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Finneas O'Connell's career is full of different creative facets: acting, songwriting, self-creation...

Complete biography of Finneas O'Connell: childhood, history of formation, interesting facts from life ...

Finneas O'Connell is an American singer-songwriter, musician, producer, and actor. Young, but already promising, this guy has released dozens of solo singles, and is also a five-time Grammy winner! In addition to collaborating with his sister Billy Eilish, he creates first-class music for other equally famous performers.

As an actor, O'Connell is best known for his role as Alistair on a TV series called Glee (from Fox). He also appeared in a number of episodes of Modern Family and two episodes of Aquarius. A huge contribution to the formation of his sister, tours and tours, his own band and the debut album "Blood Harmony", which caused an unprecedented stir ... What else will Finneas fans have to learn about their idol?

Phineas O'Connell and Billie Eilish
Phineas O'Connell and Billie Eilish

Getting started

Finneas O'Connell is the vocalist and songwriter of The Slightlys, a band that has won a number of prestigious awards and won many music competitions in the Los Angeles area! He is also one of the main people who made a great contribution to the development of the musical career of Billy Eilish, his own sister ... Most of the songs of the young diva are written by O'Connell ... He also became the producer of her debut EP "Don't Smile at Me", which reached No. 14 on the US Billboard 200, as well as "When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?", which debuted loudly at number one on both sides of the Atlantic...

Finneas was born in 1997 to the acting family of Maggie Baird and Patrick O'Connell. It is not surprising that from a young age the boy became interested in creativity ... Later, he will play Alistair in the musical comedy TV show Glee. As for music, it attracted the attention of the boy as early as 12 years old ... It was at this time that O'Connell began to write his first songs.

Collaboration with Billie Eilish

Finneas' sister is the notorious singer Billy Eilish among modern listeners. O'Connell is the author and producer of most of her songs, which is why he regularly appears in interviews with Billy. While actively promoting her music, Finneas said in an interview:

“Since childhood, we have been one friendly family ... So - there is nothing wrong with the fact that I help her! Billy and I get on very well, that's why everything is going so well ... "

Finneas O'Connell with sister Billie Eilish
Finneas O'Connell with sister Billie Eilish

And indeed! As can be seen from a personal archive photo, Finneas and Billy have always shown extreme love and appreciation for each other ... O'Connell also supports his sister during tours, proving himself a dynamic force ready to ignite at any moment ...

One of Billy's most famous singles is "Ocean eyes", written by... Finneas, of course! Curiously, O'Connell originally wrote this song for his band... Having collected ten million streams, the composition eventually entered the top 100 of the US Hot chart. Here is what the guy said about this song in his interview:

“In a unique and fantastic case, everything in this verse happened at the same time. I sat down at the piano, played and sang the entire first verse at once! The rest of the song took a while to get right, but I knew where it was going… I was sure of success…”

Also, O'Connell did not miss the opportunity to express admiration for his sister:

“She is possibly the most compelling singer I have ever heard. I never doubted a single word she said. This is such a gift! Her voice is like a Stradivarius violin ... "

Finneas O'Connell and Billie Eilish
Finneas O'Connell and Billie Eilish

After the release of their debut album, brother and sister continued their triumphant collaboration! And soon it resulted in their separate single "Bored" ...

By then, Billy had become a true pop superstar, making her feature film debut (in 2019) and topping the Billboard 200! In addition to promoting his sister, O'Connell also began producing for stars such as Selena Gomez and Camila Cabello.

Musical career

O'Connell's first solo single was titled "New Girl". The track itself was released in 2016, but the video for it was filmed only in 2019…

Early the following year, O'Connell's guitar pop group, The Slightlys, delighted listeners with their debut single "Desperate Measures".

Finneas released his second single titled "I'm in Love Without You" in 2017.

2018 was a breakthrough year for the guy: O'Connell released eight new tracks at once, including: "Break My Heart Again", "Hollywood Forever", "Let's Fall in Love for the Night" ...

The beginning of 2019 was marked by the first sold-out concerts for Finneas in New York and Los Angeles! In the autumn of the same year, the full-length solo debut called "Blood Harmony" saw the light of day. The work was a set of first-class songs about intimate relationships ... The album hit the top five of the Billboard Next Big Sound chart.

In September 2020, Finneas released the song "What They'll Say About Us", inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement, as well as the death of Broadway performer Nick Cordero...

Movie roles

In 2011, Finneas made his film debut alongside Cameron Diaz, playing the role of Spencer in the movie Bad Teacher. In 2013, together with his mother, O'Connell appeared on the soundtrack to the musical drama "Life Inside Out" ... This was followed by roles in the series "Modern Family" and "Aquarius". In 2015, he appeared as a recurring character Alistair in the sixth season of Glee.

Personal life

Finneas has been in a relationship with blogger Claudia Sulewski since 2018.

Finneas O'Connell and his girlfriend Claudia...
Finneas O'Connell and his girlfriend Claudia...

It is known that the girl was born in Chicago, Illinois, and her YouTube channel has more than two million subscribers! By the way: Finneas often appears on her blogs or just on streams.

Finneas O'Connell with a girl
Finneas O'Connell with a girl

Interesting Facts

The first meeting with Claudia inspired Finneas so much that a few days after that he wrote the composition "Claudia" ...

As of 2019, Finneas O'Connell's net worth was $1 million, according to Celebs Closet. This amount has likely increased significantly since Billy's million-selling debut album was released.

Finneas O'Connell has won five Grammy Awards as well as Producer of the Year (non-classical), Album of the Year and Best Engineering Album (non-classical)! And all this for Billy's debut album When We Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?


Finneas O'Connell's career is full of different creative facets: acting, songwriting, self-creation... And when asked what advice he would give to other "pluralists" pursuing many passions, he replied:

“Just give each thing as much attention and care as possible, and don't get upset if something goes wrong. As for me, I hope I never have to do one thing…”


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