"Caucasian Captive" - a movie that turned out to be a "great tragedy" for domestic comedy

Some researchers agree that this is quite an experimental movie, because in the process of filming it the director used all kinds of "chips" of silent movies in the style of Charlie Chaplin!

"The Caucasian Captive, or The New Adventures of Shurik": review, filming, interesting facts

This comedy needs no introduction: more than one generation has grown up on it, and even the modern youth is well acquainted with Shurik and Nina - "a student, a Komsomol member, a sportswoman and just a beauty". Shurik is a clumsy, even ridiculous character, but as a true man he rescued the beautiful girl from the clutches of kidnappers! This movie will not let you get bored, because each scene causes either sincere laughter or real feelings for the beloved characters.

The comedy became a classic back in the Soviet Union, and has not lost its weight even today. It is one of the humorous of Gaidai's masterpieces with a perfectly matched cast and musical accompaniment, which has taken on a life of its own. Some researchers agree that this is a rather experimental movie, because in the process of shooting it the director used all kinds of "tricks" silent movie Charlie Chaplin style. And that played to the movie's advantage! But what was left "behind the scenes"? In today's article we decided to cover some little-known facts about our favorite movie, but first - a small review.

"Is it worth the attention of the youth?" - review by FUZZ MUSIC

A still from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures
A still from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures

The movie tells a very exotic and fast-paced story Nina's - a beautiful Komsomol girl who comes to visit her uncle in the Caucasus and becomes a "target". Comrade SaahovHe plans to make Nina his wife. He plans to make Nina his wife, but the girl herself does not feel the slightest interest in Saakhov... But this hot man with a mustache does not plan to give up so easily: he kidnaps his beloved - or rather, it is done for him by the iconic comedy trioThe Coward, the Moron, and the Bullshitter. Well, that's where the fun begins....

Remarkable, but Gaidai never thought his movies would be popular decades later. He once said:

"When our children grow up, their children will no longer be interested - irrelevant. These movies will mean nothing to them..."

And how deeply mistaken the director was in his judgments, because even today his comedies enjoy great popularity among different generations of viewers! И modern youth is no exception. As we can judge from comments on the Internet, for many young people born around the 2000s, Gaidaev's comedies are the best New Year's memory of their childhood. For many people, watching the same "Caucasian Captive" on New Year's Eve has already become a tradition, which we are sure the modern generation will introduce to their children as well....

Leonid Gaidai
Leonid Gaidai

As for the film - it's a great family comedy, with good and understandable humor, with great actors, beautiful and well-chosen landscapes, and, of course, worthy musical accompaniment. There is room for stunts, clown elements, and even lyrical reflections... It is impossible to regret watching it. But how was it filmed?

Mountain inspiration

The inspiration came from a very unexpected place - from the mountainsThe story goes that Gaidai read a rather colorful story in a newspaper about a Caucasian man in love. The story goes that Gaidai read in a newspaper a rather colorful story about how one Caucasian man in love stole the bride right out of my parents' house! This story so struck the director that he decided: it should become a story, and that's it. Well: we, the audience, can only be happy that such an interesting article fell into the hands of the domestic master of comedy. But where, in fact, took place filming? Is it really the film crew rushed to the mountains? Not really. In fact, in the Caucasus the group has only been to once. Much of the scenery is sure to be familiar to anyone who has been to the in Crimea - that's where most of the major scenes were filmed.

A still from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures
A still from the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures

But what a mountainous inspiration without a donkey on camera? In the case of "Captive," it was. donkey Liusyawho became friends with Shurik during the filming! "Actress" from Lucy was not very - when it was necessary to go she stood, and vice versa. And then Alexander Demyanenko he went tricky - he fed Liusya sugar to make her a little more obedient. The donkey lived to be 60 years old and managed to star in a military drama. By the way: the donkey lived to be 60 years old and managed to star in a war drama "Company 9.".

The biggest tragedy for domestic comedy

Nikulin, Vitsin and Morgunov in the film "Prisoner of the Caucasus, or Shurik's New Adventures"
The favorite trio in the movie "The Caucasian Captive, or Shurik's New Adventures."

But why did this movie turn out to be a Soviet comedy movie great tragedy? After all, its success is obvious! Alas, but it was during the filming of "Captive" that the iconic trio of Coward, Balbes and Byvaly broke up. As far as we know, from the very beginning, as soon as they began to work, everything did not go smoothly. And Nikulin did not want to be filmed at all - Gaidai barely persuaded him, arguing that this is the last time he will appear in the role of Balbes.

Despite the brilliant numbers and quality play on the screen, during filming the trio now and then quarreled among themselves. The culmination was the scandalous departure of Evgeny Morgunov, because of which they had to resort to the help of an understudy. After this trio is not that each other did not talk to each other - for many years, the actors did not communicate even with the director! Fortunately, after a while they managed to let go of old grudges.

"Oh those interpreters in the modern way!"

You've probably all heard of "Caucasian Captive" 2014. - A remake, only with a slightly altered, more modern narrative. If you search for this movie on the web, you will be very surprised, because its rating on the same Movie Search makes up... unit. Yeah, and that's no joke!

Loyal fans of the original did not appreciate "this creation" - they did not understand why it was filmed at all. Here's just one of hundreds angry comments:

"A brazen and shameful attempt to make money by taking advantage of the popularity of the great director Gaidai. It's not even a movie, because a movie, as a rule, you watch to the end. No, it's something worse..."

Did you get a chance to see this one "a great movie attraction for the younger generation." (as its director Maxim Voronkov himself described the remake)? Share your opinion in the comments - it will be interesting to read.


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