"I'm Just a Millionaire" - Facts and Curious Reflections by Phil Collins

"I wasn't even excited about the first-generation Genesis..."

What Genesis legend Phil Collins reflects on today

Phil Collins - legend Genesis, a talented musician, particularly a drummer and singer, and just an interesting man who has a story to tell. He has managed to build a dazzling solo career and sell over 150 million copies of his records! It seems that after the band, his business only went uphill, which is very rare in the music business.

"Another Day in Paradise" or "In the Air Tonight" - it doesn't matter which song is your favorite in this genius' repertoire. What matters is how deftly Collins has always touched our souls with his distinctive voice and especially his mystical musical haze... In his style he irresistible. One of the greatest drummers of all time and an endless hard worker who during his long career collaborated with almost all the masters of the 20th century (from Paul McCartney to Ozzy Osbourne) - Phil himself is not used to calling himself "star"He is a popular millionaire," he says, "just a popular millionaire.

Acting ventures

Phil Collins as part of Genesis, 70s
Phil Collins

"Of all the drummers who also sing, Phil Collins had the best singing voice of all!" - claim fans on foreign forums. Whether or not this is true is likely to be everyone's his opinion on the subject. Collins himself once said:

"Most people think of me as a singer who plays drums. I like to think of myself as a drummer who sings."

But before he became one (at least professionally), Phil tried himself as a actor. When he was 13 years old, he was in a movie by accident. "Hard day's Night" - he was in the crowd of children recruited as extras in the song "If I Fell"! Alas, the footage of Phil was cut during final editing. When his voice finally broke, Collins also played Artful Dodger in the musical "Oliver.". Phil also appeared in the movie Calamity Cow.

Problems of which it is customary to remain silent

Phil Collins
Phil Collins

In the days of Genesis, at the height of his early fame, Phil Collins had two passions: table tennis, which he played backstage while on tour, and substances. About the latter addiction the artist preferred not to talk about during his international success, but journalists who had the honor to personally communicate with Phil, saw all the consequences with their own eyes ... A small excerpt from a British newspaper, which I managed to find on the expanses foreign forums (on behalf of the journalist):

"Phil and I were sitting in a little room, and there was a table next to him. There were strange white stripes on it... 'Is this your way of relaxing after a tour,' I asked, pointing my head at the table. He didn't answer, except to chuckle wryly and wink... Apparently, he can't talk about his violent pastime, or some of his fans-particularly parents of teenagers-would stop buying his records.

In fact, this period has passed quite unscathed and without great loss. And that only remains to be seen. rejoice!

"I'm not a star, and I'm not a fool - I'm just rich!"

Phil Collins performing "Another Day in Paradise" in concert
Phil Collins 

Despite his popularity, Phil Collins does not consider himself a star. In one interview he stated:

"Michael Jackson is the star! And people like him. I'm just a musician making a lot of money. I'm just a popular millionaire! And I don't consider myself a fool: a lot of people call rich people fools, but I don't consider myself one. I don't have expensive statues in my front yard, I drive my own car, I go shopping myself... I don't have that 'rich' disease.

A journalist asked Phil if it wasn't obscene to have so much money when people were dying of hunger. To this the musician replied:

"Well, what are you going to do? How are you going to fix it? Are you saying you don't need this money? That's ridiculous. I'm not a religious person, but I thank God that I can do what I want and get money for it. I don't steal it, and I came to it on my own. I didn't always drive a BMW either. And if I became poor - I don't think there would be fewer beggars in the world."

Returning to my hit "Another Day in Paradise Collins recalls:

"This song is about homeless people and how I couldn't get used to living in a country where people were begging on the streets and nobody cared. I remember coming out of the studio after recording and some guy came up to me and asked me for some money, it was weird. I didn't know what to do..."

Collins walked away without reaching for his pocket. With as much guilt as embarrassment...

"I wasn't even a Genesis fan!"

Genesis Group
Genesis Group

"I was a typical outraged musician" - today Phil isn't shy about admitting that he didn't like it much at first punk. However, over the years he has changed his views - now he is a big fan of the genre, in particular of punk rock classics.

"I have a lot of Sex Pistols records at home. They're great singles, they sound great, they have a lot of energy! It's awesome!"

Moreover, today Phil claims that he has never been a big fan of Pink Floyd or even, would you believe it, the early Genesis!

"I kept hearing about these bands for years - the Pallas were another one of them. And I didn't want to hear them! I wasn't even excited about Genesis of the first generation."


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