'Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime': A Touching Ballad Written in 15 Minutes for Years of Success

"The lyrics were born by themselves... At that moment I was interested in philosophy, and that influenced the lyrics, the mood of the song to a certain extent... I wouldn't say it was a love ballad at all. For me it was something like "a man changes, wants to find the root of his inner confusion, strives to become a better person..." So it's more of a philosophical track than a love track."

Interesting facts about the hit "The Korgis," the leader of cover versions among sad songs

"Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" - trending hit of the 80swhich was a worthy addition to the repertoire "The Korgis.". This song has become the band's calling card. It was written by the band's lead singer James Warren. Over time, the popularity of the track only grew, and many artists made their own cover versions. What is the secret of the ballad's enormous success?

History of creation

The Korgis
The Korgis

"Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" - is one of those songs that, despite its meager and primitive lyrics, managed to make it to the top of the charts. According to the author himself, it took him a long time to write this timeless hit. no more than 15 minutes! Warren simply sang the first thing that came into his head. However, this ballad owes its popularity not so much to the lyrics as to its unique sound. The keys, the strings, it all came together to give an incredible sonic effect!

The ballad has Warren there is a second, less popular version with slightly different lyrics. It was made into a music video with with an interesting storylinewhich has a slightly ironic character.

As for the origin story, this track has a short one. James Warren says:

"The lyrics were born by themselves... At that moment I was interested in philosophy, and that to a certain extent influenced the lyrics, the mood of the song... I won't say that it was a completely love ballad. For me it was something like "a man changes, wants to find the root of his inner confusion, strives to become a better person..." So it's more of a philosophical track than a love track."

Against this backdrop, fans began to put forward their own versions the birth of the hit. Thus, there is a legend that Warren dedicated the song to the murder of John Lennon. But there are inconsistencywhich casts doubts: "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" saw the light in May 1980while the iconic Beatle was gone in December.

The secret of success

The Korgis
The Korgis

A poor story, primitive lyrics... One can't help but wonder what the secret to success is. "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime"? How did this ballad become a timeless hitwhich is still being sung to this day? The answer is obvious: it's all the fault of original sound. It's hard to call this song an ordinary pop track, at least because it features a Japanese musical instrument. koto. There is also a violin here. No wonder that in the distant 80s such a tune caught the attention of the general public! And true music lovers are sure to notice that "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" bears the imprint of prog rock.

Before founding "The Korgis, James Warren played along with Andy Davis in "Stackridge.". The band was mainly focused on prog-rock, and among its major accomplishments was closing the first festival in Glastonbury! Nevertheless, Warren was always attracted by easy and simple music, and eventually he formed The Korgis. Davis, who at first perceived the new project with sincere enthusiasm, quickly grew cold to it. He left the band during the recording of Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime. However, Warren's experience of being in "Stackridge." has made itself felt and affected the sound of the track.

Other versions and the best covers

Shortly after graduation. "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" was a source of inspiration for many musicians. It's hard to say exactly how many times it has been re-sung. For example, the American artist's version Beca (Beck), recorded for the film "Eternal Sunshine of the Pure Mind" (2004), gave the original a second life! Beck's performance has a special romanticism, soulfulness, and tenderness... All this was to the listeners' liking, and as a result, the cover has gained a huge popularity!


Over the decades. "Everybody's Got to Learn Sometime" has been sung over an unbelievable number of times! Here are the most interesting and successful interpretations!

The group's version deserves special attention "Army of Lovers. She is endowed with a kind of joy...

A particularly successful cover of the British trio "Baby D.": It reached number three on the national chart and even made the top 20 in a number of countries!

However, the most unexpected and original cover was the version by the Russian band "Forum".

Of course, this version can hardly be called cover: composer Alexander Morozov left only a recognizable melody and applied to the music the poetry of the Soviet poet Nikolai Rubtsov. Nevertheless, the sound and mood of the compositions are similar.

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