The most stylish Russian movie - a little about "Stilyagi" and the musical side of the picture

The movie of the same name by Valery Todorovsky as best as possible tells and shows all the underbelly of the life of domestic stilyagi - the very one that was hidden under the abundance of glitter and fashionable parties ...

The movie "Stilyagi": plot and music

Many viewers (especially young viewers) complain that from the home movies - particularly modern "masterpieces" - there's nothing to see. This is partly true, but it depends on who is looking for what... For example, there is one notable one "holiday movie"talking about stylogues. This subcultural movement originated in the USSR at the turn of the 40s-50s. The name itself speaks for itself: the subculture consisted of young people whose style was copied. The name itself speaks for itself: the representatives of the subculture were young people whose style copied the old Hollywood - It was chic, glossy, full of colors and shades... In general, the stylagi were dressed up to the hilt, as they say. They also listened to jazz, visited fashionable places and in general differed from millions of other Soviet citizens. It's like a peacock against a background of pigeons - perhaps the most perfect comparison (though not the most refined). Such fashionistas were hard to miss, but it was also difficult for them to exist and remain true to their beliefs within the framework of the "Iron Curtain".

It's no secret that in the USSR, self-expression of this kind was not encouraged (and that's putting it mildly): too bright, too pathos, too westernized... And so the dandy movement was attributed to the real thing. anti-Soviet - that we shouldn't be spreading our American ways around here. The movie of the same name Valery Todorovsky tells and shows in the best possible way the whole background of the life of Russian stylagi - the very one that was hidden under the abundance of glitter and fashionable parties. How did the Soviet stylagi live? What difficulties did they face? What did they believe in, and what disappointments did they discover? And all this in a glorious musical wrapper. No, it's not. The music is the foundation of this movie! But first things first...

"There are no stylings in America..."

The idea to make a movie about stilyagi came to Todorovsky when he was a student at VGIK. It was around the 80's, and it wasn't until 2005 that production on the movie got underway! So - it's not just a great story. It's also a great example of the director's zeal and persistence....

A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."
A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."

The events of the movie are set in Soviet Moscow in 1955. "stylin'" is rolling through the capital and finding its representatives, one of whom is a former Komsomol member (but about that a little later). Stilyagi are bright and positive young people who try to enjoy the moment here and now. They like to feel freedom, they adore jazz and rock 'n' roll, they dress with needles and are ready to give their last money for a fashionable shirt or an exclusive record. Neither in appearance nor in lifestyle do they fit the standards of the Soviet Union. And the state is actively fighting them....

A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."
A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."

Mels Biryukov - one of those Komsomol members leading the "hunt" for stilyagas. But during the next roundup his life is divided into before and afterHe meets Pauline, or User, a representative of the subculture, and falls in love. Soon Mels himself joins the stilyagi: now he wears colorful clothes and attends fashionable parties. Komsomol is a thing of the past - now Mels plays the saxophone and leads an almost carefree lifestyle! He loves Paula, but it turns out that she cheated on him and... got pregnant. Nevertheless, the couple decides to keep their relationship. The young family moves in with Pauline's mother, where they are occasionally visited by stilyagi friends.

A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."
A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."

However, nothing lasts forever: gradually their party is thinning - someone is taken away to serve, someone is imprisoned, and so on. The leader of the stylagi, FredHe goes to the United States to study to become a diplomat. When he returns home, he meets Mels and tells him that he has been there are no dandies in America..

Old rock with a new twist

A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."
A still from the movie "The Stilyagi."

The director decided to make music the foundation of the movie. But here it was not so simple... The Stilyags were listening to jazz and rock 'n' rollBut to include American performers in a Russian movie with a Soviet plot is not the best idea. As Todorovsky himself said:

"The Stilyags listened exclusively to foreign music. And to make it the basis for a modern Russian musical - I'm sorry, but in my opinion it's absurd. It seemed ridiculous to me, and I gave up the idea...".

A helping hand to Valery Petrovich has reached out Evgeny Margulis! Patriotic rocker was on good terms with Todorovsky, and often brought him all sorts of disks. That's how the inspiration came - the director decided to utilize the legacy Russian rockwhose representatives were also part of the counterculture to some extent.

But to use Russian rock in its purest form would have been too easy and boring. Todorovsky went for bold experiment

"I decided that Russian rock was a great base for the movie. But the task of the songs was not just to make them sound. They had to tell a story, to convey the spirit of that era... So it was decided to change some of the lyrics and rework the original arrangements..."

A poet helped with the lyrics Olga Tsipenyukwho had previously worked with the Time Machine. But with the arrangements had to sweat... A whole year the director tried to find a suitable composer, but all in vain. Todorovsky almost gave up hope, as suddenly came to the rescue came Konstantin Meladze. As a result, after another 2.5 years, the musical accompaniment to the movie was ready - it turned out exactly as Valery Petrovich had imagined it. Thus, the movie featured reworked Russian hits, including "Yellow Shoes," "The Man and the Cat," "Eighth Grade Girl." and many others. Domestic music lovers were left in complete delight.....

It is difficult to single out certain scenes from this movie, because the whole movie is based on music. And every viewer will have your favorite episodeisn't it? Share in the comments your impressions of the musical numbers and bold experiments presented in this movie! What song from "Stilyag" surprised you the most? Be sure to read on.


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