Remembering Freddie Mercury's best outfits

He was the pioneer of many of today's trends. He was a true breaker of fashion boundaries. How Freddie Mercury became a trendsetter is in our article.

How the clothing style of the Queen leader has changed over time

Fans of rock music and not only will definitely say: Freddie Mercury is a style icon. Even in the XXI century his images remain popular and become an inspiration for artists who are now reviving rock in people's hearts. For example, the Italian band Måneskin admired Freddy's style many times in interviews.

Today we're going to look back at Freddie Mercury's best outfits from different eras of his career.

Career Launch

By 1970, when Queen was first formed, Farrukh "Freddy" Bulsara finished Ealing College of Art in London in fine art and design and received a diploma in that area of study. Freddie's graduate work was based entirely on a study of the style and work of Jimi Hendrixwhose insane fan the future lead singer of Queen was.

Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix

The start of Mercury's own career coincided with the arrival of styles and products popular in the 1930s: vintage silk blouses, long scarves, and fitted fur jackets became elements of his closet.
The androgynous appearance of Freddie fit in quite well with the culture that was dictated by the 1970s - the avant-garde music scene was already standing and David Bowie, и Mick Jagger with their own unique styles. Freddy didn't look back on them, although he was inspired by them, creating unique work with fashion.

White pleated suit

The young Mercury made his first appearance in this image by a young designer. Zandry Rhodes In March 1974, on a concert tour celebrating the release of the band's second studio album "Queen II.". The story of the creation of the white pleated tunic and pants harbors many legends, which the designer broke in one of her interviews. Rhodes revealed that her studio received a call from either Brian Mayor Freddie Mercury and invited her to collaborate. Zandra didn't know anything about the band before she listened to the album "Sheer Heart Attack."and then invited the participants to her studio.

The legendary pleated suit
The legendary pleated suit

The designer tells us: "I told them to pick something they liked and try it on. I wanted them to run around and jump around the studio and see what it would look like on stage. Mercury immediately chose a heavy ivory silk cape shirt with giant pleated bow sleeves.

This look was inspired by drawings of lilies made by the designer during a trip to Japan. Wedding dress was changed to a satin top with pants specifically for Freddy.

Freddy in a white tunic
Freddy in a white tunic

Rhodes fondly recalls that period of her life: "I remember Queen gave me tickets to their show in London shortly after I made a couple of outfits. Imagine a white top on stage - it was an amazing feeling."

Silk robes and kimonos

In 1975, while on tour in Japan, Mercury continued to bend "the japanese line." and became a devoted fan of Japanese decorative arts. Vivid kimono have become an integral part of the singer's closet.

Freddie Mercury on Japanese tour in kimono
Freddie Mercury in kimono on Japanese tour


In the late '70s, Freddie was invited to perform on the same stage as Royal Ballet. This really serious event in the singer's career took his popularity to a new level. It was not without bright fashion images - then Mercury appeared on the stage of the London theater in shiny silver leotard with a large chest cutout. Before his image change in the early 1980s, Freddie performed at concerts in the kind of bold and shocking images that emphasized his A love of the art of theater, opera and ballet.

"Not quite Baryshnikov, but not bad for an aging rookie. I'd like to see Mick Jagger or Rod Stewart try it again!" - said of the experience Freddie.


Short haircut, bushy mustache, Leather, latex and studs - These are the words to describe the 1980s for Freddie. The abrupt transformation of the image perplexed many fans of Queen and Mercury's personal fans, but, as the artist confessed, he did not care about the opinion of the crowd. He stood for self-expression.

Freddy in the 80s
Freddy in the 80s

"I want to break free"

Another memorable image in the collection of the singer can rightfully be called an image associated with crossdressing in 1984 from the clip "I want to break free"The film, which in those years was even banned from television in the United States because of the shocking video material.

Footage from the music video shoot
Still from the shooting of the "I want to break free" music video

Then Freddie, like the other members of Queen, changed into a female image, which looked as follows: short patent skirt, stockings, a pale pink top and a black bouffant braid. Mercury used an amazing opportunity - he combined all these feminine elements of clothing together with his trademark mustache and pink lipstick. The result was an incredible result that has become synonymous with of 1980s pop culture.

"Live Aid."

International Charity Music Festival FestivalThe July 1985 event did not spare the band Queen.

The outfit Freddie wore on the day of the show can be called the most famous and iconic. Basic White T-shirtThe Queen's performance left a vivid mark on the memory of the fans - Queen's performance left a vivid mark on the memory of the fans, as well as on the memory of the fans. That Queen performance left a vivid mark on fans' memories. 20 minutes at Wembley were some of the most memorable in the band's history.

Freddie at the 1985 Live Aid benefit concert
Freddie at the 1985 Live Aid charity festival

The Magic tour and the coolest yellow jacket ever

The images of the last tour were definitely inspired by the culture of Military. Artist Diane Moseley, who designed Freddy's stage outfits using the now of the legendary yellow leather jacket, Guards uniforms with epaulettes and gowns.

Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury on the Magic tour

A white shirt and pants with red and gold stripes and classic Adidas sneakers were the hallmark of the Freddy era of the second half of the 1980s.

At the same time, the military jacket was combined by the artist with luxurious outfits, which can be considered "royal. "Queen." In the 80's they gained even more recognition, becoming rock superstars and stadium kings. So, drawing an analogy with the band's name, a burgundy velvet robe trimmed with ermine and gold appeared in Mercury's stage closet. Designer Diana Moseley called this royal outfit, which Freddie wore during the finale of the Magic tour concerts "Napoleon's coronation mantle".

Freddy in royal style
Freddy in royal style

An end to provocations?

In 1987, Freddie managed to perform on the same stage with his idol, which was the opera singer Montserrat Caballé. For such an occasion, Mercury began to dress more formally - his closet included classic black tuxedo and bow tie.

Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe
Freddie Mercury and Monserrat Caballe

Even though Freddie paid homage to the classics and wore pantsuits with double-breasted jackets at the turn of the '80s and '90s, he was still himself. In 1990. the singer attended the award BRIT Awardswhich was his last public appearance. At the ceremony, he appeared in a suit not at all obvious for an evening man's closet and chose light lavender shadeto show your personality.

Freddie Mercury in a lavender suit
Freddie Mercury in a lavender suit

His well-deserved skill is underscored by his words about Queen's style: "We always cross the line a little bit. That's what Queen is all about: to step over the line at a certain point. It helps us move on.

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