Six songs that made the whole world fall in love with Fancy

"Flame of love, flame of love... I'm drowning in the sea of love. And I can't get enough, When I see in the depths of your eyes "Over and over again a flame of love..."

Top Six Powerful Hits of Italian Disco Icon Fancy

Fancy - absolute Italian disco icon! This German artist has smitten audiences around the world with his dynamic hits, the most famous of which to this day remains "Flames Of Love"! Every music lover knows this song. 80sNo disco of those years could do without it!

Thanks to its fresh and melodic sound Manfred Alois Zegit (our hero's real name) became an idol in the former USSR! And it's not just at the expense of "Flames Of Love". In fact, this performer's repertoire is rich with masterpieces in the style of Italo-disco. Some listeners even agree that he is the strongest and coolest German in this genre!


Speaking of Manfred's songs, absolutely every other one could easily be counted among the the best! And what's more, everyone has his own taste and his own favorite and unique composition on the list favoritesWe have tried, therefore, to select the most important and special memories... most popular of such, loud tracks that were listened to with hopeful anticipation by the entire Europe! So: these are the top six songs that fell in love with Fancy whole world!



This song 1986 of the year was a worthy adornment second Fancy's studio album. To promote it, it was filmed colorful clipwhich was a success both in the distant 1980s and today: almost 14 million views on YouTube! For a hit song from more than 30 years ago, this is a tremendous success!

However, good music has no expiration date. And there's plenty of evidence of that! For example, the following songs are on our list.

"My Emotional Way."

"My Emotional Way." refers to the more late To Fancy's masterpieces: this track saw the light of day at sunset 80s years. At that time, the disco fashion was gradually fading away... However, this did not prevent the gentle and melodic composition from becoming a hit.

"These are my emotions.
And the mind argues again:
I must beg you to stay,
Or leave this love behind..."

In this song Manfred sings about unhappy lovetrying to figure out what to do: listen to the cold mind or follow the call of his burning heart?

"Slice Me Nice"

And this is. hit from the singer's debut album, which became popular and earned Fancy the title of promising artist in the genre Italo-disco!

Fascinating The beginning of the track left no one indifferent! People wanted to finish listening the disco song all the way to the end, and then - at about the 50-й second - a pleasant surprise awaited them: a heartfelt Manfred's voice! So strong, and so resonant at the same time... This song is pure passion in all its manifestations!

"My body burns like a blue fire,
It's time for you and me to act..."

"Lady Of Ice."


Another very worthy song from the album "Contract." ("Contact") 1986!

Remarkably, but in the Fancy's native Germany The record was not even in the top 50! But in Sweden it got as high as #43, which was already good The song is a good indicator for a young artist. As for "Lady Of Ice," this song is known no morethan the others on our list. But one thing is for sure: the audience is her loves still! On YouTube, for example, the music video for it has gained over 14 million views! To this day, people are thrilled by these rhythms that take them back to their youth...

"This is the music of our youth! It's amazing...," domestic listeners wrote in the comments.


Once again an original, unlike anything else Start track is like individual handwriting artist!

"I saw you in a magazine.
The most beautiful girl I've ever seen.
I put your picture on the wall.
I can see everything in my mind!"

In general, the album "Flames Of Love" turned out to be rich in hits! And the next song on our list is a direct confirmation of that proof.

"Flames Of Love"


"Flames Of Love" is rightly considered to be favorite on any Fancy's hit list! Easy performance, gentle melody and beautiful lyrics - this composition did not have the slightest chance to failure!

"The flame of love, the flame of love.
I am drowning in a sea of love.
And I can't get enough of it,
When I see in the depths of your eyes
Again and again the flame of love..."

It was this song from 1988 that finally fired up in the hearts of millions of listeners around the world flame of love To Fancy...

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