What does the guy from the Freestyler video look like now?

Despite the fact that Marlo did not continue to develop in the music business as an artist, and today it is unlikely that anyone will recognize him as the hero of a once popular video, he made a great contribution to a legacy that is very valuable for several generations.

How did the fate of the guy from the viral clip "Freestyler"

Freestyler - this is the name of the track of the Finnish hip-hop group Bomfunk MC's. He saw the light at sunset 90s and probably never would have become such a big hit if not for the viral music video that was actively rotated on all music TV channels! Thanks to the success of the video, the dynamic composition entered the top 5 in the home country of the team and in top 10 in various countries including Germany and the UK. But when we think about the clip "Freestyler", the first thing that comes to mind is a strange boy with dreadlocks, which with the help of its player controls time and space.

A few decades ago, this guy was literally an idol, and today he leads quiet life, working cook and often go fishing. There is no trace of the former teenager with dreadlocks in him, and when you see his photos today, you are unlikely to remember that same teenage boy from the once popular clip. But this is him. How did fate Marlo Snellman and why, after a huge success, he disappeared from view?


Marlo Snellman in "Freestyler" video by Bomfunk MC's
Marlo Snellman in "Freestyler" video by Bomfunk MC's

The shooting of the cult video took place in 1999 in Helsinki. At that time, a freaky kid with dreadlocks named Marlo Snellman it was only 15 years. He came to the casting on the advice of his mother, then a successful model, and now the director of a modeling agency. "Paparazzi". Learned about the tests Lila Snellman I immediately told my son about everything and strongly recommended to go to them. Marlo accepted and was eventually chosen!

Marlo Snellman in his youth
Marlo Snellman in his youth

The boy played the role of a teenager who, with the help of a player, controls reality and people. It all starts with the fact that he wanders the subway. Then he meets a strange man, and then the real fantasy begins ... So, Marlo "stopped" and "rewound" the people around him, played with them as he wanted! But in the end he was punished for the careless handling of the power given to him.

In ten years, the video has gained more than 270 million views! As well as a sea of admiring comments and almost two million likes. At one time, this funny video made a lot of noise and was incredibly popular on music TV channels! There is hardly a person who would never see him. And today, after a lot of years, remembering this clip, first of all, the image of a kid with dreadlocks comes to mind! But why after success Freestyler about Marlo Snellman did you hear anything? And how has he changed over time?

After years

Marlo Snellman
Marlo Snellman

Two decades later, Snellman significantly matured - he is no longer 15 years old, but closer to 40. His appearance and image have also undergone changes, and today it is difficult to recognize this very teenager from the once popular clip in this man with a chic mustache.

Young Marlo Snellman
Young Marlo Snellman

For many years Marlo has been living in paris and doing what he loves cooking! He has his own Instagram page, where he willingly shares pictures from fishing, as well as photos of delicious masterpieces and cats. In a word, a quiet and measured life of any European inhabitant. But once this man was a star, he was known and loved by the whole world! The question arises: did Marlo himself love music? And if so, why didn't you continue to build a career in this field?

Interest in music

Marlo Snellman
Marlo Snellman

It turned out, Marlo I have always loved music, and from early childhood! He even actively engaged in it for some time: at the age of five he already had to play drums and piano. Growing up Snellman not jokingly carried away DJing and even recorded a few of his own tracks. Nevertheless, over time, his interest in music subsided, but a passion for cooking woke up! Today Marlo lives in Paris and works as a cook.


Marlo Snellman
Marlo Snellman

Well, this story proves that sometimes success may come by chancewhen you don't even expect it! But will it be for youuseful opportunity or just become good experience is a completely different question. Though Marlo did not continue to develop in the music business as an artist, and today it is unlikely that anyone will recognize him as the hero of the once popular video, he contributed huge contribution into a very valuable heritage for several generations.

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