Movies about Freddie Mercury

This is a selection of films about Freddie Mercury!

A selection of films about the legendary vocalist of Queen - Freddie Mercury!

Freddie Mercury is the legendary vocalist of Queen, an unsurpassed artist and simply the personification of an entire era ... His songs have not lost their relevance to this day! He became the idol of millions, and his vivid image on stage had a huge impact on culture as a whole.

Freddie was born in 1946 in Zanzibar. He took his first steps towards world fame in the early 70s, when the cult band Queen was formed. Among the timeless hits written by Freddie, one can single out the famous "Killer Queen", "Bohemian Rhapsody", "We Are the Champions" and many, many others ... This brilliant man died in 1991: Mercury died due to complications from AIDS ... Posthumously, he was awarded many awards and honors, however ... it can rightly be said that films dedicated to him have become no less important. The tapes below tell a lot more about the leader of Queen than you could know ... This is a selection of films about Freddie Mercury!

"Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018)

Frame from the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018)
Frame from the movie "Bohemian Rhapsody" (2018)

This magnificent film is a classic biopic that tells the story of Queen from the early days of the band... In particular, it tells the story of Mercury: the film reflects his personal tragedies and moments of joy... It shows the relationship of Freddie and Mary Austin, as well as his relationship with family and other members of the group. Here we can also see how the legendary album Bohemian Rhapsody was recorded, as well as the cult performance at Live Aid. The main role was played by Rami Malek, who was awarded the Golden Globe! By the way: a lot of viewers, and in particular the fans of the group, were dissatisfied with the choice of the director: according to the overwhelming majority, Malek is completely unsuitable for the role of Freddie ... Many also noted the inaccuracy of events and their downed sequence ...

One way or another, the film "Bohemian Rhapsody" won the Oscar in four categories! It is impossible not to emphasize the brightness and attractiveness of the picture as a whole ... The tape turned out to be very atmospheric and at the same time modern. In a word - it is worth a look and see for yourself!

"Freddie Mercury. Great pretender "(2012)

This film is a feature-length documentary about Freddie Mercury. The tape tells in detail the story of the Queen vocalist, about his attempt to start a solo career ...

The documentary masterpiece was produced and directed by Rhys Thomas, a lifelong Queen fan and expert. To create the film, Thomas decided to focus on Freddie's archival footage starting in 1976. According to him, the main goal was "to tell the story of Mercury's life, to reveal the details of his solo projects, including the famous album Mr. Bad Guy…” During its screening on BBC One in October 2012, the film attracted more than 3.5 million viewers…

"Freddie Mercury, the untold story" (2000)

Freddie is 38 years old here... Agree, bad example... Stressful lifestyle is to blame
Freddie is here for 38 years... Agree, a bad example... A stressful lifestyle is to blame

Much of the film consists of new or unreleased material, including recreations of certain aspects of Freddie Mercury's life... For example, young Freddie was played by Zal Bahardurji from Bombay. A word to director Rudy Dolezal:

“…My DoRo team and I have spent five years creating this exceptional documentary, putting the individual pieces together to weave a rich tapestry over months of filming in Africa (Zanzibar), India (Bombay/Panchgani), New York, Montreux, London and Munich. My goal was to portray Freddie Mercury from an angle unknown to the public ... "

The director of the film also noted:

“With the support of his mother Jer Bulsara, sister Kashmira and various school friends, we reconstructed the early years of Freddie, who later became a world star…”

By the way: many of these scenes were filmed primarily with the subjective camera, giving viewers the opportunity to experience Freddie's experience first hand... British reviews praised the film! Critics noted that "Even Elvis Presley has yet to receive such a high quality and tender tribute with such an intricate sense of detail..."

"The Freddie Mercury Story Who Wants To Live Forever" (2016)

The last years of Freddie Mercury, the rock legend, frontman of Queen, the band that conquered the world of music in the seventies and eighties: what was his lifestyle and the path that led him to a tragic death due to AIDS?

By the way: the film is named after the Queen song of the same name - "Who Wants to Live Forever" ("Who Wants to Live Forever"), from the album A Kind of Magic. A distinctive feature of the track is that a symphony orchestra took part in the recording.

"Freddie Mercury: King Of Queen" (2018)


Another film about Queen's cult leader... "King of the Queen" - Freddie Mercury, known as one of the greatest performers of the 20th century, pushed the boundaries of art and music, leading his band Queen to international fame. His boundless vocal power and extravagant performances shocked and astounded audiences around the world, but out of the limelight, he was incredibly private. Through exclusive interviews and footage, the story of Freddie Mercury and how a shy boy from Zanzibar became one of the most iconic figures in modern history is revealed before your eyes...

"Queen: Days of Our Lives" (2011)

Queen Group
Queen Group

Released in 2011, this official biography was timed to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the legendary Queen. And although this tape is dedicated specifically to the band, rather than its cult vocalist, it contains fragments of rare interviews with Freddie Mercury ... The picture also includes cuts from studio sessions and comments from people who were directly related to the band.

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