The composition is built on a clean, distinctive guitar riff reminiscent of Badge. Laconic and catchy, but with great guitar playing, she set the tone for the best solo songs.

"Falls like rain" (Pilgrim album, 1998)

Musician created this composition as a tribute to the music he heard in his youth. “Writing this song meant just going back to music as a teenager. I listened to folk folk, and the more I listened to it, the more bluegrass and Appalachian melodies moved and resonated with me, especially those authentic recordings that were available then. In the old days they could be bought at Folkways. Songs of ordinary people, most likely recorded simply in their homes, accompanied by a five-string banjo. They were filled with an incredible power of sound, even though they sounded very simple and artless. This is what inspired the singer to write Falls like rain.

"Revolution" (album Back Home, 2005)

Revolution was the first single from the CD 2005 G. back home. When asked what the song is about, Eric replied:

“I just started coming up with weird words. And I really did not fully understand what I was writing about. We are talking about some fictional character, which is a collective image of a large number of people I know. They are united by dissatisfaction with the current state of affairs. But this is not a protest, this is not a statement about anything - I myself cannot explain what it really is.

"Sunshine Of Your Love"

One day at the end 1966 G. Eric Clapton and Jack Bruce playing riffs and trying to come up with new material in Bruce's apartment. The creative process lasted until the morning, but was not crowned with success. Suddenly, Bruce played the now-famous bass riff. But all that Eric could "depict" in response to him was a tired look out the window and a leisurely: "K'mon Jack, the dawn is approaching." A little later, this phrase became the first line in a new song Sunshine Of Your Love.


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