Who won the Eurovision 2021, and who entered the top 5? We invite you to find out

About the top five numbers in the Eurovision Song Contest 2021!

We announce the first 5 places at Eurovision 2021

«Eurovision 2021» — 65th Anniversary Song Contest held in Rotterdam at the end May 2021. Without one, 40 countries participated in this year's contest, which was held in the Netherlands, the homeland of the Eurovision winner. 2019 Duncan Lawrence. The live final was held at the Ahoy Arena in Rotterdam with 3500 fans… the Italian group won Maneskin with the song "Zitti e Buoni»: the guys scored 524 points! Many agree with this, because the band's performance was really energetic, unrealistically charged, one might say fiery ... In a word - real rock and roll in its best traditions! By the way: this is the third victory of Italy in the history of Eurovision and the first since 1990. The Italian public greeted the news of the victory with tears in their eyes - with joy, of course! “It’s unbelievable,” commented a journalist named Simone. “This is a new beginning for us, it's fantastic…” But who is in the top 5 Eurovision contestants? If everything is already clear with the Måneskin winners, then who is in the rest of the positions? Today we will find out! Below are the first 5 places Eurovision 2021! Let's start...

5. Go_A - "SHUM"

Ukrainian group Go_Awho performed at the competition with the song "SHUM”, scored 364 points and took fifth place. By the way: this is the second time when a song performed entirely in Ukrainian represents the country at Eurovision! The text was based on the Ukrainian vesnyanka "Noise".

A music video was filmed for the track, which received 6 million viewsin which people dance in protective suits. Many considered this a reference to the pandemic, but the band members themselves said that this was just an experiment ...

Go_A is a Ukrainian group that combines Ukrainian authentic vocals, dance beats, African drums and a powerful guitar drive in their work. A worthy team, as well as, in general, a place in the competition.

4. Daði og Gagnamagnið - "10 Years"

Singer Dadi Freyr Petursson and his group Gagnamagnið represented Iceland at the competition: the team performed the track "10 Years”, scored 378 points and took fourth place! This is already a great success… The composition was written by himself Dadi and performed in English. As the performer said,10 Years" serves as a logical continuation of "Think About Things”- the song with which he was supposed to perform at Eurovision 2020. As you know, the competition was postponed due to the outbreak of coronavirus ...

On "10 years» groups Daði og Gagnamagnið a clip was also filmed, which scored about two million views on youtube...

3. Gjon's Tears - "Tout l'Univers"

«Tout l'univers"- the song with which the Swiss singer Gjon's Tears performed at Eurovision 2021 and won third a place! His number scored 432 points ... By the way: the composition is performed in French, which adds to it a certain charm and romance ... As a single, the track was released in March 2021.

John Muharremay (real artist name) became the first contestant to perform a Swiss song in French with 2010!

This composition also brought the musician the Composer Award at the Marcel Bezençon Awards ceremony. 2021.

2. Barbara Pravi - "Voilà"

The second place is taken by the French singer. Barbara Rule with his songVoila"…France didn't have the best result in the last Eurovision Song Contest, but it looks like this year's performance could more than make up for it! By Eurovision standards, it was a rather restrained performance, without pyrotechnics and choreography in favor of pure emotion, but Barbara brought a lot of drama to the performance ... We are sure she deserved this place.

Besides being a great songwriter, she is also a great singer! Barbara Rule recorded the soundtrack for the Swiss film "Heidi' early in his career.

And so, she finally got to Eurovision, beating other participants from France! She has been asked before represent the countrybut she declined the offer...

1. Måneskin - "Zitti E Buoni"

And so we come to the most exciting place on our list - to the first! Actually, for the true fans of Eurovision it will not be a secret that the Italian group won Maneskin! The guys energetically sang the song "Zitti e Buoni", and typed 524 points! Many agree with their victory, because the team went all out on the stage for all 100%!

On the trackZitti e Buoni"a music video was also filmed, which managed to gain more than 5 million views in a few months! Watching:

“We just wanted to say to all of Europe, to the whole world,” shouted the leather-clad vocalist Måneskin after the announcement of the results: “Rock and roll never dies!”

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