From a house painter to the American dream - the bright life of Zhanna Aguzarova in facts

“When Zhanna sang, it was amazing ... We immediately realized that we needed her! That's it - a girl, no other guy. It was weird and cool. She was definitely born for the blues and rock'n'roll... I've never seen anything like it before. All this sincerity and energy - she was a real artist!

How Zhanna Aguzarova tried to conquer America - the most interesting facts about the cult vocalist "Bravo"

Zhanna Aguzarova refers to those women who are difficult to forget. Bright, charismatic, with interesting vocals - at one time she became a godsend for a group just starting its way "Bravo"! What's most interesting Zhanna Khasanovna she didn’t plan to sing: she pursued the goal of becoming an actress, then she entered the house painter, but everything that happened to her next is already history. At the same time, “Bravo” did not become the final point for the singer on the path to self-realization: after leaving the team, the woman chased the American dream and left for USA! But nowhere was she loved so much as in her native Russia ... Although there were difficulties here too. But first things first.

She wanted to become an actress, entered the house painter, but became famous as a singer

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Since childhood, Jeanne did not work out with study. The exact sciences were not interesting to her - the girl lived with a dream of becoming actress! And for this, she moved from her native Tyumen region to huge Moscow. Jeanne planned to enter theatricalHowever, her plans were not destined to come true. But the refusal of the commission could no longer stop such a bright and charismatic lady: Aguzarova understood that in order to become famous - it is forbidden leave the capital. And then she had to play, although without a professional education for that ...

To cling to Moscow, Jeanne entered painter. Of course, she did not consider this profession as the main one. But the fact remained: now she was firmly settled in the capital ... Soon the girl began to hang out in the right bohemian circles, where she presented herself as Yvonne Anders is the daughter of diplomats. Her plan worked, and she soon acquired the right connections.

She became one of the few rock and roll girls in the capital

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

In Moscow Jeanne quickly acquired the necessary acquaintances. She even became friends with Peter Mamonov - however, at that time the groups "The Sounds of Mu. didn't exist yet. And so - it is not known what communication could lead to! Nevertheless, Aguzarova became a vocalist "Bravo": thanks to her connections, she got a phone Evgenia Khavtana and signed up for an audition, which went off with a bang! From the leader's memoirs:

“When Zhanna sang, it was amazing ... We immediately realized that we needed her! That's it - a girl, no other guy. It was weird and cool. She was definitely born for the blues and rock and roll ... I have never seen anything like it before. All this sincerity and energy - she was a real artist!

According to former members of "Bravo", y Zhanna Khasanovna always had a wonderful scent on poetry: she literally tore out bright lines from any newspapers or phrases, and turned them into chic songs ...

Problems with law


This incident forever entered the history of national rock and roll: in 1984 the group was arrested right during the concert! As it turned out, Bravo did not have the documents necessary for the performance, and, accordingly, this interested the authorities ...

All participants except Jeanne, lucky: they got off with a banal conversation. But their vocalist was sent to corrective labor in the timber industry in her native Tyumen region. And all because of fake passport.

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

A curious fact: at the trial, Zhanna behaved extremely shockingly and defiantly. She was even suspected of insanity, and sent for a medical examination! But in the end, they recognized it as completely adequate.

american dream…

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Whether America old dream Zhanna Khasanovna, or a fleeting attraction, but in the early 90s - after she left Bravo - the singer went to conquer the United States. Despite the talent, outrageousness and charisma - success, as such, in the West she has not reached. Already in 1996 Jeanne returned home.

Little is known about Aguzarova's period abroad: she performed in a restaurant Black sea, participated in television shows, and also worked as a DJ and driver. But even despite the lack of recognition, it was this trip that significantly influenced on style singers: having returned to her homeland, Zhanna became even brighter and more unusual in every sense of the word! Her already cosmic image is cardinally evolved.

She is sure of her extraterrestrial origin

Zhanna Aguzarova
Zhanna Aguzarova

Russian journalists have long nicknamed Aguzarova "goddess of outrageous". And not only because of her extremely eccentric style and demeanor in general. Very often in her interviews, the singer states that her origin was extraterrestrial! Zhanna Khasanovna claims to have maintained an "internal connection" with the Martians all his life. Maybe this is it secret of success?

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