All About Fancy the Mystery Man, 80s Pop Music Star

From an early age, the boy was forced to live not according to the call of his heart, but according to the strict laws of his father, who was a staunch Catholic.

Fancy - biography of the singer, producer and experimenter

Fancy is a world-famous German singer, star of Italian and Eurodisco. A resounding success hit Manfred Alois Zegit (real name of the musician) in the middle 80s: it was then that the loudest and to this day his most popular hits saw the light.

Today Manfred is called guru high energy: he had a huge impact on his followersand his songs are still relevant today, decades later. But at least about him grandiose merits and known to the whole world, only a few know how thorny was his the path to the musical Olympus.

Hard childhood


Manfred Alois Zegit was born in 1946 in Munich, Germany. From an early age, the boy was forced to live not according to the call of his heart, but according to the strict laws of his father, who was a staunch Catholic. Manfred dreamed associate life with music, but dad was against this and at an early age sent his son to a school at the monastery. Zegit recalls this period with bitterness in his voice:

“There was a spartan lifestyle: no talking over food, mandatory study of Latin and Greek… The only things I liked were sports and creative pursuits like music and drawing.”

However, the boy never left the dream of becoming musician. Despite strict prohibitions, already at the age of 11 he is perfectly played the guitare, and at 14 transferred back to the humanities school. Thanks to this turn of events, Manfred is even more fell in love with the stage and even gained his first experience: he was a regular participant in school theater productions. Of course, the strict father was against all this creative disgrace.

First steps towards your dream


After graduating from school, Manfred founded "Mountain Shadows" — a group inspired by the game Cliff Richard. For some time he performed in splendid isolation, but this did not bring significant results. Closer to the middle 60s the guy named himself Tess Teiges and under this pseudonym released several singles. However, real success came to him only in the 80s, after a long wandering around the labels and looking for myself.

In 1983 Manfred met the composer and future member of the cult duet "Modern Talking" by Dieter Bohlen. Their meeting was decisive for Zegit, who soon took on a pseudonym Fancy: successful demo "Slice Me Nice", producer, fame ... Gradually, Manfred's dreams became a reality!

Dazzling success


Fancy got off to a great start: released in 1984 singles "Slice Me Nice", "Chinese Eyes" and "Get Lost Tonight" became hits. The audience was fascinated talent artist, and a year later the debut album was released "Get Your Kicks" and a loud buzzer Bolero. The composition remained the leader of the Spanish chart for half a year, which attracted the singer to the fan base overseas fans.

Pretty soon Fancy songs flooded radio stations. Already in the middle 1986 of the year Manfred's music has become a fashionable and integral dance element in discos in a number of countries, including Sweden, the USA and his native Germany. "Lady Of Ice", "Latin Fire", "China Blue"new hits didn't keep you waiting long!

"Flames Of Love" - this is the name of the singer's third album, as well as the title single from it, which won the hearts of millions music lovers around the world! The record demonstrated confidence Manfred not only as a singer, but also as composer and producer. Despite the fact that at the time of release it was already was mature man, he managed to win over to his side young audience - whatever one may say, but light incendiary melodies did their job! "Moscow Is Calling", "I Can't Live Without You", "BodyGuard" The album was full of hits.

Subsequent work

Getting Started Recording "All My Loving", Manfred assembled his own band, a member of which was the delightful Sabrina Lorenz. The record turned out to be surprisingly monochrome: there were no stunning hits, but the evolution of Fancy as a musician was clearly traced. The texts were filled philosophy, mostly songs were sung love. The most interesting moment was the cover of "All My Loving" cult beatles with original loss George Harrison.

"All My Loving" brought Manfred new fans who were interested not only in dance rhythms, but also deep texts. The record also marked the beginning of bold experiments, the continuation of which was the fifth studio album Five. The main hit from the album was the composition "When Guardian Angels Cry".

The end of the disco era and the beginning of a new era


Soon Manfred moved away from disco and started actively experiment with rap. For his fans, especially longtime ones, this has become great surprise. Alas, the fruits of his labors didn't turn out to be a success, despite the fact that in some places the tracks sounded good. As a result, I saw the light "Six: Deep In My Heart" - an album that crashed.

For a while, Fancy disappeared from view. This period was noticeably reflected in his next work, which was called "Blue Planet Zikastar". There were no more romanticized texts: only pure philosophy, seasoned with fantasy and a pinch of deep human relationships.

The second half 90s surprised fans with a bright Colors Of Live, recorded with the participation of a couple of new musicians. This time Fancy again turned to love lyrics and not only: for example, the song money was filled with sunshine reggae motifswhich surprised the listeners. Nevertheless, Manfred left a pinch of disco for diehard fans.

The musician ended the century with the release of an album with an eloquent title DISCO.

Fancy today


Today, the disco idol is already far behind 70! However, occasionally he continues to write songs and produce other artists.

Manfred Alois Zegit leads quiet peaceful lifeabout which he prefers don't speak. The musician enjoys a well-deserved rest, indulging in his favorite hobby: psychology, esotericism, astrology. In one of the interviews he said:

"I am a child of the moon!"

Interesting Facts

Fancy (right)
  • The prohibition of a strict father extended not only to music, but also to chatting with girls: once a man did not let his son go home, who went out late. Then the guy had to spend night in a cold damp basement, which led to inflammation of the lungs. This event forced the father to rethink his actions: since then, the man began to favorably treat Manfred, and at the peak of its popularity even Helped answer fan mail.
  • Fancy's childhood idol was the king of rock and roll Elvis Presley. In the future, the disco star even dedicated a cover to him "Can't Help Falling In Love"!

  • Fancy became one of the first German artists whose songs began to be released in CD format.
  • The biggest success in the career of a musician was the album "Flames Of Love". The proceeds from it allowed Manfred to rebuild his own house by the lake.

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