Sam Raimi's films that made him a celebrity in the world of cinema

Love a good movie? We have collected the TOP 6 most popular films directed by Sam Raimi!

TOP 6 most popular films of the famous director Sam Raimi

Director Sam Raimi was best known for the Evil Dead movie cycle starring Bruce Campbell. And, of course, Sam was glorified by the film "Spider-Man", played by Tobey Maguire.


Sam Raimi on the set of the third part of "Spider-Man"
Sam Raimi on the set of the third part of "Spider-Man"

He has acted as a producer in such publicly recognized television series as "The Legendary Adventures of Hercules" and "Xena - Princess of War". In addition, his filmography - it's also a lot of Sam's small roles. But today we will talk about his best directorial work.

"Crime Wave"

One of the director's first works is Crime Wave. It was co-authored with the Coen brothers. If everything went as the authors intended, then the film was supposed to be a comedy with crime notes. However, this idea of the director was rather coolly received by the public and the film was soon removed from the rentals, as the halls were empty.

Poster for the movie "Crime Wave"
Poster for the movie "Crime Wave"

"Evil Dead"

There was an urgent need to do something. During that period of time, Sam begins to work on the 2nd part of the "Evil Dead". This project - rethinking the 1st chapter about the attractive Ash Williams. Having invested strength, talent and his experience in the project, Sam was able to correct the shortcomings of the previous film and brought the story to mind, making it more complete. This picture brought Reimi an increase in finances and acknowledgement.

The project, after which world recognition and popularity fell on Raimi - "The Evil Dead", in which he showed himself in three guises at once: as director, screenwriter and co-producer. Raimi was barely 21 years old when this movie hit was created, and he conceived this project as a pastime-entertainment that brings soul satisfaction to a group of like-minded people: Robert Tappert, Bruce Campbell, and Sam himself.

«Evil Dead 3: Dark army"

Things were going well for Sam, and he decided to end the Evil Dead story. The director made the film in 1992 "Dark army". The protagonist, who moved to the Middle Ages and began to destroy deadites during the reign of King Arthur.

This film project has ceased to be gloomy, the creators rejected the frightening atmosphere of the "Dead". From the previous plot, only a sense of black humor remained. Horror has been replaced thrash, comedy and gore. However, "Army of Darkness" was expected to fail at the box office, but despite this, the film eventually became a cult and in demand among the public.

Here is what Raimi himself said about this: “I am never completely satisfied with what I do, and I constantly want to improve my work. If I could, I would re-shoot my pictures, but I'm afraid that the public will perceive negatively the same story filmed differently and won't want to watch it."

At that time, the director had long had a dream to make a film based on comics. He was even offered to lead the director's chair in the Batman Forever project, but financial difficulties changed the decision of the big bosses and, as a result, he was chosen for this post. Joel Schumacher. We all know well what happened as a result - Raimi still managed to make a comic book movie!

"Simple Plan"

However, before its premiere it was necessary to wait a couple more years. For this reason, a motion picture called "A Simple Plan" was released on the screens. It was a crime drama about the adventures of people who were found in a plane that had crashed, 4 million $. With its atmosphere and visual effects, the film with Billy Bob Thornton, Bridget Fonda and Bill Paxton reminds everyone of the well-known "Fargo"created by the Coen brothers.

2013 was a significant year in Sam's career. The author returned to the famous franchise "Evil Dead", a picture appeared on the screens called "Evil Dead: The Black Book". It was a remake of the original first picture. In this project, Federico Alvarez was the director, and Sam Raimi himself, whose film work became an inspiration for filmmakers and prompted them to create a remake, became a co-writer and producer of the film.


The "dashing" nineties have passed and remained in history. Sam Raimi was finally able to actively work on a comic that needed to be adapted into a movie, and not a regular comic, but one that of which he was a fan - Spider-Man! At the turn of the century, Raimi was influenced by the mystical thriller fad, and made a terrifying clairvoyant film called The Gift with world movie stars. Most profitable and loud for the director was a mega-project for the adaptation of a comic book called "Spider-Man". The project was very warmly received by the public and critics and brought Raimi the long-awaited success and recognition.

Sony was delighted with the project and had a desire to film a sequel to the story. "Spider-Man: The Enemy in Reflection" is Sam's most successful project in terms of money. However, he disappointed most fans of the series. There was an explanation for this: there was a bust with the number of characters due to the fact that the studio wanted to make a profit on merchandise, there were also disagreements with Raimi - he wanted so that the main villain was the Sandman, since with him it was possible to make a wide and spectacular visual, and the authorities planned to make Venom, the villain of the third part, the main character from the side of darkness. As a result, it was not a spectacular sequel that appeared on the screens, but some set of characters with a weak script.

However, these circumstances did not prevent the third film about the spider from collecting 890 million $. Despite this financial success, the company Sony made the decision to restart the Spider movie series, preventing the director from translating his creative ideas into 4 installments.

"Take me to hell"

Work on "Spider-Man" raised the authority of the director to certain heights, his work interested the producers. Raimi received an offer to direct a film "I'm a legend", but the man refused and decided to return to horror films, which are his favorite genre of cinematography. Thanks to this decision, a painting called “Drag Me to Hell” saw the light. This is a story about a bank employee damn old witchwho was denied credit. Fans of the director, who fell in love with his work after the spider, were unexpectedly shocked by such a round of his creative activity.


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